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Cometing with concepts? Please tell them to put a product in my garage. And tell them to stop decorating news papers, instead get something useful done.


The new Roadster will embarrass the Hölle out of them.

Has Tesla announced a new Roadster? Or was this ironic humor?

Nothing official, but very strong "there will be new roadster build entirely as BEV using GenIII platform".

One of the future models will be a sport car. Considering that this huge tank called Model S can do 0-60 in 4.something seconds beating old Roadster in quartermile a smaller car should be quite impressive.

Might take some time before that changes from promise to reality though. There is nothing official yet about GenIII platform, and when there is first one will be that "affordable" car.

A new Roadster is about as real as any e-tron sports car from Audi.

I new Roadster from Tesla will likely be able to do 0-60 mph in 3 seconds and the 1/4 mile in under 11 seconds. If it is not measurably better than a Model S P+ then it will be a failure.

Hey, if you're gonna hate on the Germans you should hate on the French, too, what with their Renault DeZir EV concept:

Though the DeZir is not their only EV offering:


All in all though I find it invigorating that more and more auto manufacturers are delving into the EV arena with their own concepts...Now if they would only dive in with an actual EV offering of their own and not merely tantalize us with this or that 'comcept'.


funny how they say batteries costs $1000 per kWh while Tesla is selling them for $400/kWh AND has 25% margin on it AND includes SuperChargers to it. That writer has no idea what he's talking about :D

EDIT: "comcept" = 'concept'

The roadster is a much smaller car than the model S.
196" vs 155" long.
116.5" vs 92.5 wheelbase
86" vs 73" wide

What Tesla needs is a smaller based car... a 3rd generation of Tesla ... :) ... but instead of making it a regular car they could ALSO use the smaller base for a lighter high powered sports car, a new chassis, wheels, and perhaps a regular Model S drive train.

*edit.... I'm a little brain dead today.
Sorry @Timo


It is already the plan to produce a low-cost Tesla model following the production of the Model X crossover (currently in the works), so I really do not understand why this issue is continually revisited when it is well known to already be in the works?!

Or is it just your intent to suggest the production of another sports car based on whatever platform devised for the mass-produced, low-cost model?

The next roadster will be based on the Mod E platform. Maybe a couple of years later.

@allusion, yes I meant to say that a future roadster should be based on gen3, as the model S chassis is too large. Tongue in cheek on the "if only there was a smaller platform" didn't work online. The Mod E could be an excellent base to a future roadster - what I didn't realise was that @Timo had said the same earlier, and that there was a general expectation of this (unofficially).

Considering that power of the batteries can reach absolutely insane figures in near future an EV sport car can easily beat all ICE counterparts in both top speed and acceleration.

Something like 100C battery is not utopistic even now which means smallish 50kWh battery pack could create insane 5000kW of power. That rivals and beats most nitrodragsters. It then becomes question how small package you can put an electric motor and controller that can handle that kind of power.

I wait electric motor where coils are made of graphene wires instead of copper. Should be a lot lighter and quite a lot more powerful. Individual motors for each wheel.

This is a much better video of the Renault Dezir than the one posted above.

800 kg? Barely heavy enough to hold the road! It would burn rubber real well, though.

@Brian H
I was under the impression that lighter meant less burning of rubber, since it has less mass to accelerate from 0 mph.

Less mass means less inertia to overcome. Given identical coefficients of friction, the lighter car will burn out less since the car's power will more easily overcome its inertia.

Friction would not be identical, more weight makes friction higher. But also less mass would allow less power to get same acceleration so it evens up calc.

In practice lighter car handles better in both acceleration and cornering. Especially if the shape creates some downforce.


True, it is a better video...Thanks for that!

Renault should try producing one skinned in aluminum instead of the Kevlar they used for their prototype/concept to determine if the weight variances would affect the performance/functionality of the car.

With only 800kg that car doesn't have large pack.

quote from

"The vertically-mounted 24kWh lithium-ion battery is located behind the benchseat and provides the car with a range of 160km."

100 miles. It's a city car.

Quotes from other sites:

The electric motor produces 148-bhp and 167 lb-ft of torque, with power routed to the rear wheels via an automatic transmission

So it is still tied to ICE thinking.

Renault says the DeZir can accelerate from a 0 to 60 mph in 5.0 speed of 112 mph (180 km/h)

So it is also slow (relatively speaking).

It is two-seater so equal Tesla competition would be Roadster, and Roadster would wipe the floor with it.

Also the battery has vertical orientation resulting in higher center of gravity which will impact handling negatively. Also why have an automatic transmission? You don't need a gear box at all.
Seems like they have not learned anything about the real advantages of the EV, so they are doomed to failure.

I may be wrong, but don't DC Brushless motors have a lower max RPM ? If they are using DC Brushless (like every other manufacturer) that would explain the need for a transmission.

And they're tied to the rare earths market, too. Nikola is chuckling in his grave.

At 200mph 19inch tires are turning about 2424RPM, so DC Brushless would need really low max RPM to need transmission. Probably motor had very bad torque curve if transmission was necessary.

All indications that Renault really doesn't know anything about EV:s.

@Timo;@lph;@Haeze;& even @Brian H

At least they are trying, which is a lot more than what can be said for any number of other auto manufacturers around the World.

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