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Battery failure on the Roadster

I have a 2008 Roadster with 20,000 miles that needs a battery swap out to a battery with similar use but repaired. It's due to a sensor failure that has something to do with balancing the charge in all the cells. $5,000, not covered! Not good! That's like having a blown engine in a gas car in terms of cost!

I agree not good, sorry to hear that.

Great news ! Tesla is fixing the problem at no cost! A great company gets greater!

That is great news JohnW. Tesla is an amazing company.

That's amazing customer service. Tesla is proving every day how to be an outstanding car company.

Are they replacing parts or battery, or remedying the balance?

Previous "paste" of this bipolar manic nonsense was killed. So will this one be. 5, 4, 3, 2, ...

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