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Car is sitting in Philly Airport Bricking

I parked my car at Philly Airport to head to NC for my father's funeral. It's losing charge at such a high rate it will be empty by the time I get back on Monday. I wish someone had told me not to leave the car in an airport.

Roadside Assistance didn't have any answers except to hope for the best (that's literally what they said).

Any suggestions other than flying home to rescue the car and miss my father's funeral.

@Sudre_ - Being a techie, the whole "bricking" thing bothers me too. Many people misuse the term. Even things that seem bricked to a layperson are often just rendered inoperable (or, as I call it, "hosed") and can be recovered by someone knowledgable. There's a big difference between being out of juice, being hosed and being bricked.

DanD almost certainly won't be bricked or hosed and, by all accounts, won't even be out of juice. Though he may be inconvenienced by having to stop somewhere and charge up before going home...

Exactly Geek EV. My car is on a truck coming from CA to Chicago before it gets detailed put on another truck and sent to me. They say it will take 7 to 10 days for it to get to Chicago. I am 100% confident it won't brick riding in the back of the truck to Chicago in rather cold weather. I am also pretty sure it's not plugged in while riding in the truck.

Also a guy here had his car stuck an extra week on a truck because the lift was broken, and he still had 150+ mi left on the battery two weeks after shipment. That was with 4.1 though, so you can expect an extra 8 mi/day lost over that without sleep mode.

I wonder if We'll ever hear back from double D anyway. He didn't mention whether or not he left the key fob in the car and the car running.

I think, or hope at least, that the car can't brick itself in that short of a time, but maybe it is possible that the car will not have enough charge to drive and will have to be plugged in as soon as possible, and towed to a charging location if necessary.

I am sorry but I think he is pulling a fast one. If he owns a Tesla he would know what and what not to do; how long it would last, which should be weeks if not months. This is all sounds fishy to me. The handle "DanD" does look like I seen it before, so I maybe wrong, but nah, this is bull. One question, how does he know it's losing charge at a high rate, he knew it before he left and still drove it; Tesla called him, but they should only do that once you pass a certain percent. His post has very little detail, more like he is trying to start something. Any Model S owner would write a book.

If sorryforyour loss.

If a scam.... So great to hear so many Tesla owners are willing to go out of their way to help another! Part good Samaritan, part Tesla family support. As a middle school administrator, I've spent the month talking about "random acts of kindness". This is Just one more reason why I'm so glad to be getting my Model S next week

DanD is not a scammer... he's just a little overly concerned (I hope.... something could be wrong with his car). There are several posts on the forum from him. He just hasn't posted much lately.

Believe it or not, it's just possible he has more important things on his mind than his car.

I have a trip coming up in a few weeks where I will be gone the weekend and was planning to leave my new MS at the airport - and retaining charge has been a concern.

The comment above about the charge on the car upon delivery helped to relieve my concerns. My car was on the transport truck for over a week - and I still had over half of a charge when it got here - and I'm pretty sure the driver wasn't charging the car en-route.

It would be interesting to have a few customers post their experiences in leaving cars at the airport for extended periods - such as a week or longer - without being plugged in at a charger.

That real-world experience should help to allay fears about letting the car go for extended periods without being charged.

From what I've heard, doesn't seem to be a need to worry for months...

I like the idea of an 'Supercharging energy truck' showing up with big batteries to quick charge instead of towing.

I left mine at the airport for 5 nights/5 days with no problem. Temps got Down into the teens at night while away. This was with 4.1 SW , but I (foolishly, maybe) didn't put it in any sleep mode. Drive was 50miles each way and had 75 left when I got home (85kW).

Not sure if I would leave it for over a week without a little better planning. There is a local charging option at the airport, so could add some juice to get home if too low. That said, my wife pointed out it would be a shame to waste the car at the airport for extended periods, which is a good point.

Should clarify...temps got down to the teens for 2 of the nights. I think 30s or 40s for the other 3 as I missed a little warm spell. But it was cold when I left and when I got back.

OK. So here's the update.

The "miles left" display we have on the car and the app was indeed showing miles left dropping at a 25% rate per day which would have had left me stranded with my family at the airport.

Philly Airport doesn't have plugs. Something for us in the region to deal with.

My first call into Tesla Roadside assistance didn't help much as reported.

I called again yesterday (Friday) and the techs were able to tunnel into the car and see the actual battery charge.

Here's the thing. The miles left isn't the same thing as battery charge. It's a prediction based on lots of stuff including temp. My second call got me Patrick who explained all this. It turned out that in the second 12 hours I lost only 2% of charge and I've just called back again today (Sat.) and have lost another 2%. I'm currently at 62.6% charge and have 45 miles to home. Miles left shows 86. Even if it goes down another 10%, I'm OK.

So here's the summary. The miles left does drop fast at first and for my he first time leaving a car at the airport you can imagine the worry. However, the car loses charge at about a 2-4% a day rate.

Roadside assistance has gotten better and now understands how from a drivers point of view we have no way of knowing what's going on. They've given my a private number to call this weekend to check up on the car in case we need to plan more drastic action (like taking fellow owners on their generous offers).

So far I don't think it will be necessary.

Lessons from all this. We desperately need a way to check the actual battery charge AND we need much better information on forecasting loss while not plugged in.


Sorry for your loss. I am surprised you made it out of NY with all the bad weather.mbest to you

Dan - thanks for the info, glad it sounds like you will be fine when you get back. Sorry for your loss.


Sorry for your loss and your troubles.

Is there any way to change the title of this thread? It's rather incendiary and is an invitation for non-owner detractors to go off on a wild tangent. The car was not truly "bricking," rather it's a reflection of range anxiety and the fear of "bricking" based on 1 or 2 previously reported events that I believe were later found out to be the fault of the owner. Many of us are new to this. I find myself constantly checking the SOC. We'll get comfortable managing all of this soon enough.

@jbherman - Unfortunately I don't think it is. This forum software is very limited. Heck you can't even do a simple quote and reply, you have to do it yourself with HTML.

We should all be careful in the future with our thread titles and/or post them as private for owners and reservation holders. Not trying to upset Dan...he's had enough on his plate. "Bricking" is a very naughty word around here! It's just not reality.

Is the private thread option still available? I'm not seeing it. I haven't been on here in a while...too busy driving!

The thread starter can, I believe, edit the title and initial post, and can also convert the entire thread to Private (as well as move the thread). The controls on my browser are on the upper left corner of the page. Others have said you get the controls by hovering your pointer over the Tesla logo.

Yes, the OP (original poster) gets those options showing up by hovering the pointer on "Tesla" (Edit and Delete).

Seems like a nice future feature would be to have a screen that based on the current charge level, shows predicted range after a number of days if the car is left unused and not charging and some factor for weather. For example (with totally made up numbers):
10 miles - 67 days
50 miles - 39 days
100 miles - 18 days

I can understand that people are sensitive when all news isn't rosy about Tesla. But this incident could have been prevented with better information about the car and better instrumentation.

Range Anxiety and now charge loss due to cold are big problems.

The lack of information caused me a great deal of anxiety and frustration.

@Brian, that's not how it works for me. Hovering over the Tesla logo does nothing. However, there are "View" and "Edit" links on the far left of the bar that contains "Model X," "Model S," "Go Electric," etc. This is true for both IE and Chrome.

The bottom line is that the battery will protect itself in all but the most extreme circumstances i.e. for 98% of us, it's not a real world problem. Couple this with the fact that it will send a distress signal out to HQ if in trouble, and you've got a low probability event (truly bricking) the majority of us will never need to worry about. Educating ourselves and future buyers should relegate this to "tempest in teapot" status.

Only the OP. You didn't start the thread. Check some other threat you did start.

typo: threat thread

Sorry, misunderstood. That's the same line as the T logo. And in FF I now see the same, 'View' and 'Edit'. Deletion is apparently no longer an option.

@DanD: I understand your frustration and your concern during a traumatic weekend, but with all due respect, your car was not "bricking." That term indicates that your battery was losing charge/decaying to a point that it would no longer be operational...ever--a catastrophic and very expensive loss. The information regarding charge loss and protection is readily available from Tesla and is in the owner's manual provided with the car or on your MyTesla page. What you seem to have been experiencing was anxiety over how much charge you would have on your return and whether you'd be able to make it home. Your car wasn't remotely close to "bricking." For me, it's not about sensitivity in regard to things not being "rosy" with Tesla. I've had my share of minor issues and am all for constructive criticism. It's about accuracy and providing unnecessary fodder for those hell bent on Tesla's failure. That doesn't help any of us.

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