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Esoteric EV ramblings.

Very msc. EV topics. Freewheelling, where decorum to "stay on topic" is not so critical.

Too exaggerated, yes.

Saudi Arabia and for example Las Vegas were already mainly deserts before people started using plenty of energy there. I don't think this can make things worse in any way, no pollution and unlimited mobile energy means also better ability to control environment, we might actually be able to reforest Sahara.

Stone age techs are wasteful techs. Those are disruptive to nature when you combine them with lots of people which modern medical knowledge keeps alive. Modern techs are not.

To give another example of country where energy is in abundance: Norway. Wanna live there?

Not 'sucking up" but nothing "looney" about these "class" discussions folks.

getting a call from YOU to stay on topic carries some irony within itself :-)


I do know only very little about Norway. I like the idea of saving all of the StatOil revenues, though. Other country with abundant energy that comes to my mind is Iceland. They became so wealthy they can no longer afford to breed their Iceland ponies. Greed maxed out and they went bust.

Here comes the TESLA bit: If Iceland economy recovers, try to make it the first "TESLA EVs only" island in the world. Takes only 100'000 cars or so. Alas, some good ground clearance is required there.

VolkerP, Thats about the funniest reply I have seen on this site. Me telling someone to "stay on topic would truly be the irony of ironies,ha}. I who have been been admonished to stay on topic more than anyone,ha.

No actually I was seriously trying to offer a compliment of a good discussion between you and timo. Hope I didn't sound like I was being patronising or "sucking up" but it was a good discussion. Maybe some more such good discussions and this thread will maintain some credibility. Thanks much, searcher

Was wondering if there are any or likely to be any electric motorcycles or do battery size limitations figure in here in any way.

While speaking of motorcycles do any of you remember the late John Myers, one time world champion dragster bike rider. The stuff on google is all true as far as him being a great person. His regular job was working with company that maintained our data processing equipment and thus I knew him very well. Absolutely a wonderful human being,one of the best I have ever been privilaged to know. His outstanding personality trait was that he was equally great to everybody. We all mourned at his untimely accident and fatal injury while pleasure bike riding with his friends in Alabama.

Know it's in Tesla's best interest that several companies become sucessful in the manufacture of EV's. Was wondering if anybody would make a projection how long it will be before someone will be able to make an all electric EV in the lower price ranges in the USA. Suggestion: after the Tesla "Bluestar" series they do the "Bluecollar" series, just joking of course. Maybe even the "Redneck" series,ha.

I guess everybody knows how you tell a rich boy from Georgia? He has two cars up on blocks in his front yard. No offense Georgia boys you have some sister states you know this applies to as well,ha.

Searcher, a "Redneck" would never buy an EV until it was in NASCAR and won the race.

Good one sudre. "Redneck" series will also have to have something built in that will emit an awesome sound. Maybe have silent swithch and loud switch. But what can I say one of my fvorite things abouts drag races is the awesome sounds. Blown 350 with straight pipes is awesome I must say.

I related once before my former road construction supervisor was in charge eventually of building Talladega track. "Fastest track in the world" or at least used to be. Needless to say he was one of the best in his field. I was his timekeeper and gerneral flunky, did a little of everything, treasured experience. Tell you this, never messed up any construction workers payroll, not a pleasant sounding alternative.

Oh concerning Talladega, if anyone ever gets to visit the museum at the track do so,extremely interesting.

Does anybody have any thoghts of the power companies world wide in relation to the coming of EV's. Are they looking at this positively ,as surely they must be. Are they in current process of ramping up their facilities to accomodate and welcome the new influx? Any insights welcome.

There should be plenty of charging places being made available, maps, and all kinds of accodations being quickly being made available, in my opinion, to help usher the EV's in.

Also any word on the big companies going all electric and their market strategies as far as what price range they start at etc.

Wonder, also, if any plans for any small utility pickups in the works from anyone.

The purpose of the theoretical experiment I was trying to create a visualization of was to see if car could run trough this extroidinary system was just to see if it could get through the gaunlet without any extra interference to the Laws of Thermodynamics acting on the vehicle and yet have power stored outside the car via the receeeptors or whatever, all totaly outside the car. If so seems like we have regen of some type. As this principle could be internalized all via ultra light systems {yet uninvented of course} and route some of this energy back to the batterey. Not explaining this concept well.

Lets just say the car is doing its normal thing with all Laws of Thermodynamics behaving exactly as they must. But with as yet undeveloped devices we then have have a total break away and entirely different system picks the ball up and runs with it obeying all laws of thermodyanamics in the process and runs back to the battery all on its own. Have to see it as unobtrusive{absoulutely} to lets say phase one and then phase two kicks in absoutely unobtrusive and grabs some eletrical energy from the turning wheels and returns it to the battery. Have to think in terms of two totally differnet systems absolutely unobtrusive to one another. Phase two would seemingly have to be super ultra light or very Tesla like within safety margins.

So come on someone lets step out of the box for a moment or get out of the box and think about this for extended period. How about it mrfixit or some of you guys who haven't looked at this before. Nevermind the rest of you who we have been over this way too much.

Just finished reading all the new post. That "model s forum" is really humming with a lot of interesting and pertinet post. Can tell everybody is getting pretty excited over there.Congrats to all.

Just a couple of added thoughts. I really like the Tesla logo, would be neat if they gave pins with the Tesla logo to owners and reservation holders and had them for purchase for Tesla enthusist. Would be good converstion starters and thus good advertising tool.

Other thought I really like fenders like on a lot of the early cars,would be interesting to see if a resurgence of this styling could make at least a modest comeback and possibly create some collectable cars if design idea didn't last that long. Someone mentioned maybe a coupe coming down the Tesla pike. Now do I ever think something designed on the lines of my favorite the '35 Ford coupe would be cool. But I realize Tesla probably is not quite in the mode where they can play around with design so much. Would be fun to see some protypes one day to see if there might be a market.

Just a hint: nobody is interested reading your monologue. Stop writing unless you have something to say.

timo, Thanks for the hint but I don't look at my remarks as simply a monolouge. You know I respect your tecnological prowess a great deal and agree with a lot you say especially on battery issues. Am always glad to here frm you even if your messege might be brutally frank. I to can do this if I so decide concerning any of you comments. This thread was set up to kind of get out of the way of owners and owners to be to dialouge abot very pertinent stuff to each other. Everbody has the option to whether they want to comment or not. I have even asked different ones to review and comment on certain things. I would invite you make comments even, but as advising me to stop writing etc. Well in response to that I would invite you to just skip over anything you are not interested in that I write and I will do likewise to your comments. Some of the mathmatical equations etc. that you and some of the apparently high tech people may not be so interesting to me but I know they are very necessary and although they may be boring as crap to me I don't suggest that you stop doing them. And if a poll was taken bet the mathmatecal equations among you techno guys would possibly not rate so high. So please don't demand that I stop wrting as this thread was designed to get out of your technical guys way and I am trying to do this. If you think my comments are a waste of your time please just kindly skip over the thread otherwise alwys glad to hear from you. Have a good day.

Mentioned the pins earlier. Tesla may be already doing this but they could do similar to lot of companies and sports teams with compay logos on lot of various items such as coffee mugs, desk clocks, umbrellas, and a whole range of products, good advertising. But like I said they may be already doing this and I don't know about it. By the way will there have to be a tag mount on the front for any states that require front and rear tags. If so hope they can design cool front tag design in states where it can be used. Just the logo itself is pretty cool design.

Has anyone ever read a detailed biography On "Tesla"?

As mentioned earlier would like to see a movie based on his life. This would really bring the Tesla name to the forefront.

Honestly, Due to the general tone of some think there might be some high tech posing going on on this site. Just don't think responses match up with true professionals in lot of cases. Keep mentioning going offsite and will get around to doing this one day and then I will know for sure. Personaly, I have never assumed that my answers constituted "end of discussion". Most of my comments have been in the form of questions, would this or that work, etc. Certainly not in the tone of "no that wont work because I say it wont because I know it all". We will eventually see though as I certainly will be in contact with people I know beyond shadow of doubt they are truly professionals and I honestly anticipate an entirely different tone and will certainly try to recruit them to this website. Might be a little reverse debunking going on then. We will see.

Have you ever thought it may be you and not everyone else? Honestly, I think over the past few months you've just managed to get on a few people's nerves with the sheer volume, length and 'esoteric rambling' nature of your posts. People don't mind answering questions here.

Sometimes science and common sense play a role, not just that people think they know everything so when you describe so as yet uninvented system over and over and over again insisting that they don't interact in any way so no friction....etc they you're describing a form of perpetual motion again and again and again. Could maybe some system get close in the future? Sure, I don't think anyone is denying that but they see little point in rehashing the same theory over and over again.

The idea of availability of energy "out of nowhere" is just so appealing, many guys spent their complete life with it and managed to elate the people around them. For example, John Keely, a nineteenth century fellow but still has his fans and active community (KeelyNet) today.

searcher, IMHO science is not what I know and other people don't know. Science is about finding things and describing them so everyone can understand it. A consensus is established which helps to explain the world around us, if correctly applied to our observations.

Applying nuclear science to the problem of energy sources ceded us the nuclear reactor which several times now turned out to be a bad idea. Just want to make the point here that doing things the "science way" won't prevent anyone from being silly.
In reverse, thinking outside the boundaries of what science "knows today" is not silly by itself.

But I estimate chances of a breakthrough in the field of "free energy" rather low. I prefer renewable energy sources and would like to see all of society focus on a broad establishment of the techniques at hand today to harvest them.

@dsm363 and VolkeP, Thanks very much for the very professional and good posts. I hope I can rise to the same tone in responding.

Absolutely, both of you are very, very likely to be right on the mark with your comments. If that is the case that will be not be a situation of defeat or failure to me. Won't even worry much about idea I persisted on for so long and it was always in error. But if you will read back over a few of the introductory posts I explained that for the ones who had already advised me that it was unworkable, if they would be so kind, just to overlook it and bsically just skip over this discussion as I already knew your opinion. I deeply regret if reintroduction of concept is causing any anxiety and dismay in anyone but I know you think it is "perpetual motion" and I definitely have been taught "pepetual motion" can't work and I fully accept this. But I just don't feel it is pepetual motion. It may be entirely unworkable but I beg you to please not let the idea disturb you and just attempt to ignore it. I am simply trying to get some other ideas concerning this idea. Maybe one day I will finally resign to the fact the idea wont work. But can not concurrently do this. I will be attempting to get more various and new individuals looking at the idea. And I will be talking to some of the professors and engineering students at Auburn University and getting them to look at it. Honestly I will not be surprised at all if they tell me the same thing you have repeatedly tried to tell me and in most cases your explanations were in a professional tone. So I will beg your tolerence, maybe just a while longer and I will be convinced but sorry I just can't let this idea alone just yet. So please just continue to bear with me awhile longer.

Not really intending to say you are wrong in your perceptions, as I fully feel you all know and are totally well grounded in your science. But must remember that there is a somewhat limited audience,if you will, and there might possibly{but unlikely} things such as "group behavior" interacting and influencing views and opinions.

So thanks agian for the very professional posts and very good tone, but bear with me a little while longer and I will take it to a larger audience where your opinions and knowledge of facts will be very likely be totally verified. Just a footnote: although Tesla was a classically and fully trained scientest who loved his studies and operated within the disciplines of his science endowed with very unusual mind he was able to push the boundries out through sheer innate genius interacting within his disciplines. Think if he was here he might could bring my concept to fruition. I kind of think he might at least get close.

Think one of my problems is I am not able to articulate the concept better. As we can see what we need the devices to do,I think, just a matter of developing them. to me, if you see what the device needs to do, then you are well on the road to deveoping the device. Long footnote,huh.

Sincerely,thanks again.

BrianH, Just shutup about the misspelling of perpetual motion twice,ha.

Oh, I thought you meant perspiral motion! No sweat.

Perspiral motion,hmmm. Think I have an idea here. I know, I know, it would be as good as the others,ha.

Brianh di you find out wat the TCB on the Elvis jewelry he gave to favored staff and friends meant? thnkyavermuch

What are you doing up at this time of night? Gotobedarreddy.


Here's a nice quote for you:

"Energy cannot be created or destroyed, it can only be changed from one form to another."
— Albert Einstein

Think deeply about this statement, not just in a phylosophical way but as a very literal and physical fact. Energy is never "produced", it is taken from somewhere else.

Now re-think your idea, identify all types and sources of energy, add them all up and the result has to remain constant over time. If it doesn't then something's wrong.


marcuac. Sincerely thank you for looking at my concept. Have thoght about the quote. Think my concept is just sort of a flow through mechanism or re routing of energy, if you will, without inerfering with the battery to pavement operation of the energy moving the car down the road .But you and everybody else is telling me that I can't have a mechanism involved with rotation of the wheel to produce elctricity in an entirely independent system without interferring with or causing a drain on the initial operation of the car. Well thanks again so much for looking at the concept, hope you were not sublimily influenced by other classic physics being literated on the thread concerning my concept. Sure you wern't, just plain old high school physics I suppose. I will check in to this awhile longer and then probably be resigned to the elementary physics of the situation.

Incedently, did you know Tesla disagreed with some of Einsteins stuff. Some of Einsteins stuff hasn't panned out, but I don't know what specifically hasn't. Thanks again and good fortune with your concepts. Drop in again on this thread anytime,like to consider it as sort of a bull session in the EV realm.

Comic Illustration of my mechanisms talking to each other in order to help illustrate my point. Wheel talking to device on wheel. Hey dude whats going on? Wheel device{ultra light}nothing much man how are you doing? Good man just sitting here rocking and rolling. Hey do you by any chance know a dude that calls himself receptor or something like that. Oh yeah I met him the other day and he told me he thoght if you and I could do lunch with him one day we could figure out a way for us three together to get some electical charge back into battery. Wheel device, cool with me, set it up but remember I have a job to do here and if I take anything away from the wheel that interfers with his job he probably wouldn't be happy. Wheel breaking in on conversation, overheard the converstion guys I'm just turning any way, if you guys can work it out where it doesn,t interfer with the force I am delivering to the road, I am cool with it. Both Mr. wheel device and interior Mr Receptor device chime in together , no man not a problem you just keep turning and doing your job and I think we can work it out and not interfer with you at all and get some electical charge back to battery who is begiining to get a little thirsty for some juice. OK, cool guys when do we all do lunch. Think we can do this.

Just in last day or soI have heard that John Hutchinson are being praised for some legitimate work they did in helping to clean up the Gulf oil pollution.

John Hutchinson is the man who is painstakingly recreating some of Tesla'a experiments. Wish Tesla Motors and Hutchinson could get together and brainstorm some. Also wish we could get him on this website even with a user name that would not reveal his identity. I have tried to get messeges to him in the past with no luck.

Think he has also done some DOD work. Presidents George W. Bush and Bill Clinton send him christmas cards. Could likely be some of his DOD work is my guess would be the motivation for this.

Think I will try to contact him again right now.

John Hutchinson lives in Canada. Got email through last night with the request I said I would mention. Will invite any of you to google his website. Check out the part where some, shall we say, unconvential scientest met untimely ends, do any of you think powerful interest that their work might have had negative effect on would be this devious?

Have reviewed a few of my recent posts and the spelling is terrible, please forgive this, will try to proofread more carefully.

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