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Sun Visors

Does anyone have a problem with the sun visors? I'm 5'3" and at sunrise and sunset the narrow visors leave a large area between the bottom of the visor and the steering wheel making it difficult to see. I have looked for some shaded extensions to fit on the visor but only found one type at Pep Boys and it is made for a standard visor and therefore much too wide to fit on the MS visor.

Any help/suggestions are appreciated.

If you have the power seats, try raising the seat height. That should help considerably. My wife has the same problem.

Agree with GeekEV... Adjust the seat height and it works.

I'm a little taller than you and I have the same problem even though the seat is all the way up. (I'm short in the torso.)
I have to drive with one hand shielding my eyes at times. Sometimes sunset or sunrise lasts a long time in the northern regions so it can get tiring. I thought that new sunvisors were coming out, but they may not get to it now.
I'm looking for other solutions.

Agreed, the visors need some improvement. Also, the glare from the dash is sometimes very bright. Our Prius has a textured finish to it that almost eliminates this glare....has anyone heard of add-on films for the dash???

Thanks for the comments. I'll try raising the seat, but hopefully new visors will be provided in the future.

I have a separate memory seat position for track days where I can keep my head straight and clear the headliner while wearing a helmet. Although I never tried, you may need to be stopped to switch between memory seat positions.

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