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How many miles/month do you drive your tesla? More than 3k anyone?

How many miles/month do you drive your tesla? More than 3k anyone? Anyone did their 1st scheduled service yet?

Nope on 3K/month, more like 1.5K/month. Should service in a few weeks, currently at 5K. A few here have, try TMC forums as well.

We did 2502 miles in our first month, which was a few days ago. So far no time waiting for a charge. So awesome.

I'm driving roughly 4,000 miles per month, and have yet to head in for the 12,500 mile maintenance thingy.

I can't imagine that there will be anything for them to do apart from rotating the tires. We'll see....

Interesting to think about what the maximum mileage per month is on a MS. Such as, anytime you're not charging you're driving. Anyone remember Differential Equations class?

I think you need to remember the Linear Equations class. One more equation than variables, and an expression to maximize.

Not quite 3K, I drive at 2.6K -- Just got my S -- so haven't hit the 12.5K inspection thing yet...

Got mine 1/12/13 and have 10,612 miles to date. 100 days... so, avg 106 per day, yes, over 3k a month. I'm sure I will slow down on the miles soon enough, but for now it is too much fun not to drive it.

And no electric cost - I have solar panels that I installed last year to do house and the Tesla!

You're having way too much fun. For shame!

I have 12,500 miles (delivered 12/4/12). Going for annual on 5/3.

Got mine on 12/23/13 and i have a little bit over 11,000 miles.

I have had mine for 3.5 months, and put 4800 miles on it, so a bit under 1400mi/mo. I did an awful lot of long-distance trips in it the past month or so, which isn't likely to be repeated soon, so I expect to do about 15k miles this year.

That's over 3K/mo. Think you'll do 40K by next Xmas?

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