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Heated side mirrors?

Does anyone know (or can verify) if Model S will have heated side mirrors? I have them on my Prius, and it's so nice not to have to worry about scrapping ice off them on a cold day.

I was also thinking about asking/suggesting a windshield washer heater (which I had installed after-market), but I don't want to get greedy.

If you get the tech package, you will get electrochromatic side mirrors (auto-dimming). Since that means they had to install electronics into the side mirrors anyways, I will be very dissappointed if that doesn't include heating elements.

and they fold automatically?

Still waiting for an answer to volker's thread on the actual width of the car now that it has been launched...

vouteb, the Specs page explicitly says "Manual folding side mirrors". On the other hand, I have taken a bet (of 10 pound sterling) that I was offered by a European Tesla representative, that at least the European version would end up having power-folding mirrors. In case you're reading this: I won't forget that bet, Steve! ;-)

I'll split the bet with you, if you want!


Now it is getting interesting :-)

If we can get extra features by just betting ...

How about it Steve ?

I would really like to see the US version have power folding side mirrors but doesn't look like that's going to happen anytime soon. Does anybody know if this can be done aftermarket?

apologies, forgot what thread this was; didn't mean to stray so far OT! /8-(


As far as I can tell, the 'specs' section describes the base model. I'm not saying the mirrors will fold automatically, but we can hope... Actually I don't care about auto-folding, but heated mirrors are nice.

I am also disappointed about the lack of folding mirrors. This is a big car, and getting into some garages will be tight without the 9-10 inches gained by folding the mirrors.

The mirrors fold manually.

Surprisingly folding mirrors are a favorite feature of mine when it comes to my SUV. It really helps keep folks from bummer your car as they walk by in a parking lot. With this car's width there will be the same issue. I'll have to get use to manually folding, at least the driver side...but mark me down for +1 on that feature request.

Sorry...still off topic. ;-)

If you are driving into a small garage, getting out of the car to fold the mirrors in not practical. Just my two cents ...

If you have to fold the mirrors to get into a garage, then how do you open the door wide enough to get out once you have parked?

?? my comment above wandered from the tally thread. Weird.

If the garage is that tight I would definitely like to see where my car side is going, and side mirrors are useful for that. No folding there.

Is this mirror-trashing really a problem in US? Some sort of popular form of vandalism that has not reached here? I never even thought of mirror folding while parked before I started to read this forum, because side-mirrors were never any problem to me or anybody I know.

@Timo I live in a city with small streeets where big trucks pass through all the cars parking have the mirrows folded,
if not after short they would be damaged

In most garage architecture, the doors are narrower than the interior. Getting in and out un-amputated is the problem.

@Brian H: I guess we are spoilt here - I have never driven into a garage where he doors are that small. I have had parking spaces that are too small to open a door - but in most places here (in Australia) the doors are within 1" of either side of the opening. If the mirrors only clear the door by 2" then (here at least) you'd struggle to get out of the car.

all my cars in the past ten years have had automatically folding mirrors with switch off. they are fantastic for avoiding car park damage with people walking between vehicles and brushing against your mirrors. on start up - they automatically extend. Of course, they can be deliberately folded also with the push of a button. This applies in my current Merc, and since i believe the window controls of the S are Merc bin parts, i am amazed that folding mirrors are not standard.

dborn, as can be seen in some pictures, Mercedes' "fold mirrors" button is actually there. It is just not labeled (and dead, obviously).

Getting back to the original post, I haven't heard anything wrt heated side mirrors on the Model S. I agree that that's an interesting question and, and that heated mirrors should be part of the Tech Package, if not standard.

heated side mirrors are something for the colder climate zones
with winter and ice
maybe TM assumption if you preheat the car the mirrors will not have ice on it

Norbert.Vienna, as of today, Norway is one of the most important markets for EVs (thanks to pro-EV political forces). And Canada is part of North America, and will be the first non-US country to get the Model S. On top, the Model S has (of course) been tested for use in cold climate:

Therefore I find it reasonable to expect that the Model S should have heated mirrors (as a paid option, at least).

I considered that too

Apparently cars with the Nappa leather will have heated mirrors. If you don't want leather you're out of luck. Why Tesla would not put in such a basic safety feature is just too...

Thanks jerry!

Well, if you are in colder climates you might want heated seats also, and that means nappa leather (apparently). No problem to me, unless there is some other combination that I can't get with nappa leather.

Ugh. I hate leather seats (makes my back sweaty and smelly in no time), do not ever use seat heaters (even though I live in Norway) but definately needs heated mirrors (I hate scraping mirrors and windows).

Well, I'm not getting a Model S for another two years anyway, hopefully they will have sorted out things like this until then. Cloth seats should be available with memory and heated mirrors, and I'm hoping for a lighter color too.

jkirkebo, don't give up on it: I was told by Tesla's "EU Inside Sales" guy that very likely they will have slightly different option packages for different markets. This may well include heated side mirrors coming standard for Norway (if they in fact have them on their shelf, anyway) or heated 12-way seats with fabric instead of leather for Germany (these examples are purely my own imagination).

Ok, sounds good. In principle I do not like this "packaging" thing. What do heated mirrors have to do with fabric or leather on the seats ? It should be a completely separate option. The same goes for the memory function for the seats. If that must be bundled it should be in the tech package, not bundled with leather upholstery.

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