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Falcon doors for all?

People will be blown away seeing the X doors taking flight. It would not be surprising to see them featured on the next generation S and even eventually on less expensive models. Tesla is working out the problems now and this will be a routine robotic kind of manufacturing and assembly task in the future.

This could be that iconic signature feature that would set Teslas apart from the competition.

You mean the all-electric drive isn't cool enough?

Those doors opening up will capture everyones attention.

@jonlivesay: can't have enough compelling features. For some electric drive is enough, for others the falcon doors will convince them to go into debt. More water in the beans to have a Tesla with electric drive and falcon doors.

I expect that Falcon Wing Doors will appear on a Tesla Generation III Coupe set up to demolish the awesome BMW M235i.

I don't think so. Flying doors are for easier access to the 3rd row, which doesn't apply to non-X rides.
Tesla could decide to do falcons on a sports coupe, which looks stupid.

It does not escape my mind that other car manufacturers have made ample use of unconventionally opening door systems on their vehicles for both access practicality and aesthetic appeal, though such amendments have been notoriously been reconciled to their "supercar" platform, e.g.,

So while we've access to such an amenity on the soon-to-be-released crossover/CUV, the Model X, I feel that it might well prove to be a far too impractical inclusion on a $35K platform vehicle...perhaps the Falcon Wing door system will find a possible future Tesla supercar offering a more viable platform?

Falcons are dorky if they don't provide functional benefit. Which is why they make sense on the X and not the car formerly known as E.

I consider a coupe to be a vehicle with two main entry doors, and a back seat. A Tesla Generation III Coupe could use larger Falcon Wing Doors, to facilitate entry to the rear seat, on the second row. Necessary? No. Awesome? YES.

I expect the Tesla Generation III product line will be composed of multiple, purpose built vehicles along these lines:

          Name              Description
     Tesla GIII EC - 3-Door Mid-Size Coupe*
     Tesla GIII EH - 3-Door Compact Hatchback
     Tesla GIII ER - 2-Door Roadster
     Tesla GIII ES - 5-Door Sedan
     Tesla GIII EX - 5-Door Crossover*
     Tesla GIII EW - 5-Door Wagon

     * WITH Falcon Wing Doors

Something like Koenigsegg door mechanism would make sense. You can have a very long door wide open and still not use much space sideways, which makes tightly-spaced parking lot easier to deal with.

Only for two-door version of car though. Doesn't make sense for four-door version.

So are the falcon doors going to be a nice feature on the Model X?

The Falcon Wing Doors are going to be positively AWESOME on the Tesla Model X.

@Red Sage
Why will they be awesome? Because of the functionality? Adding falcon doors will make it seem more futuristic.

They look cool and wont get dinged when you open them.


Minivans have had wide, sliding doorways for a couple of decades or more. People still buy them, even though the wide openings are now on both sides of the vehicle. They used to be only on the passenger side, as was the case with full sized vans. People have largely felt that the added utility greatly outweighed any poor weather concerns when it came to those dual sliding doors. It will be much the same with Tesla Model X Falcon Wing Doors. No one would ever go back to a minivan design with only a passenger side sliding door.

risingsun asked, "Why will they be awesome?"

DTsea wrote, "They look cool..."

risingsun asked, "Because of the functionality?"

DTsea wrote, "...and wont get dinged when you open them."

risingsun said, "Adding falcon doors will make it seem more futuristic."

And that will be AWESOME.

I don't see what advantage there is to the falcon doors versus the run of the mill sliding side doors. I just hope it doesn't come across as gimmicky and something that will be laughed at.


@Red Sage

AWESOME, practical, pragmatic and representative of the Tesla ideology, i.e., we CAN do it BETTER!

The remaining question about falcon doors is how to get out if you flip over... windows?


Well, we're all entitled to our own opinion, aren't we?!


I find it highly unlikely that a 'flipped' vehicle would find itself in a situation where both sides of the vehicle are obstructed in such a fashion as to prevent the egress of its' passengers, but you and your sort can continue to contrive whatever manner of disparaging scenario/context regarding the Tesla model lineup all you like as the only ones that will find themselves with egg on their faces are YOU!

Tesla's don't flip!

@just an allusion: I am not sure I understand your comments at the end... but just in case I do, I am an owner, I like Tesla in many ways and have nothing against it, only good intentions.

Re obstructing doors, the problem with falcon doors is that they all get simultaneously obstructed if it flips and lands on the roof. Those same comments were made for past cars with falcon doors, nothing new here. I was hoping someone will tell me about some innovation Tesla is doing to deal with it...

@sulu, the front 2 door in a model X are normal doors, so you can get out if the car flips.

@risingsun: Oh... I missed that... I didn't pay enough attention (enjoying my S too much, I guess). Thanks for pointing that out!

I think Falcon doors are silly. I'm a fan of good industrial design, but not when it's form over function. My Toyota Tacoma, Subaru Outback, and BMW M3 are all outfitted with roof racks. Bikes, sea kayaks, lumber, ladders, name it, my cars need to haul stuff and be as utilitarian as possible.

I'm happy driving my girlfriend's Model S with conventional doors. Falcon doors are even sillier on a Model X, a vehicle that should be more utilitarian than the Model S.

Elon said Tesla is working on a roof rack solution for the Model X. There is a sliver of space between the falcons that could hold narrow junk like skis. Bikes can slot on a hitch rack, kayaks will be tricky.

Yeah, but when an X eventually pulls up next to your girlfriend's S and the doors fly up, the S will seem so...yesterday.

EVolution wrote, "During snowstorms you'll have to shovel all that snow that gets inside. Damn falcon doors."

I'm pretty sure that having sliding or swinging doors doesn't make vehicles immune to snowfall.

LeonardD noted, "In the type of snow pictured in all but the first photo, no one is going anywhere..."

Precisely my point. In an actual snowstorm, I'd be in the house, next to a roaring fire, reading a book, and enjoying a nice cognac. And I don't even drink. One glass would last me weeks, so I wouldn't be going anywhere at all.

In Southern California you can't shovel sunshine, but I remember real weather. Walking around a building with the wind in your face, no matter which direction you went around... sideways rain... ice, snow, sleet, rain, icicles... frozen pipes. I have nothing to prove. Mother nature wins.

But I also know that when you gotta go, you gotta go. And you know full well that there will be mud, and rain, and ice, and slush, and puddles, and snow -- getting into the car, and getting out of the car. That's the facts, Jack. Can't be avoided, unless you have an enclosed garage on both ends of your trip. Which is beyond rare.

So really, there is no reason to bother worrying over the performance of the Falcon Wing Doors on the Tesla Model X during inclimate weather conditions. The same will happen with this vehicle as every other you have used. Stuff will get wet, things will be ruined, people will be miserable. If you want to avoid all that, you can always move to Los Angeles. Worked for me.

Falcon doors are not same as gullwing doors. Falcon doors have hinge at the corner which makes door open up a bit before it starts to turn (it takes less space sideways). That corner joint is designed to break loose (if needed) in flip-over situation allowing people at back to escape from the car.

The Falcon Wing doors are not the only doors on the Model X...Problem solved, innovative solution found.

And, yes, I misinterpreted your comment as defamatory/snide, though largely because I felt is was apparent that there were more than Falcon wing doors on the Model X.

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