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Did anyone decide NOT to go with the twin chargers?

Other than some cost savings, what is your reason? I figure I could just plug in as needed at work since my commute is short. At home I would use 110 volt ac.

@Brian H

All of the places I listed have 70 amp Roadster HPCs (except my brother's house in Novato, CA, where he has a 40 amp J1772). The Tesla showroom in Tigard may also have an 80 amp HPWC, but I'm not sure of that. In Canyonville, they have a 70 amp Roadster charger, but I'll probably use their NEMA 14-50 because I will be charging over night.

If you are asking where in general, rather than where on this trip, then look at the map I linked. All of the blue pins are high amperage stations. In other threads I have posted links to the Sun Country Highway. Most of those are Clipper Creek CS-90 and CS-100 stations, supporting continuous current of 72 and 80 amps, respectively, although I believe most are derated to 70 amps because the Roadster apparently chokes at more than 70 amps from a J1772 connection.

I have twin chargers because my vehicle is a sig, but wish I could have saved the money and not had twin charges. I have never been to an AC supply that could use them, and have never had an issue charging over night with the 40A in my garage.

I opted not to get twin charger for reasons already state in this thread and also, it is possible to install it later if you decide you need it anyway.

I did get the super charger, which cannot be installed after the car is manufactured (a Tesla rep told me). I'll be getting 60 kWh battery (would only cost me $8000 for another +25 kHw...though, but it would exceed my budget for this car! :))

I didn't get the twin charger. While I do have 200 amps running to my home, 40 amps and a NEMA 14-50 is more than enough for my needs. I have a P85.

A 110 connection isn't enough for my usage; 2 miles of charge per hour just won't cut it.

I didn't get dual because I just can't see my use case for it. I'd pretty much never need it. It wasn't a cost issue...I just don't see the need for dual chargers at all.

On 90% of my days I drive under 50 miles (often zero). Don't forget the national average is 35 miles. I'll get all the charge I need within the low overnight rate window using just 40A. Occasionally, I'll dip into the morning higher what.

And, bear in mind that Lithium batteries last longer when they are charged MORE SLOWLY. For this reason, I charge my smartphone with a weak 500mA charger overnight at home...even though Samsung supplies me with a faster 1A charger (which I use when travelling.)

I look at the Tesla the same way I look at my smartphone. I don't want to charge it during the day. I want to count on it lasting through the day, then getting a full charge overnight. A rushed charge seems to me to = stress.

Frankly, I just don't see my model S charging outside of my garage much at all. I'll use the superchargers as they get built out since I've already paid for them and they're fast. But they don't require dual chargers.

And I look at those Leafs pulled up to Chargepoints and I think "This is exactly why I don't have an electric car yet." If I have to try to plug a wire into my car every time I park it, I'm not happy - I'm trying to go to the filling station less, not more! But an EV like the 85Kwh turns my garage into my only gas station. I'll never have to stop for a fill-up again, I'll start every day with a full tank. Having to look for charging locations ruins that.

I have a great laptop with a 7 hour battery. It gives me all I need for an entire day of business travel (airport, airplane, meetings). I see all the punters hunting for wall plugs at the airport or running out of juice in the plane, and think "For $100, you could buy a new battery and not sweat it." Basically, I'll pay for a battery that does 2x the span I normally need it, I'll start every day fresh, and the anxiety fades away.

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