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How much time do people spend on this site a day?

It is starting to feel like an obsession with me. I'm finding that I spend a couple of hours a day here reading all of the new information. Of late, I've been scrutinizing all of the fantastic pictures and videos people have been adding. I am loving that. I was just wondering if I should be concerned! This morning, I was up at 6am, and I rushed downstairs to turn on the computer; it is now 8:30. I did take time to make coffee!

I am on this and TMC about an hour a day. I am in Australia and we will only get our cars in a years time! Wonder if I can hold out that long! I came to the factory event in October last year and my reservation goes back to April 2011! At least, as sig#9 in Australia, I will be getting the first delivery. Also, of course, USA cars will have had time to iron out bugs, and maybe we will get an upgraded interior with center console and door map pockets!
Pleased to hear that the car is similar to the roadster experience, which I test drove and then decided to reserve the S.

I'm on this site everyday... how much time depends on the actual topics... it was more exciting before the launch, some of the question/opinions here are a bit "not really significant"...or better, nobody can really answer the questions.
But at least I spend 1-2/Hours a day investigate tesla news, newest videos and the forum- kind of mad, but I love it!

Still have to wait 8-9 months, until I put the pedal to the metal

How much time? Way too much. I read almost everything on both the corporate and club site, plus investment news and Autoblog. I hope I can wean myself off after I get the car in Decemberish.

I spend too much time here also.

Add me to the "too much" list!

As we get closer though, it's time well spent!

3-4 hours a day

Since the GetAmped tours, it takes about four hours to read through the TCM site plus time spent on this site.

This site has me captured for about 30 minutes per day - on average to check on the new topics or new threads that come out. At work I have Yahoo finance (Tesla Summary) page in the background of my desk top ( to keep apprised of financial headlines (investor type sites often post news or leaks quicker than we might post them here). But every day, I am on both sites. All fun.

Too much !



Ditto My5bAby.

My wife would say all day, but that's not continuously true.

Let's just say it's a good thing I'm retired!

I definitely spend too much time here and on other sites as well as looking and commenting on reviews elsewhere. Yeah, I'm gonna kinda miss the excitement of posting here with all the speculation and the comments and really great ideas! Later I see myself on here with questions like, "who found replacement tires for their 21" and how much were they, ect." type of questions. Or, "how do you use that square space most effectively in your frunk?" :)

Currently I have maybe 2 more weeks max to finalize my order for my Sig car and I still can't pin down the color and interior trim I want! Sig. Red with Black Interior or Pearl White with White Interior but then with 4 kids (two twins age 1.5 years is white really a good idea). Will I really like the Sig. Red as I had my heart set on the Pearl White but then the red piping on the black just doesn't work with anything on the Pearl White, arrrrrrgh! I can't DECIDE!! Of course bringing people with me to the test drive event and all of THEIR opinions just made it even more difficult! :D

Consult the Mystic 8-Ball!

I broke it from over use! :D

Many I talked to are getting Sig Red Perf with Black Interior and Carbon Fiber accents.

I think you can treat any color leather well and it should be ok. The little ones might not keep the mess to the car seats however. ;-)

The white with white is a pretty standard combo. The red with white should be very attractive too. Overall it appears the majority of Sigs are going with the Red exterior, for what it is worth. If going non-perf, using Red with white might be really attractive.

@Jason, I like the red piping with the Signature Red as the piping appears to very closely resemble that same shade. I'm big on matching the inside and outside so if I go Signature Red, it's going to be the Black Leather with the Red Piping to match. If I go with the Pearl White, you guessed it, White Leather with the darker signature rims to match the piping. Now which do I choose, Signature Red or stick with my original choice of the Pearl White.

My good friend I brought with me to the event felt the Pearl White wasn't "pearly" enough?

At some point I'm just going to have to flip a coin! :D

Lately I'm spending 2-4 hours a day here. Time for rehab?? I'm getting the Non-Sig Perf version and I'm torn between Black with Black Leather and Pearl White with ? leather. I think I like the Carbon Grey Wheels much better with the White, but Black is such a classy color. Which will I like better in 5 years? Hmmm....

It's SOOOO hard! :)

It's a good thing TM didn't offer a full range of colors for the Sigs! Imagine the neurotic break-downs! Already BYT is close to the edge; having a 20-color palette would have been the coup de grace.

Sometimes the lack of choices make things harder too. If it wasn't for the red piping, I would go Pearl White with Black Leather and be done! The red piping however has me pondering it much more then I should. At the end of the day you want to rest your head and know you got what you wanted and don't have any regrets. Since I am paying almost 4 times more on this car then I ever have on a car before, I want it as close to perfect in my mind as possible. Only thing I can really control now are the color options... OY!

Yeah I think I'm wasting too much time here and on TMC too, considering that there really isn't enough new information to learn or share every single day.

Right. I'm skimming most postings, but it still takes too much of my time.

I was spending 15-30 min before the Get Amp tour... now it's about 2 h a day :-( so too much, but this is so... exciting.

About an hour a day over here as I live vicariously through you guys ;)

At least a couple of hours each day, split between here & TMC. I started out with about 15 minutes each. As my anticipation grows I may as well live here! Great conversations from everybody!

I'm here for a few hours a day, checking threads & blogs. Pics I'm not all that thrilled with, since they're pics of places and things that aren't where I am :P

Too much time !!!

1. I spend too much unaccountable time here and I try to unwisely read through all the new posts rather than skim.
2. I keep wondering what goes on at TMC but I don't have time to go check it out.
3. I limit viewing this forum to my lunch-time during work because of the addiction.
4. I have Google alerts to keep me posted of Tesla news as-it-happens.
5. Wifey says "I'm cheating with Tesla"

BTW, I've always wondered how the likes of Brian H, Volker.Berlin and others have been able to get heavily involved. I, for one would love to read your response to this post, not just time/day but also what you do for a living.

Retirement hath its benefits. And addiction risks!

I have a job that is mostly waiting, so I spend (too much) time here. Kind of think it thru (1/3 job), do it (1/6 job), then wait for the results (1/2 job). Unfortunately that waiting part is extra tedious, so I have to find ways to keep myself occupied, this is one of those ways.

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