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brown metallic paint with black leather interior?

I was wondering if anyone has ordered brown paint with a black leather interior.

I like the brown color, but the most natural choice for the interior with this color, Tesla's very light tan, is a bit too light for my taste.
Plus, I have young kids so I'd prefer a darker interior. So I'm wondering how the less orthodox brown/black pairing would look. I haven't
seen this pairing in any of the photos I've looked at. Maybe that should tell me something, but I'm curious to hear other opinions.

He arranged to have extra brown light shining on it, I bet! ;)

I have the Brown with tan interior and it looks amazing. I get multiple compliments about the color and of course the car!!

just picked up my brown/tan car! Looks awesome.

I have brown/tan and like others, get frequent compliments on the color. For those of you contemplating this color, Schlermie's photo is the closest representation of what this color looks like in person that I have seen to date.

I confess, the metallic brown looks gorgeous! Definitely, more luxurious than the other colours.

A picture with two brown Model S, one with tan and the other with black interior. I'll try to upload better pictures soon.

Bloody hell, didn't realise that I'd ordered such a common colour!! ;-)

Black & brown for me - the classiest combo by a mile,!

For those saying Black socks with Brown shoes is a fashion crime, you need a bit of men's fashion education.

The shoes only need to match the belt and other leather items, and not be a colour that clashes (such as burgundy shoes with a suit that has green hues).

The socks, if going for a professional look are meant to be a similar colour to the pants, and usually a darker shade of that colour, so they disappear as background when the socks are visible. If you are going for a casual/modern look, the socks can be a bright colour, but must match something else in the outfit (usually the shirt).

Thus, the only brown/black sock/shoe combo that is frowned upon in current men's fashion is brown socks, with black shoes, since black shoes are not meant to be paired with brown suits (and the sock is meant to match the suit).

Here's the non-scroll version of the pic:

We have ordered the brown/black combo.

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