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Best tax day ever, almost

Today, I was notified that my car will be for pickup at the Denver service center tomorrow afternoon. 85 brown, tan, matte, pano, shelf, with after market clear bra. I should probably go rent some movies, cause I don't think that I will sleep much tonight. I could take the 'almost' out of the topic title if they had said it was ready today (damn clear bra).

Good luck. The night before I picked mine up I couldn't sleep and to make matters worse I wasn't meeting my DS until 1pm to pick up the car.
The wait is well worth it though. Enjoy the car and the Tesla smile.

The snow will NOT be an issue. Congratulations! What part of the metro area are you in?


I have friends with a Silver MS in that area. I'm in Highlands Ranch. Enjoy your cool new ride!

Also heard today that my Model S - silver, grey leather, matte obeche -- will be delivered to my home in the Tucson area this Saturday, April 20th. I am really excited about this - it seems like I have been waiting a lot longer than I have!

An extra day of joyful anticipation! Rejoice!

The snow will not be an issue, but the splash back may be.I might have to sit in my new baby til midnite so the roads will be empty.

@bcimae I think you will be pleased at how well it handles in snow. I would advise against empty/icey roads at midnight.

The first few weekend drives for lunch were to Rosie's diner in Monument (you will find the drive is more important than the destination)

@ Kari Sue Good for you! Enjoy! (I only waited 18 months for mine)


Congrats! Today is your day.

I am going to order my 2nd Model S soon. How much did you pay for your aftermarket clear bra? I am headed to the Denver Service Center to see if they have any factory clear bra's around. Maybe I will see your Brown Model S.

Enjoy the car, and remember that next years tax day will also be good as you realize the $7,500 federal tax credit.

I think TM begins building immediately now. Wait times are no longer production-delayed. 1-2 months.

@bcimae The snow paused & the clouds parted for you today. I would take that as a sign of biblical proportions :o) Welcome to the club.

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