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I want some bold colors to choose from on my Tesla S. I hope everyone agrees that this car should stand out in design and truly have some unique colors to choose from. I would love to see a yellow, orange and bright green color scheme. Anyone else?

Personally, I don't understand how anyone can describe a car color so easily. I guess "Coca Cola red", white or black are described easily enough. But almost any other car color I've seen is much more nuanced. I have to actually see the color on the car before I can decide if I like it at all. I've never seen a (simulated) color palette on a website or in a brochure that matches the actual paint, or my reaction to the actual car color.

If I go to the Tesla showroom and they have a bright lime green car, I'll decide then if I like it and I think I'll still like it in 5 years. (I doubt it, but I'm open to looking!)

I hated the "garden-pest green" of my Zap Xebra at first. I bought it because they didn't offer a color I liked, and it was the car available on the lot. Eventually I grew to love it. I think if the car is fun, most colors turn out okay once you get used to them.

My Roadster is "very orange" and I think it's the best possible color on the entire visible spectrum. But I would not want a Model S in this color. Very orange screams "OSTENTATIOUS" which is what this EV rocket is. For a sedan I'd want my usual preferred car color of blue.

And Daniel, a verbal description of the car color can be easily misinterpreted. I'll have to wait to see your car before I know what you mean by orange (although it's probably the same as the Roadster I saw in the Seattle Store showroom). Allan's description wasn't orange.

One color I really like was "spectra blue" that came out on the Prius a few years back.

I agree that the Model S should be available in a wide range of colors and it must include several real colors. I have to say I personally am tired of all the shades of grey I see. You can call them white, black grey, gun metal, silver, titanium, etc. but in the end they are all grey to me.

I want to see the Tesla's on the road in some real bright colors as well. Athough for this most people will not choose yellow or orange they should be available as well as at least two different variations each on red, blue, and green. Just among reds you could have fire engine, candy apple, and a deep burgundy and they will each appeal to different people.

Persoannly I think I want my Model S in forest green, or possibly even yellow.

David: Color naming is an odd and subjective thing. Nobody really knows if we all perceive colors the same. I often apply different names to colors as other people.

But Tesla calls my color "very orange," and to me it is a bright orange. If your visit to the Seattle store was recent, then yes, the demo there is exactly the same color as mine. That was the demo I drove when I went there.

That was sometime in early May (when the Prototype was there).

I clipped a dear with the side of my car, so now I drive a tan car with a black fender and 2 black door. If you don't like the color, go to a paint shop..... say no more.

My wife ordered a Prius in "Moon Blue". It turned out a light Purple Gray. Not a color for some guys.

I have seen 3 colors of yellow on the same day in the parking lot where I work. One could be "Lemon Yogurt", one could be "Buttercup", and one was an orange yellow like the Yellow Trucking Company has for their line, called, no less, "Yellow Yellow". Registered Trademark.

I liked the attitude expressed above "I've got to see it". Reminds me of the little ditty, with apologies:

"I've never seen a Purple Cow,
"I never hope to see one,
"But I can tell you anyhow,
"I'd rather see than *buy* one!"

David, I presume by "prototype" you meant "demo." And I'll bet the car you saw was the same one I drove. And my car is exactly the same color. Again, I call it bright orange. How would you describe the color of the car you saw?

I liked the intense blue of one of the color swatches they had on the wall. And I'd not have complained about that blue on a Roadster. But to me, that color belongs on a sedan. The Roadster really needs a bright ostentatious color. And "very orange" fills the bill.

No Daniel.

I was talking about the Model S prototype I saw. The orange Roadster was on the showroom floor also. I would just call it orange, but my color sense isn't especially subtle.

did the pore lady survive?

There's a color poll over here:

As expected a wide variety of preferences but amazing how popular the Candy Red (as per the early prototype pics) is.

I read somewhere that the color used in advertisement for a car is the one that usually turns out to sell most. So they usually show a car with a paint that cost extra.

I'm hoping for transparent aluminum.

As long as they have a medium to dark blue I will be happy. As was said above I am also really sick of the narrow and conservative colour choices for many cars today. I suppose offering fewer colours saves money for the manufacturer, but you only need about 8-10 colours to cover a wide range of tastes (I have seen some companies offer as few as 4). Hopefully we can have colour selections very similar to what the Roadster has been sold in. I just counted - the Roadster has 13 colours. Not all are going to be suitable for the Model S, but there is a good selection there.

Slindell | July 5, 2011 - 1:00pm new

I'm hoping for transparent aluminum.

How very cetacean of you!


I finally found the color I would love to have on my Tesla. Found it over on the Aston Martin site on their Virage. Its called Madagascar Orange. Really nice popping color with out being gawdy.

I'd like a minimum of eight color choices, and as important, color samples (at the stores) that are at least 2 ft by 1 ft on a curved aluminum panel. Same goes for interior colors -- provide enough material to make an intelligent choice.

As an aside, it'd be nice if the Model S website allows users to select each color and display the car in that color. Even better, provide a mechanism for a 3D rotational image of the car. I know color via the web is not accurate, but it would be nice to help buyers make the choice.

This website funtionality already exist when u configure a roadster, so I see no reason that it won't be available for the Model S too.

Will there be an online Design Studio for the Model S similar to the Design Studio for the Roadster?

Franz: Yes, everything we learned from the Roadster Design Studio will be featured in the Model S Design Studio. The new platform will give you the chance to develop your very own Model S.

I am really hoping for a "Celtic Green". Classy, but unique enough for a ground breaking car like this one. (Hubby wants it to be red, but he's not the one driving it)

Sample of the colour:

Looks like someone sat in wet muddy grass too long. ;)

Bentley has a good selection of colors. I like their Scotia Silver which is a lot like the Ferrari Celeste Metallic which in turn is like Bianchi bicycles Celeste only a bit less saturated. The Bentley Orange Flame is nice too. I hope we are offered some shades other than the completely ordinary.

Seconded on Madagascar Orange from the Aston Martin Virage.

I second the Madagascar orange from Aston.

Seconded on Bentley orange flame also - this colour is very similar to Aston

We really liked the dark red of the alpha that visited Seattle a while back. Any idea what that is called?

I have been thinking the model S colors might be the same as those on Toyotas.

I'd love to see a rich, dark green color, like Bentley's Midnight Emerald or Cumbrian Green. This will be, after all, the ultimate green sedan!

I have always like the Englisg Racing Green. But Tesla needs to show the options for exterior color. Im the type of person that needs to know what my options are and be able to test one before I commit any money on a car that has not had any road travel on it.

As on a different thread, a great suggestion is natural aluminium, clear lacquer coated with painted plastic parts such as fenders and mirrors. Goes with any colour interior! But high tech aluminium accents and black/white leather would be great!

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