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Have you seen an S on the road today?

My wife and I, waiting for our S, play a silly game: "Seen a S today on the road?" Then we look at where we saw them. So far I have the record: just 2 in a day so far. All but one were in the mid-peninsula area. One black one seen entering I85 in Cupertino. Somehow it is satisfying to me to see them showing up. None seen so far appear to be demos: no copilot. Res number P7214 with Feb-Mar est delivery.

We were told that there was a Green unicorn Signature in the area that had the custom paint. It was in the correct neighborhood too.
Just verifying! A gorgeous green at that.

Stuck in traffic on El Camino Real Menlo Park CA at 10:45AM headed south, a lovely silver. So he and I were not moving, but I am sure he was enjoying sitting there more than I was in my Prius. Sooooon!
("he"...excuse my sexist attitude- couldn't see the driver)

One for the books...

I work in a relatively small office building in downtown San Jose, just outside the airport, hint,hint!

There are TWO Model S Sigs at work...Mine, Sig Perf Pearl White and a Sig (Perf I believe) in Signature Red.

Pretty amazing that 2 of the first 1000 should work at the same building!

And, Yes, we both have Tesla Smiles when we come to work!


Second S today. Sig Red on El Camino headed north. We are close to the service center so I guess I should not be surprised. Menlo Park is S City!
Around 1pm. Anyone I Know?

Woohoo! I got my first Model S sighting, finally!!

I'm still down in the game though, my wife saw it first and pointed it out to me.

So Sarah 1.5, me 1. (1/5 "spotting first" bonus)

We exchanged "Nice car!" Call outs to each other and chatted briefly.

White Sig, 19', tan is all that I could pick up though. We were in Carmichael.

--- Cherif

2nd hand sightings count? My wife saw a Sig Red at Electic Avenue at Portland State University downtown. She immediately texted me a picture. Very exciting!

Followed a white one today on Mullholland Drive in Los Angeles. I've seen a couple others on the freeways the past few weeks.

One my co-workers so one today just outside of Boulder CO! Exciting to see them in my state now too. :)

No but I saw a Fisker and two roadsters on 620 in Lakeway (Austin ). I'm betting the Fisker will be a much more rare sighting than the Model S in the next few weeks.

saw 2 in the last week, Pearl white sig going dwon Milwaukee Ave. in glenview, IL and a Sig Red going down Deerfield Road in Riverwoods, IL.

I saw two today (first time for me to see 2 in one day and so close to each other in both time and location):
First one was northbound on Hwy 101 in Mountain View, CA coming on the freeway from the Rengstorff Ave entrance at about 6:15pm (perhaps coming from Google since there are many Google buildings in the area). I couldn't discern the color - either white or silver - but it had 19" wheels.
The second one I saw coming toward me (it was going northbound) in Palo Alto on Arastradero Road at about 6:25pm. It was Sig Red. I didn't see the wheel size.

I'm in a Sig Red with 21" wheels.

Love to hearthat Mod S are spotting Mod S. Herds?

My record without cheating is 3 in one day. In the morning I take 237 West to 85 South to 280 North to 92 East. Reverse that coming home. Cheating is driving into a company parking lot that I know always has 2 Teslas.

A couple days a week I'll count all electrics I see in the morning, and my record so far is 29 on Oct 18th. 19 Leafs, 1 Model S, 4 Volts, and 5 Prius Plugins. I must of gotten really lucky because all of Nov I haven't gotten anywhere close to that.

Does it count if it was not moving? I saw a sig red at Harris Ranch supercharger on Nov 17, she had to wait for mine at he charger, there was only one charger at Harris Ranch.
on Nov 18, I saw my friend's pearl white in his garage
on Nov19, saw VIN #21 black S at Tejon Ranch supercharger, also lady owner.

... and I thought it would be nice to have an exclusive car for some time to come. Shoot!

Saw my first one today! East Bay (Concord,CA) 10:50am, coming off the 680 at Monument.Sig red and beautiful. Couldn't see the driver but I looked like a lunatic jumping up and down in my car (not an S, yet).

Saw a Signature Red Model S on Page Mill, Palo Alto, yesterday. It had spoiler, so it must be Sig Per. It looked gorgeous and I followed it until 101 just to admire it.

Was that real, or Memorex? (Fact, or illusion?)


Duh, wrong alert again. Saw something that looks a lot like Model S parked not too far away from my apartment. Had to check the actual pictures from this site (before rushing to the street) and this one had chrome frame surrounding tail lights and those tail lights curve at wrong direction (up instead of down). Other than that I could swear it is Model S.

I think someone else thought that too, he was checking the car quite thoroughly.

Timo, so the, what was it? A7, XF, Rapide?

I have no idea. Definitely not Rapide or XF or A7. Saw it only from up and side and from far away (after I realized that it was probably again wrong alarm and checked those rear lights I kind of lost interest).

Took a picture but I seem to have misplaced the cable from phone to computer somewhere (also I'm waiting to get new phone from work so who cares about one cable?). Phone screen is even worse than my eyes. Realized that I don't have binoculars. Must buy one for Christmas.

Google didn't help either, vast majority of the cars don't have rear light chrome frames (that's what raised my suspicion about wrong alarm). Also that curve was up, while in vast majority it seems to go down.

I did saw Karma couple of weeks ago. I kind of see why some people would buy it, it looks like someone had already done some "pimp my car" -routine to it by lowering the roof and putting in insane sized tires. Definitely something with personality, even if not beauty.

I drove by my first Sig Red Model S while driving my son to his school in my Model S this morning. We gave each other the Tesla Wave and Nod in passing.

Cult of Tesla... :)

One more sighting for my team! Silver on Middlefield Road Menlo Park. Glistening in the sun like a....
OK- like one of the most gorgeous automobiles ever!

I saw a white one on El Camino going south toward Palo Alto, CA. I was thinking he would turn into the Tesla service center (which is where I was headed to check out my 12V battery alert), but he kept going. This was about 10am this morning.

The other day someone was driving along side of me on the freeway and honked and gave me the "thumbs up". He was not in a Tesla, but he may be a fan or someone who is waiting for a Model S delivery. I waved back and smiled.

Saw a grey tesla last night, going north on 101, near mountain view area. Had a very cool plate. I was against getting a grey one based on other forums, but it looked very mystical at night. I was very intrigued by it.

One silver headed west on AlpineRd yesterday. No front plate.

Hope I see one soon in my driveway. Said yes to 2012 delivery but have not seen any reaction from TM.No change in my dashboard. Any suggestions are welcome.

Page back until you get the button again. Click Yes. Check Dashboad. Repeat every 15 min until 11:45 pm Dec. 30.

Saw vin 0004 at my kid's high school Saturday evening.

Pulled up to my fav coffee place to grab some beans today, and right there was a red-Sig parked just across from me. As I get out of my black P85 Sig, there is a couple looking at the red-Sig, and I get out, and say... "Hey, really cool car huh?"... They look at mine, and I start preaching the Tesla gospel. Then another couple comes up in a black P85 Sig (exactly like mine), and we all start chatting. Then a guy drives by in a BMW ActiveE, and give us a thumbs up! LOVE IT!!!!

I saw a black Model S on 101 northbound in Redwood City, CA during the 5:00 commute. Has no HOV stickers yet.

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