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Child Seats

Once you get the child seats, I realize you can lay them flat when desired. Is it possible to take them out of the car completely?

From what I've heard, you can go to Tesla and have the seats removed. Probably a matter of undoing some bolts. So it wouldn't be something you would do on a whim, it would be more of a conscious decision to take them out permanently after you don't need them anymore.

Sorry if this has been asked before, but does anyone know whether the child seats would qualify as a "booster/safety seat" for the California child safety laws?

For background, California requires that children be in some sort of booster or safety seat until they 8 years old, taller than 4' 9" and weigh over 80 lbs. After that point they may sit in a normal seat. The law doesn't seem to contemplate the 5 point seat belt on the Tesla child seats that may actually do a better job than a booster seat plus shoulder belt.

I have gotten a variety of answers from Tesla ranging from Yes, Nom Maybe, and Probably.


I believe tpsince they are 5pt harness seats, they meet the child seat guidelines for CA.
There are weight guidelines for the child seats in the Tesla though ... I believe it's minimum 40lbs ... But I'm not 100% sure.

It would be a hoot fun to put a realistic infant doll in a baby seat in the child seat and watch reactions in the HD rear camera view ...


I missed the joke there. What reactions, and why would they be any fun?

I can understand the fun. I already told my children of the child seats. I will probably tell them to start waving their hands and then accelerate. After a while, I am sure they will tell me to accelerate since they are already waving their hands ...

Monkey see, monkey do. When my kids were young, instead of hitting the accelerator for fun, I made funny sounds to mimic acceleration (including the screeching around turns). They loved it. And they're safe drivers now.

Fortunately for me, I never had a car (till this coming September) that was any fun to accelerate anyway...

Well, with children playing with you I can easily see the fun, but with a doll? Maybe if it were horribly malformed or otherwise reaction-triggering doll, but I don't see any fun with realistic one.

No, Timo; the child seats are for toddlers, not infants. Following drivers would be shocked and astonished to see a baby in the seat. Especially with a kludge baby-seat-inside-toddler-seat lash-up.

Correction; for toddlers and under-tens. Not 3-month-olds, etc.


I think majority of people would even notice something is off there. For most it would be unknown car with rear-facing children seat. No reaction there, so no funny reactions to watch.

would -> wouldn't (need edit, too many spleling mikstaes)

Heh. Don't think so. People would goggle, and maybe phone in the license #. Don't know if the police would be amused! >:p

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