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Coming Soon

Coming soon but, Still waiting for:

A.) WIFI Connection

B.) 4g Connection

C.) National Super Charger Network

D.)"There is a way for the Tesla Model S to be recharged throughout the country faster than you could fill a gas tank."

E.) Tesla Drop-in Center Console

Any Guess when??

C) Next week, per twitter.

D) Maybe next week, maybe week after (Part 5 of the Trilogy)

June 14, 2013 14:45 PST

+1 jtodtman.

SEC filing confirm battery swapping in " near future"

Any guesses on items A, B, E ?

I stand by my prediction.

Relax, Tesla's got a brand new bag!

Yup, New bag coming soon!

I agree with @jtodtman. All signs point to his prediction being correct.

A within 6 months
B within 3 months
E already exists in aftermarket

What is happening on 6/14? The shareholders meeting is 6/4.

+1 elguapo

Still waiting for some items that are "coming soon"

A.) WIFI Connection

B.) 4g Connection

C.) Tesla Drop-in Center Console

Is current hardware capable of LTE support?

There seems to be no clear answer on this, largely because I think folks are using "4G" and "LTE" interchangeably, so its not clear what we might get and whether the upgrade is SW only or if there is a HW component.

I think this might be an example of "careful what you wish for" if the upgrade to 4G/LTE also ushers in a monthly fee--I am not sure how Tesla could swallow the ongoing costs for LTE for all us owners in a way that would the finance guys and gals happy.

Given a choice, I think I would rather stick with free 3G and have the wifi activated so I can tether to my cell phone and use the data plan I am already paying for.


I have no facts or data to back this up, but it may be possible to enable 4G (HSPA+, not LTE) with simply a software update. This would result in an improved bandwidth without the need for full LTE support. My iPhone 4S, which is now 18 months old, was also a 3G device that had hidden 4G capability that was activated in a later software update. So it's possible the Model S uses a similar chipset, but just speculating.

LTE, however, would probably require new hardware. At the time the Model S components were being sourced, I doubt LTE was an available option. And if it was, it may have commanded a hefty premium at the time. I'm assuming Tesla would have sourced the 3G parts at least 2 years ago.

Now let's assume the miracle option - that we all have LTE capability, but it's just disabled in software. Tesla could easily apply it's new "free or fast" Tesla station philosophy to connectivity as well. 3G is free forever, if you want 4G or LTE you pay a monthly fee. Free or fast, just like charging vs. battery swapping. Again, just speculating…

I see the Website now says the Drop-In Center Console will be
available in the Fall 2013.

My delivery specialist last week mentioned there may be a data plan coming even for 3G in the next few months...

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