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Bluetooth Problems?

Is anyone having trouble with their Bluetooth? I have an iPhone. Just downloaded the latest operating system updates. Even downloaded the remote Tesla App. Oddly, my phone works just fine in my 2012 BMW X5...bluetooth is great. But I can't get my MS to recognize the phone?! The same problem was occurring when I picked up the car, but we quickly surmised that my phone had an old operating system, and was probably just in need of an update. Even at that point, I interjected that the phone worked fine for my X5, so it seemed strange that the MS was having a problem. So now I've upgraded, and am still having connectivity issues. I've tried to reboot, turn on/off, etc. Can anyone provide any insight?
Incidentally, still, by far, the greatest car I've ever driven!!!!!!

Did you initiate the sequence from the touchscreen or phone? Only the t-screen-first works, according to some.

I'm not a big fan of having Bluetooth be the only way to connect my iPhone to the Model S audio system. I like to listen to audiobooks while driving. Most days, for the first half mile or so of driving after leaving my house I have to put up with sputterring audio, stopping and starting and at least once I have had the audio skip to a totally different place in the book. I really wish they would implement the USB interface and get rid of all these hassles.

About once every week or two the Model S no longer sees the iPhone, so I have to go through pairing them again. Usually this works. Yesterday and today I could not get the iPhone and Model S to communicate and ended up having to listen to Radio via TuneIn. The odd thing was that the Model S recognised the iPhone as connected, but would only enable the phone functions. The media option was greyed out.

I tried rebooting the Model S console, and that didn't help. Eventually I rebooted my iPhone and that seemed to solve the problem.

So my suggestion is to first try rebooting the iPhone.

Another potential "fix" to try... Erase the connection in both the Tesla and iPhone then do the initial process from scratch, may help may not but worth a shot.

My iPhone 5 paired just fine, as did iPhones from my wife and kids. AT&T just updated the phone for new carrier signals/ codes, and now my iPhone won't connect through the car. I tried to delete the old pairing from the car, and that won't delete (spinning circle of death for over 10 minutes). No idea if the new carrier codes were cause and effect, or if we paired too many iPhones. Anyway to restart/ reboot this system? Any advice? Do I call Tesla and reboot the car and phone simultaneously, as did Keith72?

Solved my problem by calling Tesla. Turns out you can reboot the car by holding down both buttons on the steering wheel for five seconds. I don't remember seeing that in the owners manual! After the reboot, Bluetooth worked great. Sometimes I feel like I'm driving an iPad!

I found I had to turn off bluetooth on my iPhone every few days to get it to connect to both of my cars. Not a problem with other iPhones.

Reboot Will Fix It has been a standard remedy for a long time here. But new readers haven't heard of it, of course. You're right; there should be a blurb in the manual suggesting RWFI as the first remedy for just about everything!

When I got the car in May, my Droid paired immediately with the car and was fine until early June. Then stopped connecting, and it wouldn't pair. I tested the phone and it would pair with other bluetooth devices. I didn't know about the reboot option (hold both scroll buttons down) until I read about it in the forum and tried it. The reboot worked -- my phone is now paired. Not sure if this was due to a Tesla software download, but now that I know about the reboot option...

I just bought a model S and am having the same issue with my S4 had issues on pick up but we were able to get it paired now it is not working again? My bluetooth icon on the screen of the car pulses and when I touch it it opens and says initializing but never stops? any hints? Do i Reboot?

Yes, and initiate from the touchscreen side (let it find the phone).

I have done many of the things mentioned in this string - rebooting Tesla and the iPhone - and had no success. The phone still operates through the Tesla computer, speakers and microphone, but the media option is unavailable. Will there be an upgrade to the Tesla software, or is there an ongoing incompatibility with iPhone iOS?

@William21 | OCTOBER 28, 2013: The phone still operates through the Tesla computer, speakers and microphone, but the media option is unavailable. Will there be an upgrade to the Tesla software, or is there an ongoing incompatibility with iPhone iOS?

iPod functionality does not work on the iPhone with Tesla (audio through USB), but Bluetooth works just fine. If your phone functions work through bluetooth, then the audio music functions should work also. You can select the music source from the media menu - just select your iPhone. Then on your iPhone bring up the Music app and play something.

Was the phone paired from the touchscreen? (Not from the iPhone).

I am also having trouble with my bluetooth. It constantly drops my iPhone 5S connection. I have rebooted each device. I have unpaired and repaired. I now spend every drive messing with my bluetooth connection.

On my 2014 Model S, cannot connect Samsung SGH-A847 clamshell with Bluetooth. When I go to connect the phone, it connects and then immediately the phone shuts off, reboots, connects, shuts down, etc.

Phone has linked with my Lexus and Jeep with no issues. Contacted Tesla Help Desk and they are not sure if it's the phone or car. They suggest that Bluetooth version 3 or version 4 might be too new for my phone. Still trying to figure it out. Any thoughts appreciated.

Initiate from the touchscreen, not the phone?

This is by far the worst Bluetooth system ii ever had in the car going back to my original one for technical company to design something this terrible I don't understand it The voice recognition in the phone is great why they do the same in car

HI, I am anxiously awaiting my first Tesla due in September. I have a loaner Tesla from a friend who is out of town 6 weeks. Bluetooth quality sound is not good for people I'm talking to (my side is great). I took the car in last week as bluetooth completely broke. Tesla fixed it and changed microphone. Made my first call to a friend today and he asked "can u please avoid calling me from your Tesla". I drive a Dodge Truck and he Knew without me telling him, I was in the Tesla.

I have i5 and I see other owners having problems. Seems like this would b a priority to Tesla as this is really bad advertising for them. I have had several people ask me whats wrong with my phone. Have to wonder if they r thinking about the quality of the Tesla.

Im just keeping my fingers crossed they fixed the problem before my car arrives….

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