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Thank You, John Broder


It now appears that news organizations are falling over backwards to do their own DC-Boston test drives. Who would have imagined your review would have had such a catalytic effect? CNN, CNBC, I'm sure there are others - between the online videos and the live reports on TV, you have generated millions of dollars in advertising value for TESLA. Not mention the online e-zines, blogs, and our own intrepid tweeting Tesla warriors who have all rushed to provide a counterpoint to you. You even helped drive the view count on my own blog to over 1,000 last week just from people tracking down my spirited responses to you. And for all that, I say...

...thank you.


+1 Cattledog

Whatever they paid you John, you're probably starting to think that perhaps it wasn't enough :)

"to broder" has a new definition on Urban Dictionary. Check it out and vote here:


TSLA 39.28 +2.24 (6.05%)

while Dow is up only 0.39%

And thanks to Mr. Broder for giving me a chance to buy in for some more TSLA on Friday!

You typo'd the link. Fortunately, the first option offered by Wordpress is right: (the 's' was omitted.)

Talk about inadvertent free publicity! Another 'home run' to Boston.

Thanks Brian, I wish this forum had a sig line so I wouldn'tt need to always add the link.


agree mrs spaghetti

Oh wow, I just read that Fox News will conduct three, not one, not two, but three test drives along the same route but under different circumstances (temperature, time of day, speed, weight, etc. Impressive. The difference is that the drives will not have a live feed and instead will be compared against each other. Boo ... did I fool you?

Here's their write-up, Feb. 15, after Elon's "Most Peculiar" blog:
And they named the MS #5 of "15 technologies that could change your life":

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