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Texas Superchargers

Any fellow Texans looked at this one at all?

Where does it look like the location between Austin and Dallas is located? It looks like Temple to me, but it's hard to tell. I'm sure this stuff is somewhat up in the air and not intended to be a commitment to a location by Tesla, but I'm kind of thinking someone should let them know that a Supercharger on that route NEEDS to be located across the street from Czech Stop. Am I the only with that opinion?

I generally drive north or west rather than south (of DFW) so I don't have an opinion. However, I'd like to see one or more superchargers opened up anywhere outside of CA to confirm that Tesla is on track with rolling them out in a reasonable time frame. (Dots on a map are easy to make.)

How about installing Superchargers at Buccee's locations - one halfway between Houston and Dallas and another halfway between Houston and San Antonio


I have no problem with that. However, I've never heard of Buccee's before today.

Basically need them up/down the I-35/37 strip connecting Dallas and Corpus Christi, and I-10 connecting Houston and El Paso. One between Dallas and Houston also. That allows basically travel to most parts of the state. One out toward Lubbock would be nice someday also, so can make that drive to Colorado for the family ski trip.


Buccee's are huge rest stops on some of the major freeways. Their logo is a beaver. They usually have over 20 pumps, the cleanest restrooms I've ever seen at a rest stop, and all sorts of food. There's one on HWY 45 about halfway between Houston and Dallas, and another on I-10 about halfway between Houston and San Antonio.

Do you guys seriously not stop at Czech-stop between Dallas and Austin? I'm sure Buccee's etc. are wonderful and quite honestly you don't stop at Czech stop for the convenience or the cleanliness ... you stop for the Czech bakery! YUM! I haven't driven to Austin without stopping at Czech-stop for as long as I can remember and every single one of my friends do the exact same thing.

Well, that kills my brilliant idea for a supercharger site. But as long as I can get a 15 min supercharge anywhere along the way, so I don't have to drive 55mph I'll be happy. :-)

You can add your preferred supercharger locations to the map here:

See the explanation here:

Countdown to Feb. 1, 2012
(more or less)

Buc-ee's is a great suggestion, but the I-10 Supercharger needs to be located at Columbus to cover both Austin and San Antonio Teslas going to Houston.

Bill, huge +1!! Columbus is the obvious choice.

I DOUBLE agree about the BUCEE's on I-10 at COlumbus. Excellent place.

And now voted the best bathrooms in America (seriously).

I think it would be a good idea if they would install a supercharger at each service center. They could top-up a customer's car when it's in for service as well as top-up out-of-town customers who may be on trip.

Bucee's in Madisonville and in Giddings! Has to be Bucee's!

The advantage on the Bucee's in Luling over someplace in Columbus would be the added Austin-Corpus connection ( down 183/refugio). the 220 mile drive down 37 down would be tough especially on a two lane 75 mph highway..

P2876, 60kw

Anyone concerned that the electric market will not support the supercharger model in Texas just yet? This would mean that we would get the chargers much later than we would like. Consider that Solar City only operates in maybe a couple of markets in Texas. Also, the deregulated market doesn't make it possible for Tesla to easily set up a situation where they can sell back the electricity generated by solar panels. This means that the super chargers will be sitting idle most of the time generating no income, probably more likely losing money. What are your thoughts?

With 80 Model S in Houston plus the ones in DFW and Austin, I don't think there is a problem with too few cars.

Bucee's is the only place I'd want to stop between Houston and Dallas...or Houston and San Antonio for that matter, or Houston and I hope that is where they end up!

In the map I notice a major hole: Houston to New Orleans.

I would be really nice to have some actual plan we could refer to and give feedback on instead of a map inferred from some marketing groups' game of cover-the-US-map-with-the-smallest-number-of-red-150-mile-circles. Love my S, these SC'ers are a huge plus. Just wish we could help with planning and tell them where the awesome pit stops are.

Putting SC's in college towns wouldn't be a bad marketing ploy and you could tie in their engineering colleges into supplying alternative energy projects for their stations. college station, waco, lubbuck. I'd include austin but too populated an area.

@DavidWSmith: Babylon 5 rocks, a bit dated now, but still...

During the Austin Get Amp'd, the Tesla reps had a lot of questions for me when they found out I was living in Temple (hold your applause). They have obviously put feet on the ground around exit 299 and knew many of the local businesses and the overall footprint of the interchange with the loop. While this is an obvious option for a SC, they have clearly strongly considered it early on. Sucks for me :(

Not sure how useful it would be for the rest of Texans, but Denton and UNT are making a huge push for green energy lately. All new buildings are LEED, they added wind turbines, and just recently they popped a few Blink chargers around campus. The SC'er would fit in well.

Conference Call - Superchargers going into Texas!

I read the transcript and it looks like in "several" months for us in Texas. Interestingly, Elon mentioned something vaguely about increased speed of supercharging. Hmmm.

I have been emailing with bucee's about adding charging capabilities - Their response so far is that they are looking into CNG as the direction for alternative fueled cars. I bet if they start getting a lot of requests for nema 14-50 plugs, they may help is out and install a few!

From what I've been told there will be 10 superchargers in TX this year. Basically 2 in Dallas, Houston and SA (1 on each "side" of the city, likely in any college campuses they can get them on) and the rest on the route between those cities.

Rochec - Source?

I just emailed Don@buc-ees to ask for charging stations.
Everyone else please join in!

Excellent - yes more emails to bucee's! Show the demand out there for ev plugs!

Thanks JD

Just sent an email to Don at Buc-ees. Hope that works.

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