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Help me finalize my option

I just got my invitation, and want to lock in my options by the end of the week. It's looking like I may be spending double what I have ever spent on a car before, and am looking for ways to cut back. Here's how I am leaning:

60 kwh (firmly decided)
Tan interior w/matte obeche wood

Tech package -- leaning towards it, although it does not seem like a good value.

Sound studio package -- leaning towards it, although I have heard very mixed opinions on it. Dolby 7.1 for music doesn't make much sense. Anyone know of good after-market alternatives?

Active air suspension -- this was one of the things I was going to give up in order to save money. However, no one has ever driven the car without it, and won;t get a chance to for several months. Because of that, and the fact that I can get my car two months earlier by getting this option, I'll probably get it.

Supercharging -- leaning against it. I wouldn't get much use out of it now, but I wonder if I would regret it in 3-5 years if supercharging stations are much more prevalent (and not spaced according to a 85 kwh battery). I know they say this is not something that can be added later, but do you really think that's true? Surely a few years from now they can figure out a way to add it.

@BennettR - my guess is that the supercharger network will mostly be spaced for 85kWh batteries, but remember that the expected use is 50% charge in 30 minutes. So, I would expect that the 60kWh battery would be fine for most cases, but you will likely need to wait an hour (charging slows down as it gets more full) to get a more complete charge to get to the next one.

Regarding when, they have said that by the end of 2013 basically the entire US will be covered.


No Pano (Concerned about Texas heat,Tall friends in the back seat and also for better acoustics)

I just want to make sure you aren't misunderstanding - the pano roof increases head room, so if you're concerned about tall friends in the back seat, you want that option.

Yeah, there's going to be a lot of that going around ...

@the SC in Canada: it IS coming up here, it'll just take a year longer than the US. May not extend all the way north, but I'm willing to bet the Trans Canada will be getting it for sure.


Yes that was a mistake, i realized it while i was falling asleep after posting..(dreaming model s) Thanks. Not worried about Tall friends in back seats is what i meant.

What do you think about the paint armor?

@ddruz - I disagree that the backseat is unusable without the pano roof. At my test drive, I sat in the backseat and I was perfectly comfortable (I am 5'10 200#). During the test drive, one of my passengers was 6'3 250# and he had no problem either. So, I disagree that the pano roof is required to get acceptable headroom, at least unless you plan on driving Shaq around in the backseat :). comment is excellent in that it highlights how important it is for prospective buyers to actually sit in the back seats of cars with and without the pano roof and arrive at their own conclusions. There is a world of difference between the two roof options.

The average consensus of posts here and on TMC seems to be that the rear seat headroom without the pano roof is quite tight for most adults. I am 5'10". In the back seat without the pano roof I cannot not sit up straight without banging my head on the roof or sit in any comfortable position without seriously slouching--acceptable for short trips only. Yet I am fine with the pano roof.

Everyone sits differently and has different torso to leg ratios. Height alone is not the gauge. Prospective buyers should be aware that the rear seat headroom difference between the two roof options is dramatic. Because of this it behooves those who will have adult passengers riding in back to personally experience for themselves the rear seats of both options before making a decision.

Thanks for starting the thread. I also want to finalize mine this week.

How about the 21" wheels vs. 19"? It seems pretty steep to fork over the $3500 for the 21's considering it reduces mileage. Is it really worth it for the look as it does look really nice with them on?

I was hoping this thread might help me decide where to shave my costs down a bit, but I wound up going in the other direction. I did get the options I was already leaning towards -- blue color, leather interior, sound studio, tech package and active air suspension. Additionally, I wound up going with the supercharging option. I even seriously considered getting the panoramic roof, which I had ruled out a long time ago, but wound up not getting it.

I have very little will power, so I guess it's no surprise that I wound up getting more than I originally intended. Thanks for all your comments!

Bennett R. You are a model of restraint. I started where you where and went with everything you did, then added the pano, then the 85 then the P85.

"Go big or go home."

Are you done at this point?

Just saw this thread, agree with you decisions, except I would add the pano roof!

glossy obeche wood brings out the browns in the wood matte brings out the grey colors in the wood ....... with the Tan interior go with glossy

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