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Tesla Model S full correction and Opti Coat by Orinda Auto Detail

Hi guys first time posting here. I've got to work on 15 model S so far and I love these cars! Hope you like this detail it took about 30 man hours!

Very nice work...too bad you aren't in NY.

Thank you very much! Where at in NY I could recommend some one for you I know all the good ones that are opti coat pro installers

could you recommend someone in the northeast florida area near Jacksonville?

I'd like to know the VIN on that car...I've got a black one coming in a few weeks and it better not look like that...

Weschtester County, north of the city...a recommendation would be greatly appreciated.

Joe did my car with great results!! Very dedicated customer service. I HIGHLY recommend him.
Our Model S looks amazing. Thanks Joe!

Thanks Dan it was my pleasure! I'll work on finding people to take care of the cars not in my area!

@wormhole - Rich Grasa at Explicit Details in New Milford, CT applied Opticoat to my Model S and he did a fantastic job. You can find him online. I suspect he'll go to Westchester.

thanks kbackman...i'll check him out and use your name, maybe you'll get a discount next time!

how long does it last?

Western and Central CT only :(

Wormhole would you email me your pretty close to good friend of mine who is also an OC pro installer. I'll send you his contact info! uroshah, I'm still working on yours but I'm talking to a few in your area right now, just making sure they have all the correct credentials and are approved my Optimum as OC installers.


Done! Thanks.

Wormhole Opti-Coat is permanent it has no organic material in and forms a hard bond with your paint. Once applied if the vehicle is properly washed you will only need to decontaminate the Opti-coat once a year and it will always look great

i had paint armor put on, not Tesla factor, but local provider, paint looks dull, even after cleaning, and you can see swirls etc...

Feel free to post pictures of my car Joe if you have them.

Thanks Dan! Your car is the link at the top of thread! I couldn't find how to post pics on here.

Is this Opticoat similar to Ming? I'm in Kansas City and there is a Ming not far from me that has been in business for many years and they get great reviews.

Webhost the pics, then use the following HTML:
<img src="URL" width="600">

Some sites (Flickr, etc) have proprietary code they supply for insertion. Insert/add the width="600" if necessary to match column width.

My finish from the factory isn't as bad as the black car you worked on, but it's got issues to. Swirls, hard water spots, etc. I've got a full day booked with a detail shop to address the issues with the finish.


a bunch of nice photos of body parts.... BUT it would have been a lot more informative and more effective to sell your services if you had put side-by-side before and after photos... otherwise, we have no idea what or why we are looking at the photos unless we read all the fine prints.

What is the cost?
Pretty important..

Any recommendations for an installer in Baltimore, MD?

When a professional detail shop says they "use Opti-Coat," can I presume they mean Opti-Coat Pro and not the off-the-shelf consumer stuff, or should I clarify that with them?

Any recommendations for an installer in the DC area?

@celtrog - you should expect the cost of the Opti-Coat Pro to be around $300 or so, but it may be higher depending upon how much paint correction, claying, polishing, etc, need to be done.
For me, I believe the total was $450, and the guy spent about 6 hours on my car. Looks fantastic, though, and washing it is a breeze.

I had the Opti Coat Pro installed on my Tesla in the Houston area for $475 (that included doing the windows, wheels and lens with similar products). The price included polishing the car as the first step. If the car is right off the delivery truck you might save $100 if it doesn't need the polish. Make sure the installer is using Opti Coat Pro and not Opti Coat 2.0. The 2.0 is for DIY and isn't the same as the Pro.
My car looks fantastic. Nothing sticks to it and I'm thrilled that I won't have to wax the car in the summer heat down here.

Hi - Do you know of an Opti-Coat pro detailer in New Jersey?

Go here to look for authorized opti-coat pro installers world wide.

Note that these are the professionals that use the PRO version, not the consumer version like opti-coat 2.0.

Shop around for pricing. I found John our Opti-Coat guy working out of his garage for half the price across town.
If you can get to Houston TX, give him a call at 832-264-0670. He does an outstanding job.

Get the whole car Opti-Coated including the rims.
Opti-Coat pro for all painted and plastic surfaces.
Opti-Glass pro is great for the windshield; go over 35mph and never have to use your wipers again.
Opti-Lens pro has UV inhibitors that will prevent your headlights from turning yellow.

Can anyone provide a comparison between Opti-Coat Pro and Zaino?


Can anyone recommend an Opti-Coat Pro installer in Baltimore, MD?

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