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Esoteric EV ramblings.

Very msc. EV topics. Freewheelling, where decorum to "stay on topic" is not so critical.

Anyone,What is cold fusion and hot fusion. Are they dangerous?

Cold fusion is unicorn and fusion is Sun. Cold fusion might pierce you with its horn (unless you happen to be a virgin), and you might get nasty burn from Sun, maybe even skin cancer.

to be a little more specific:

hot fusion on earth is H-Bomb, Tokamak, JET and ITER in Europe. Of which H-bomb is dangerous to humans and the others are dangerous to the financial status of the nations engaged to build them.

cold fusion is assumed to be some process where light atomic nuclei combine inside a solid material that helps overcoming the forces driving them apart. There are some demonstration experiments, but they all lack a scientific explanation and none could be reproduced by independent teams.

LPP I would count to hot fusion. Ask BrianH it if is harmless.

Coreection, did not get through to John Hutchinson as I thought I had. He lives in Canada. His email address on the website did not work.

BrianH, Waiting on yopur anserws to the fusion question, Will reprase a bit. Are any of the two reasonably safe?

Surprised at the no comments on the one cylinder diesel VW to be sold in China soon. Billed as the most economical car in the world.2.7 gal tank, 404 mile range on this. One or two passenger, not sure. Just a motorcycle with a cabin but bet it would sell very well in USA and would help a lot until EV's really got online in a big way.

Cold Fusion is now relabelled LENR (Low Energy Nuclear Reactions). There are various candidates and and claimants, none of which or whom I know much about. The LPP process is safe because it's small and non-neutron-generating, except for a very small fraction of "side reactions", unlike systems using various isotopes of hydrogen (deuterium, tritium). The LPP rig is surrounded by a shell of about a meter of water, and a couple of cm of Boron10. You'd really have to work at it to endanger yourself.

Hot large fusion depends on big superconducting magnets, which are pretty touchy beasts, and a few systems depend on absorbant shells of liquid lithium or other light metals. But fusion is not a "runaway" process, since loss of containment or fuel stops everything. Large high-neutron flux systems create a lot of radioactivity in their surrounding equipment, though, which is a maintenance and disposal and replacement problem.

If the LPP process works, it will rapidly price all those other alternatives out of the market. Its output power would sell profitably at ¼-½¢/kwh.

I am with Timo. Unicorn it is. Have a virgin harness it to the EV, and gently drive it through the world.

I am very enthusiastic about LPP. I drive close to their lab every day, I should probably stop by.

BrianH, You are definitely good on confusion, oops,fusion. Just kidding, very informative stuff, thanks. Go over to Hutchinsons website, might glean so interesting, certainly controversial stuff. I was somewhat suprised by some of the researches untimely ends. Had a conspiratorial aspect to it, I wonder.

Well I know I have been hard on the quality of products made in China and sold at one of our leading reatailers, but must say I bought a pair of workboots their about a year and a half ago and have turned out to be twice as well made as a leading, expensive much lauded USA brand. Think we were overpaying for the USA companies brandname.

So lets here one for China.

Again, many parsons for the rash of bad spelling and oversights when proof reading.

Pardons, not parsons, see what I nean.

mean not nean. This is getting lousy.

Aphasia is a possible indicator of stroke. Have you had your CPU scanned, lately?

BrianH, About seven years ago, ok then, but that has been awhile ,huh.

Some have guessed that a lot of Tesla's bizarre behavior in later years {obsessive-compulsive, etc} might have been due to his overexposure to something in so many of his experiments. Don't remember what it was he might have been over exposed to.

Again has anyone on the site read a complete and full biography of Tesla? I will google and check if their is one and let ones who might be interested know where it is and who wrote it.

Still think this story would be a great movie. Any body got any "Hollywood" connections.

BrianH if the economy keeps being rough sure you could make it as a gag writer. Your project, you were discussing doing the other day, sounded interesting. thnkuvermuch , leaving the building now. TCB

Don't know anything about square footage in current solar panels that people are using to charge their homes and electric cars. Would be nice if solar panel technology advance to the point one day person could go to Tesla store and purchase an EV and at the same time purchase a relatively small solar panel just to charge car even if the house stayed on conventional power.

Also remember the conventional old windmills used to do a good job of pumping water. Not talking about these kind we see in desert now with big white blades. Just the old type with the tower etc. Had vane on them that would turn them according to which way the wind was blowing. Wonder how efeccient these would be as furnishing enough electicity to charge one EV vehicle.

Then there are people fortunate enough to live by lakes,small millpond size farm ponds,and swift running streams. Wonder if technology could be developed for applications to be used hee enough to charge one EV vehicle. Then you might have the really fortunate ones who lived by the ocean with land and sea breezes to apply technology to or perhaps run underbeach cables to wave powered devices to generate power enough to handle charging one EV vehicle.

Any thoughts welcome.

Right above my desk is a topographical map of the USA and Parts of Canada and interposed in one corner is Alaska, Hawaii etc. It just seems to me there is such potential in a combination public/private cooperative small streams programs where small streams cold used small lake tecnology and all hooked up onto convential power grids to add a tremendous amount of increase in the power grid at the same time being such an environmental boon as have stated before the eco advantages of such.

Small hydro? For local small power requirements in 3rd world countries or remote locales, it can work. Check out . But hooking into the grid is a loser. Running the lines costs more than can be recovered in energy value.

Who are the big owners of BBC?

Small hydro then for realtively small groups of Ev owners or really small hydro for individual one Ev owners. How does that sound. Can see your logic in hooking to convential grids. Small EV hydro co-ops may not be bad. Say for example medium size residential lake in a development, and power for EVs only in tha particular development, maybe a pretty good perk for developers to think about.

Whatever. If my (the) hopes for FF come thru, none of that will compete with <½¢/kwh power from a local 5MW generator, or the grid powered by hundreds of them.

The LUTW projects are small-scale, remote, and some use small-stream hydro, most use solar + custom 12V batteries (originally, just car batteries).

Now is this the realatively safe fusion thing your mentioned several weeks ago or something entirely different? Whatever it sounds very good and I will hope for it along with you. TCB

BrianH, Aprx. what size in feet would the LUTW solar panels be and do you see any possibility of reduction in size of thes panels as technology rolls along?

Again, anybody know who the big shareholders in BBC are?

BrianH, Was intrigued by your mention of the LUTW projects. Would these be units you would buy irregardless of your home elctrical or would they nessitate being hooked in with a larger solar paneled system. Guess the question I am asking is could they be bought in relatively small compact sytems just to power the EV's the family might own?

Seems that the oil companies are taking a lot of the heat but lets look at all the taxes and start demanding some transparency on how exactly all this money is spent by the taxers. Seems that the taxers probably deserve a lot more blame than they are getting. Know the roads and infrastucture have got to be maintained but just so much waste, beuracracy, cronism, and a lot of other bad ism's. Just look at the background of the Dept of Energy. Set up by Carter to reduce our dependency on foreign oil. Doing a great job, huh. Check out what it's costing us. So then the problem hurting the economy it seems to me is the excessive taxing with very little accountability. Just blame it on the uncertainty in the middle east. Baloney, blame it on the the exessive taxes. Honestly wonder how long it's been since we have had anybody running the store who knew what they were doing or even worse cared. We get taxed ecessivly at the gas station then thats a good reason for the food prices to go up as well as everything else and then we get taxed more here. Heard the "Teaparty" outline the other day, must say didn't sound too bad. Through in a few other things on the societal side and I think we may have something. Really captilism is truly the most benevolent economic system as it assumes that the drives to suceed, have a good life, etc. are inherently one of best attributes of the society and allows this attribute to flourish to the betterment of all from the poorest to the richest, think about it.

Don't even come with argument it isn't for the best interest of the poor because I have a real life illustration to the contrary that will negate this argument. Based on the fact that the poor are probably innately the most hard working of all. I will be glad to share this and other real life examples. Only problem I have here is companies owe certain amount of benovolence to country that protects them and the people that live within and shouldn't be so eager to run off somewhere else to leave the blue collar working people of america {I would guess the majority} to now "root hog". Read your US history this has been a continuing theme all through our history. "Bring the jobs back home or face the consequences of an awakened sleeping giant."

Remember who made the statement waking a "sleeping giant" don't you. No It wasn't Jack of beanstalk fame either. Gettin off soap box now. Know I seem to be wound pretty tight lately.

Will definitely check this out but heard oil/gas companies only cleared about eight cents per gallon. I may well be wrong on the pricing thing. But if the links suggest we are low as compared to other countries well that doesn't wash because I submit they should try to stand us to this stuff. Believe likely there is some "shucking and jivving" going on concerning our gas prices. I think it was selling in Bagdad for about five cents a gallon not too many years ago. It is very cheap in the mideast even now is my understanding. Know it takes money to get it to the gas pumps, but just seems too much disparity.

Considering the Tesla people want all the EV vehicle producers to be sucessful for reasons that will be mutually beneficial, who are some of the likely vehicle makers {other than Nissan} who will emerge with vehicles for global sales that most likely start with the strategy set at the lower to mid price levels?In other words starting from the low end and working up as opposed to Tesla starting at the top end and working down?

Will the EV's being made in China be available for global sales?

In the same vein who will probably be the emerging leaders in battery technology and what coutries will they be from?

Anybody heard about Brazil being given permission to drill in our Gulf waters recently? I understand a lot of our companies{USA} had left the area for other parts of the world due to the ban on drilling for them. What's up with this?

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