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Bay Area folks: we're having a mixer this Sunday in Palo Alto

Sorry if you live in a different area. I did make the topic indicate that this if for the SF Bay Area folks only.

We are having a mixer this coming Sunday at 1pm at Four Seasons's Quattro restaurant. If you're interested please RSVP to our Facebook invite so we get the right count for our area/table:

Hope to see you all there! My name is Alex and the reservation is under my name.

Is the link correct? When I click on it, I just get dumped into my own calendar with no events for the 10th and no way to RSVP.

Very odd. Try joining our group first and then you'll see the event invite:

Just wanted to give a bump to my thread since the mixer is tomorrow!

See you there tomorrow Alex, look forward to meeting you!


@Ben: same here! I'm excited about this!


Love to attend the mixer. However, I am in a business trip at the other side of the Pacific Ocean. Just wish you guys a very happy Tesla owners mixer!

The mixer went great! Many pictures of the owners and the cars are posted on our page at

For us allergic to Facebook.... you post on TMC also?

Loved the pictures ... so much that, last night, I dreamt that I was part of it :)


Facebook makes me break-out into a rage too.

Sorry, thought about attending, but don't use FB.

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