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Gas Stations

I have gone to a gas station twice with my Model S: once, to clean the back windshield (no wiper) and once to put air in the tires. Both times I have felt kind of guilty, like it wasn't fair for me to be using the ancillary services of the station without pumping gas.

Am I crazy? What will be the social norm here?

I feel bad about it even when driving an ICE car, if I'm not buying anything (gas, food) at the same time. Maybe you could go in and buy a snack to assuage your guilt ;)

Yeah. I feel bad for the ICE drivers and gas station owners too. For about a second, then I go back to zooming past them.

I am sure you have a long history of buying their poison. Also, keep in mind that they continue polluting your environment. I would not feel bad about it. If the station is busy, I would pull into a parking spot instead of a pumping stall as a courtesy to other drivers.

At least park your car next to the pump and fake it like your putting some gas in the tailpipe connector! LOL

Don't feel bad about not buying gas. There's a lot bigger profit margin on snacks, etc. purchased at gas stations than there is on the gasoline.

I just went to my local gas station to clean my windshields as well. I figure the last 10 years of gas payments buys me some soapy water to clean the windows once in a while. Maybe I'll even buy a brush-less car wash so they don't feel too bad that I don't have to buy gas from them anymore.

I often wonder if the other customers even notice that my car has no gas tank . . . After all, when most people ask me, "what kind of car is that?" I reply, "Tesla". Their next question is usually "Tesla hah, who makes that?"

True, that. The station owners should love you for just buying high-margin junk food!

With the Roadster, I go to gas stations to wash it (which they charge for), or hoover the inside (which they charge for), or beg them for a 230V/32A charge-up (which takes so long to do anything useful I always end up buying something there while I wait, and I also ask how much I owe them for the electricity before I leave which is invariably "nothing").

Gas stations still have a purpose, although, they'd be just as useful to me if they were just "stations". Would be nicer smelling too that way.

Rose stations. I'd like rose stations.

I wouldn't feel bad; I'm sure ICE drivers also sometimes stop and don't get gas (or snacks!).

Most or all stations I go to for air in the tires charge for it--definitely don't feel bad about that. ;-)

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