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Buying a Stock

I would like to buy some Tesla Stocks, but have never bougth stocks before.
What is the best way to buy a Tesla Stock?

you have to ask at the bank where you have the account

You can buy stock through a broker. There are many options out there with varying fee structures and differing levels of financial consulting.

If you want to minimize fees and don't care about receiving financial planning advice, I'd recommend going with a low cost online broker such as Scottrade or TradeKing.

don't do it at the bank, look online for virtual broker, a popular one is e-trade, their commission are far less than the banks

I buy mine through, offered by CapitalOne.
They offer $4 trades using their automatic investing option.
You simply fund your investment account from your bank account, and there's no transfer fee.
Great customer service and an easy-to-use website.
Many happy returns!

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