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Tesla Motors to open 25 new stores/showrooms in 2013. This will give a new boost to the sales volumes of the Model S and Model X

The more places there will be where people can walk in and see the Model S and Model X for themselves in real, the more that will result in higher reservation figures per day/week/month. And it's very good that Tesla Motors will open a store/showroom in Beijing, China. Because when the people of China will get more and more convinced about EV's, Tesla Motors need to be there, to present their product to the Chinese people. Arriving there late would not be a wise thing to do. Does anyone know where those other 24 stores/showrooms will be opened?

Ive got to ask, where do you get all this information? I havent seen it on so?

Unless I am missing something, or am just not searching the correct part of the website...

Periodically Elon makes statements in interviews that don't appear on the site. You have to be an info-packrat to keep up.

Well, I first saw it in the Blog of George Blankenship "Inside Tesla 02.05.13". There was mentioned something about this. Later on, I saw another news item where this was mentioned as well.

But what I actually wanted to say is that Tesla Motors is going to expand it's sales activities. Which obviously is a good strategy. Way to go Tesla!!!

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