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Will Tesla Motors give incentives to existing owners of Tesla Model S who convince other people to buy a Tesla Model S as well?

At the shareholder meeting on June 4th, 2013 during Q&A a Chinese looking guy simply asked for it. His proposal was one year free service for every Tesla Model S that he sells to other people.

Will this really happen?

Might this be the solution for the current situation in Texas and North Carolina?

Elon has mentioned even in that meeting that he agreed some incentive needed to be initiated, however I would not expect it anytime in the next few months from what he said in the meeting it appears he will be super busy until Fall (just extrapolating from what he said he did not actually say he would be busy till fall)

Sweet deal for us if it is implemented. But if I was TM I wouldn't touch the idea with a pole. Imagine the proof of influence and all the administrative mess. I would be happy to be part of it, but if I should give professional advise to Elon, it would be to stay away. By the way, the car sells itself. So why bother?

Do we really need this? I don't expect Tesla to give me any incentives to promote the most awesome car ever. Not everything should be about money.

Brian H made an excellent point in a similar thread. With incentives in place the motives of proselytising owners would come into question.

@GeirT - I don't think it would be hard. Referral bonuses for hiring is done simply -- the applicant lists a referrer on their application, and that person gets the bonus when they are hired. Likewise, put the referrer on the car order form (name or maybe some ID#), and if the order is completed that person gets the bonus.

I don't really see it as necessary though -- does Apple pay any of their proselytizers for convincing someone to buy an iDevice? Besides, the car sells itself.

The car sells itself indeed, just because it's the best car ever made. But that's not the point.

The point is that there are a great many people who still have never heard about Tesla Motors or the Tesla Model S. The point is that these people should be told about Tesla Motors or the Tesla Model S. The point is to enlight these people. Speak to them, show them your Tesla Model S, let them do a test drive. All this takes time to do.

And the incentive should not be high. I think that $100 for each Tesla Model S that gets bought by a new customer should be just fine. And Tesla Motors will be very glad every time a new customer orders a new Tesla Model S. Actually $100 is very little when you compare it to $100,000 it's 1/10th of 1%!!!

I think this could work out well.

Yeah, I think it would reduce credibility immensely.

A number of businesses have referral programs, from online trading services to apartments. It wouldn't be difficult for Tesla to add a field during configuration to include a name and, perhaps VIN#, of the person that referred them. It should apply to Roadster owners, as well.

A related question: is there/will there be discounts for existing owners? I'm pretty sure there is/was a discount for the Model S if you are a Roadster owner. Are there discounts for Tesla owners to buy another Tesla, even if it's another of the same model?

I doubt that brand loyalty will be a problem, but who doesn't like a discount for coming back?

The person that asked the question about receiving an incentive during the Shareholders meeting told Elon he had a suggestion about compensation. Elon asked him what he would do. Answer: Give the referrer a free year of service.

I think that owners already have an incentive, namely to ensure the longer term success of Tesla and thereby the resale value of their cars. When my MS arrives I shall be encouraging everyone I can to buy one, not least to preserve my own investment. (But also out of a desire to show the damned thing off!)

And a lifetime supply of Tesla T-shirts. ;)

Tesla time, the amount of time spent showing, explaining, "selling", bragging is a perk, not a chore.

+1 rch1708, jtodtman

I agree, no materiall incentive is necessary, other than a successful Tesla.
oh, maybe a thank you card signed by Elon! but even that won't scale. will you be happy with a preprinted one?

Incentives are created for products that are having trouble selling.

Do we see that with Tesla?

I like the T-shirt idea.

No reason to bother when you have a waiting list. Car sells itself. Last thing we need are thousands of untrained car "salesmen" trying to talk buddies into buying one so they can get a t-shirt. Ugh.

What to make money moving cars? Get a job at the factory and start bolting on parts.

Well, let's see... who's the Chairman of the Board at Solar City? Oh yea, the same guy who's Chairman of the Board at Tesla Motors. Does Solar City have a referral program? Yup!

I host a Solar Party. Solar City brings the wine and cheese and a presenter. They provide the invitations that I send to friends and neighbors. If anyone who attends the party eventually signs a contract, I get a cool $400. Pretty painless. There's no reason a similar model couldn't work for Tesla, except they bring the quiet whine of the coolest EV on the planet, instead of the other kind.

Well, if they do such a thing at Solar City, then why could something similar not be organised with Tesla Motors?

I don't mind Teslafying for free, but a referral bonus would be nice. Make it a soft-cost rather than hard cash. Credit towards goods and services. The cost to Tesla would be pennies on the dollar. For the number of cars I've probably helped sell, I'd be tickled pink if I could get a center console for free. As for administration, why does it have to be difficult? Just have the person ordering give your name or email or something. If they don't, no credit for you...

Give me one free annual service for each customer I refer. How about that?

Geez. I've sold at least two (working on three). Seeing the Tesla grin spread is enough satisfaction in itself.

If they do decide to do that, can I retroactively pickup my residual for a free P85+?

Cash incentives for referrals will call the referrer's credibility into question. So will big value incentives.

I wouldn't mind a jacket. I'll continue doing it for free, but the jacket would be a nice thank you. Maybe a special limited edition jacket for referrers? A SIGNATURE jacket???

And maybe, for 10 referrals, a special gift of some sort - like a gold key fob.

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