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What caused TSLA stock to go up/down today?

Hoping this thread might pick up steam as TSLA stock goes through some amazing intra-day and open/closing swings due to the large short interest (I'm assuming).

For instance: Yesterday the stock dipped really low at closing so I bought. Today it jumped back up and I sold for a healthy profit.

Why did the stock dip yesterday and then rise so much today? I didn't see any news that would justify it.

@Jamon - You missed one little detail. I got back into Microsoft a couple years later. Microsoft was very good to me. Those extra shares from a those splits would have made a big difference in my world. I learned to love those splits!

New short interest report is out:

It didn't decline as much as I thought it would during that period. Days to cover increased because average volumes were down while everyone was in the "wait and see who flinches first" mode.

We did wipe out lots of shorts in the past couple weeks but newbies that don't understand Tesla at all stepped up to the plate.

@Cap you didn't mention that detail in your original post. I feel better now! You'll have to let us know when TSLA surpasses your success with MSFT :)

ahhhhhh... anyone else temped to double down on 184? It's looking pretty tempting to me right now...

Cap. I am old enough to know what LSMFT means, not sure about the other.

Microsoft. Zap

Near record highs. Looks like the Tesla China trademark news has caused a big spurt. Gigafactory progress and the Q2 results didn't hurt either!

Closed at 252 today. Record close is 254 back on March 4th.

So is 265 the intraday high?

I think so. 265 on Feb 26th.

That much closer to our seeing Jim Cramer's head explode...

Haven't heard from JP lately. Wonder if he's rolling in his lead-acid income ...

Deutsche Bank upgrade from Hold to Buy, and revised its target from $220 to $310. TSLA "gapped up" about $11 on the open and an hour later is up $14. Squeezin' time!

Down to $259.32 at EOD, but that's still ATH for EOD.

And then...

Today: Tesla stock hits a new closing high as chorus of optimistic analysts receives a new voice.


Tesla Motors stock reached yet another record Monday, as the electric car maker rode a wave of optimism to a market valuation topping $32 billion.

Tesla established a new high closing price of $259.32, topping the previous record of $254.84 set March 4, by jumping 4.5 percent in Monday's trading session. The strong increase arrived along with yet another investment bank analyst predicting the company's shares will top $300 with a new automobile offering on the way and increased production capabilities.

Deutsche Bank's Rod Lache wrote in a note Monday morning that Tesla CEO Elon Musk's recent revelations about the expected jump in automobile manufacturing at the company's Fremont factory greatly affected his views of Tesla. Musk said in last month's earnings call that Tesla would double its production capabilities from the end of this year to the end of 2015, when he expects the former NUMMI factory to produce Tesla automobiles at a rate of 100,000 cars a year.

"At this point, we see an increasingly clear path to 500,000 units of annual production by late this decade," Lache wrote. "And we don't expect growth to end there, as Tesla is already contemplating opportunities for additional production capacity."

Tesla shut down its production line last month to install new equipment meant to increase the number of cars it can make and prepare to manufacture the company's next offering, the Model X, and rebooted production last week. Tesla currently offers only an all-electric sedan, the Model S, but expects to begin sales of the SUV-like Model X next year.

Musk is also planning to reduce costs through his other main production goal, a giant battery-production facility dubbed the "Gigafactory" that he says will manufacture more lithium-ion batteries in a year than were produced globally in all of 2013.

Deutsche Bank predicted that the cost savings resulting from a successful Gigafactory "could have profound implications not only for Tesla, but for the overall auto industry," could give Tesla a cost advantage on manufacturers of gasoline-powered cars.

Last week, Tesla began its push toward record highs after optimistic notes about the Model X from Morgan Stanley analyst Adam Jonas, who reiterated a $320 price target, and Pacific Crest analysts, who established coverage with a $316 prediction.

"Some in the market have described Tesla as a 'one hit wonder' with the Model S. We expect the Model X will put that to rest very, very quickly," Jonas wrote.

Deutsche Bank became at least the fourth investment bank to predict Tesla's shares would top $300, pushing its price target from $220 to $310; Dougherty analysts have the highest price target on Wall Street for Tesla, at $325. The lowest price target according to Thomson Reuters research is $75, and JPMorgan Chase has a target of $170 on the stock.

Tesla shares have now gained 72 percent in 2014 after jumping 343 percent in 2013 on the strength of Model S sales. With its market cap finishing atop $32 billion Monday, Tesla was worth more than half as much as General Motors, at $54 billion, and nearly half as much as Ford, which ended trading with a valuation of more than $68 billion.

When I got my car delivered the stock price was $32 and just over 430k shares sold.

That makes you an old timer, Capt Zap! A wealthier one, of course...


The funny thing is that I bought at $33 almost a year earlier. Motor Trend Car of the Year and real Model S deliveries really changed things.

I should have put a much, much smaller deposit and down payment on the car when it arrived. ;-)

Can someone make a Tesla Stock app like the one for Apple. You put in a date and how much money you spent on (car down payment, wedding, new LED TV etc) it would be worth this much today. I did some quick numbers and if I bought stock instead of the down payment on my P85 I would have $325,000 today! No big deal love the car and glad I got it.

@ Paul1839

You are in good company. I try not to think about it. It makes Signature Red more valuable all the time. It's doing better than gold. ;-)

I looked here for historical prices:

It might be a worth a bit more tomorrow. Credit Suisse put a $325 target on Tesla after hours tonight. Not bad after another record close.

yup, up 1% after hours. You must be psychic or somethin'!!

@Paul1839 If everyone bought the stock instead of the car the stock would not worth anything now.

Rats! TSLA just dipped under $260 a share.
Should I panic and sell?

Ron :)

P.S. Just kidding

Hey-I bought shares at intervals ranging from $32-$165. I've done well. I'm thinking this is another opportune time to buy more with the probability of the stock making another strong gain on the eve of Model X and the gigafactory. But at $250+ a share, I'm a little skittish-that's quite a chunk of change. Tempting and contemplating....stay tuned.

Perhaps I will get back on the wagon after a 15% drop...

@ Mathew98

I can't play that game. I get killed every time and end up paying more later. Just when I think it won't go any higher or it will pull back... Blastoff! Then there isn't a retreat that can justify the cost. I have to stick to my guns or it costs me more money.

TSLA gained slightly again today.
I'm in it for the long haul.
So I watch the price daily for sport, not for looking for when to sell.

BTW, I'm up 30% in just a few weeks. If I could get gains like that regularly, I'd get rich.

Ron :)

@carlk Yes so true and do you think I'm mad I bought the car and not the stock? No way! This car is worth more then the $325k I would have had. @Seeking Alpha you can quote me on that!

This is the fourth ATH closing price in a row.
Everyone is a winner today!

Any juice left to squeeze from the shorts? Or are their bladders empty?

@Brian H | AUGUST 15, 2014

"Any juice left to squeeze from the shorts? Or are their bladders empty?"

IMO, for the stock of any technology/innovation company, there will always be shorts. On TSLA most of them are seriously in the red. It seems to me that many of them have deep pockets. I just consider them a nice source of support whenever the stock price drops a bit, as it will from time to time.

I'm in it for the long haul. Go TSLA!

Ron :)

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