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Winter Handling

Has anyone owned the Tesla in a Winter environment on here with the 19" wheels? Debating the need for the winter tires. Rep at the store (boston), that the car does well in the snow despite the rear wheel drive.

Got my car on 12/29. Ran through Winter on 19 inch snows (the Tesla Winter tire package). No problems with handling in the snow. You could probably do well with all-season. I would not try performance tires.

Agree, I have the 19" on my order for that very reason. Was planning on just using the all-weather, to avoid the expense of changing the tires, did you ever get caught with the all-weathers in some snow?

Does well - with the winter tires. False economy to skip them.

And the non owner speaks again with authority.

Since I received my car late November with the 21 inch tires I took a chance on going through a winter with them. I would say that you can get thru the winter with them if you don't get a lot of snow. I only had twice in which there was more than 3 inches of snow to deal with and I was able. to get around but I will not do it again.

@Theresa The OP requested experience driving 19" tires in snow. The non-owner's response was probably more helpful than yours.

Am I missing something here? Is there a way we're labeled owner non-oner? The thread isn't private, I don't see any different icons... just wondering....

It is well known that Brian H is a non owner. Do yourself a favor and heed what he says regardless. He is right most of the time.

Maybe I am overly sensitive to Brian since he has been so caustic on owners who report tire problems of which I am one who has gone thru a set in just a little over 8000 miles. His responses on that issue have not been very on target. They have also been quite aggressive against there even being a possible issue.

Never had a problem handling in the snow. I had the same concerns about rear wheel drive before I got the S. It does better than the AWD & FWD cars I have had in the past. I think the service plan covers tire swaps 2x per year. I run on 21s now & will put on the 19s come October (I live in the Denver area)

Silly not to slap snows on all four corners if you get a pile of snow each year, especially on a $65k+ RWD car. I drive 4wd and swap snow tires each December.

Occasional snow doesn't "track" to actual snowy country. Many car owners try to get through the year on (e.g.) all-seasons. They get dubbed "no-seasons" by those who experience the difference vs. sticky deep tread snows and max rubber summers.

A single unwanted skid can cost multiples of the savings from driving on no-seasons.

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