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Water testing for 3 weeks? Terrible delivery experience.

I'm having a pretty bad delivery experience unfortunately. A delivery specialist called June 1 to say the car was rolling off production and would be delivered to AZ June 10 and I needed to make payment immediately. I made payment, procured the loan and insurance. Shortly after I pay, the delivery specialist goes dark, no return calls or emails. Finally someone else calls me around the 12th saying the car is in water testing and will be ready by the 17th. He said he is my new delivery specialist and will email his contact info. Well ... no email, no call nothing past the 17th. Finally reach someone at headquarters after the 17th to get the name and number of my new delivery contact. Got in touch with the new delivery contact and he tells me that its still in water testing and to expect the car early during the week of the 24th. Again the 24th rolls around no call nothing. I find out today the 26th that its STILL in water testing and to expect delivery around July 5th. So WTF is going on? Water testing for over 3 weeks?? Not at all pleased with the lack of communication an inability to meet promises. Anyone else have such issues??

Sounds odd. Our experience was perfect. Timely communication. In fact, Tesla had it available a few days early.'s getting water looked suspicious to them :))))

Yes odd indeed. I thought for sure they would want to deliver by the end of Q2.

Water testing? What the heck is that?

I was supposed to take delivery of my model S P85 today but instead i keep getting emails from Tesla financing asking for more financial documents. This has been the worst car buying experience ever. Mind you ,this is all after getting 2 emails confirming my loan approval and transferring my down payment of almost $40,000 as well as arranging with AutoNation for my trade in vehicle. The product might be great and Elon Musk is a true visionary but they need to improve their finance department's communication abilities. They have managed to kill my excitement about buying the car!!!

Why are ppl not using private posting? Easy to suspect trolls

Sorry. Your experience sounds awful. It is also unique in all the lives of so many people I know who have had the best experience ever in their dealing with Tesla. I have never had such a great positive experience in my many years of buying cars. Hope your problem is solved soon. Who is your delivery specialist? Who else have you spoken with? And what is water testing?Where is your delivery specialist located?

Tesla DS called me 5 days before my arranged delivery date to tell me that I could pick up my car tomorrow if I wanted to. As I was out of town it wasn't possible but the funny thing was I knew they had not yet received the funds from Alliant Credit Union. When I informed my DS of this he took a minute to look over the paperwork and said, "I guess we missed a step somewhere."

I don't know what would have happened if I went down there the next day. Would they have given me the car without the 80 grand? Stranger things have happened.

So I guess the financing geeks just aren't as sharp as the tech geeks over at Tesla. car once they sign off the title to u.....u don't owe any money to the bank and Tesla would be out of 80K

Actualy, yes they would give you the car. I had a pen fed loan issue and they gave me the car as we worked out the details. I wrote the an uncashable check for ~80k and they held it as we waited for pen fed to catch up. I didnt have 80k in the bank so they basically gave me the car on good faith. That was back in march. Loving every minute since.

Water testing is directing hi-pressure sprays at the seams and lights etc. to check for leakage.

they knew they could nail you for fraud and check-kiting, and they knew you knew that, so they trusted in your desire to stay out of jail.

@justineet And the car would be totaled in a week. Karma is a bitch.

I've posted on this subject before. Tesla's business side is behind the rest of the company. There are times when, as a buyer, you really need to have a quick five minute conversation with a decision maker to get an issue or two sorted. I've made it up the chain to the SE Regional Sales Manager and he is one incredibly sharp, switched on guy. The conversations are short and issues are addressed quickly these days but this was not always the case. I'm on buying MS number two and this transaction is going much smoother.

I suspect the financing thing has thrown even more on a business arm that is not well flushed out. From what I have seen, it is getting better but perhaps it is just not there yet. There does seem to be a wide disparity on a regional basis as well.

I hope you get someone to engage and would encourage you to walk it up the food chain.

Yeah, when I picked up my car at the service center where it was delivered because I was out of town, I had to remind them there was a bit of financial matters to settle. They had a surprise look on their face like they did not know what to do with the check.

No trolling here, a real buyer. I just received this note this morning:

I have received an update on the production of your Model S. Currently our Tesla production team is installing your headliner, windshield and interior are being currently being installed. I will continue to update you on the progress of your Model S and inform you when it is ready,

We apologize for the delay and any inconvenience this might have caused.

Best regards,

Chris Swann

Chris Swann Delivery Experience Specialist

So after I was told that it rolled off production and in water testing for 3 weeks, they are just putting the car together. So I'm paying a month of insurance and car payment based on a delivery promise that was not at all accurate. Honestly all will be forgotten if the car is as good as promised but the excitement is definitely no longer there.

@ sfcgee - how is it possible that you are paying for insurance as well as your car payment yet you have not physically received the vehicle? That seems a little odd. I certainly wouldn't have done it that way, is this the only way to do it?

sorry to hear that. I had some difficulties with my delivery--I picked mine up at Freemont. My car was delayed for 10 days or so after my window closed. this was back in Feb when they were really busy ramping up, so I'm a bit surprised to hear about delays now. I guess (totally guessing) is that your car may have failed the initial water testing and they are having to replace certain parts. MOre likely though, some of the people you were talking to just did not have the most accurate info at the time.

good luck. once you get your car, you'll forget all about this frustration.


I am tired of people who don't like negative commentary saying people should post them private.

The private stuff doesn't work here. Get over it.

Tesla contacted me first week of June and said that the car will be delivered for sure on the 10th. As such I bound an insurance policy for the day of delivery. They also put pressure to clear the funds for the vehicle as delivery was "less than a week away." Based on all the positive experiences on the boards (maybe not the case as I read more) I took them at their word, closed the loan and sent them the PenFed check. Obviously if I thought that they were a month out from the promised delivery date I would not have done anything until I knew it was on the truck. What bothers me is that they kept telling me it was done but in water testing. Before the above email I posted I had received this:

I wanted to touch base and provide an update for you regards the production of your Model S. Currently your Model S is still in the "Water Testing" phase of production, but will hopefully be finished soon. As such delivery has been delayed and will most likely occur late next week.

I find it very interesting that they were doing "water testing" before the windshield was installed. There is at best some serious miscommunication and at worst some lying going on.

@GReese. I think IT IS reasonable to post in private thread so we can keep the trolls out. So you should get over it.

@ sfcgee, can you contact your lender and insurance company to suspend both until the car is delivered? Alternately, i would escalate up the chain at Tesla to have them reimburse you for the costs given their clear miscommunication and pressuring you into paying for a car that you hadn't actually received. Whether or not the money is an issue for you might be secondary, but it's the principle. They screwed up, they should reimburse you.

Sounds like they found a leak with the water testing and had to replace a few parts because of it.

That's the only reasonable explanation, but the lack of communication is unacceptable.


Private threads don't work.

This person hasn't taken delivery even if they did work.

The troll paranoia in this forum is astounding.

Get over it.

Sorry for your experience. My car was delivered 2 weeks earlier than I had originally been told. I brought a check with me when I picked up delivery. I arranged for my insurance to start upon delivery. Things could not have gone more smoothly. Really sorry your experience has been different.

The insurance agent should adjust policy start time based on when you get the car. Mine agent sure does that.

There should have been better communication once it became clear Tesla would not meet the deliver date. One possible reason for the delay is that the car went back into production line because they found out some issues during the "water" testing and validation stage...


As a recent new car owner (a Tesla wannabe aka Volt), I was told by my insurance co. that I was automatically covered when I took possession of the car and in fact had 30 days to settle the paperwork with them. You might consider contacting your ins co to obtain a refund.

GReese - I'm not sure what you mean about private threads not working. Many people successfully post private threads, and only those with cars on order or who are owners can view these threads.

Sometimes requests for private posts are also to avoid giving ammunition to the many journalists and big auto supporters looking for ways to damage Tesla's reputation. This is not conspiracy theory - there have been many inaccurate articles written, some of which have referenced the "many unhappy owners" who have commented on the forums. Since the majority of posts on forums tend to be due to problems, keeping them private can keep these forums from misrepresenting a great car and a great company.

For what it's worth, I have had incredibly good experiences with Tesla representatives on all levels throughout my ordering and ownership experience. It has been the best service I've ever experienced, with Infiniti a close second. The car is above and beyond my expectations, and the best car I've ever driven or owned.

I would have never paid for the car until I was there to pick it up. I held both the bank check and my own down payment until I saw the vehicle. It does sound like there was something wrong with your vehicle.

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