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Anyone ever has seen a credible sketch of Gen III?

Hello folks,

Big car enthusiast here, former BMW and Audi fan.

I have tested a Model S and what a marvel. Given I do not need at all a sedan that size I would rather wait to buy Gen III.

Anyone has any idea on the Gen III will look like? I wish it could be sporty. Kind of resambling the Audi R8 shape, but with 4 doors. Wow, what a hit that could be. I would be the first one to put the deposit.

GenIII first model will be that "affordable model", and Elon said that is will be basically smaller version of Model S.

There will be other models made in GenIII platform, and one of those will be a sport car.

Actually more recently Tesla chief designer says they will do something because they dont want an audi like same looking cars.

Anyway, if they decide to play safe and use the well received shape of the model s, that will work for me.

There are NO extant images of GEN III (Model E) yet, but rumor (of questionable quality) states that Detroit Auto Show 2015 (January) will debut the car.

1 year and counting.

Clay model by summer. Should be interesting.

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