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40kwh EPA in but not published?

Puts the 40 at 145 miles at 55 mph
122 @ 65 mph

still put the 40 at 161 miles at 55 mph
And 135 miles at 65 mph

They are just simply taking the advertised range at 55 mph and multiplying by 0.9 (I.e. 90%). That just happens to be close to the EPA numbers. I would expect the 40kWh to come in 145-150 rated by the EPA.

Hasn't production historically started within 30 days of publishing the EPA numbers? If so, we are already looking at the second week of March for the 40kWh production start. If EPA is not available in the next few days could we be looking at a delay?

I was thinking the same thing. We should hear about the EPA rating soon, maybe at the earnings call.

I wish but the FAQ talks of delay:
"If you choose the new Red, coil suspension or the 40 kWh battery, these items do not start deliveries for a few months, so your car will be produced a little later."

a few = 3 or more

= April or May or later

But how old is the FAQ?

@Murraypetera : What is the link to the FAQ?

The bulletin board post from December 3rd is here:

It says 40 kWh Model S will phase into production in March 2013. I'm not sure why the wording used is different for red & spring suspension, which will begin (vs phase into) production in March. Perhaps there will be a longer ramp to full production for 40kWh?

@murraypetera : ah, thanks. That "request delayed production" post is two months newer than the "when will" post. I wonder if those things have slipped a bit. Bummer for the 40/spring/red customers.


I finalized my 40kWh with coil suspension and the estimated delivery is May-June. Not sure how close to the mark Tesla is when they give that estimate.

Just FYI.



Good to hear. What is your reservation number?


Same here. 40KWH, coil suspension, estimated May - June. Reservation #15394.

Anyone requested red coils? ;)

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