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Tire Rotation?

I generally rotate m tires, front-to-back every 3k to 5k miles to even front roll-over wear on my AWD cars. Since the MS is rear drive, how often should I rotate? Is it covered by the Service Agreement?

Rod in Evergreen

My understanding is that tire rotation and twice yearly winter/summer wheel swaps are part of the service agreement.

This is true. I asked the service center if I could rotate them more often than that as part of the service plan or how much they would charge for extra rotation. Mine has 3,500 miles and 21's.

Oops. I pressed submit too early. They haven't gotten back to me yet.

Thank you!! I just did not want a mechanic that did not know the uniqueness of the car jack it up and damaging something. I will call the service center and check on tire rotation every 3,000 miles.

I learned from the "Tesla Ownership Experience" specialist in CA (877) 798-3752 that tire rotation is covered in your service agreement for twice a year in additoion to switching out wheels between winter and summer wheels - again twice per year. Since I do not plan to rotate winter/summer he suggested to just to watch the tread wear and do it as seems appropriate. The tire warrantee is every 6,000 miles.

The MS has rear negative camber - more than most cars. The front will have "feathering" wear on outside (as if positve camber) due to cornering. I plan every 3,000 miles as I live on mountain roads that are far from straight... The all-season tires are directional, so front-to-back is the appropriate (and best for wear balance).


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