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I bought an X (Motorcyclist thread)

Unfortunately, I cannot afford a Tesla Model X, so I bought a Honda CB500X. I wanted to buy a Zero DS, or SR, but I cant afford those either (Well, I could, if I saved up for another year or so).

Anyways, any other motorcycle riders here? I find that the motorcycle takes my mind off of the awesomeness of the Teslas that I can only wish to drive.

I love bikes vastly more than cars but I wrecked my last one, painful to bank account and my body. I simply can't be trusted. I have been thinking of a bucket list tour of America on a bike, or at least the national parks maybe.

Clearly the choice is both a Tesla and a bike, and maturity and proper riding gear and insurance.

Oh man, sorry to hear that. Hopefully, eventually Ill be able to have a Tesla and a bike, but for now, its just the bike (and the wife's car)

Yup I'm an X rider too: ZX-10R.

More like suicidecycle. It's rather had to commit murder with a bike. Suicide OTOH is very easy.

If you like EV:s and bikes, then you have real alternatives out there. Zero and Brammo for example:

These don't have huge range though.

Noise on a motorcycle is very important for safety. Until drivers are more aware of electric vehicles Fossil fuels will be the power of choice for my two wheeled vehicle.

Your negative and presumptuous remarks are not welcomed.

@Mike T, in case you talk to me; which negative and presumptuous remarks? Murder -> Suicide? That's just observation. Killing yourself with powerful bike is really easy, in hands of inexperienced driver even without intention. Killing someone else with it would be difficult.

How does noise make bike more safe?

I think it was called a Murdercycle because we all know it is the object that kills the person, not the person in charge of the object that killed themselves. This is why we ban guns, because they kill people. [/ThreadGrenade]

This thread is for motorcyclists to post in. Don't need any non-riders telling us how dangerous motorcycles are... We already know. And if you are a motorcyclist, telling us how dangerous they are... well duh :)

Anyways... just ignore people like alcassfast, no point in feeding it.

My Honda was delivered today, can't wait until I am out of work so I can ride!! This weekend is going to be fun :)

I have had a few motorcycles, but had sold my last one about five years ago. I had subconsciously made a pro and con list that included the actual riding experience as a pro and the maintenance issues as cons. I'm not a dedicated daily rider through the Winters and such, so for an occasionally used vehicle, the maintenance issues of a gas engine in a motorcycle were really getting on my nerves. Hard to start sometimes, waiting for it to warm up, etc.

When I was becoming very interested in electric vehicles several years ago, I was noticing that it was hard with cars because the batteries were so expensive that it was a trade-off of pricey or low driving range. I thought about maybe a motorcycle that's lighter would be a good use of it. So I did some searching and found Zero. I watched them for a few years, and they were making good improvements, but they always looked like dirt bikes, since that's where they were coming from originally. They finally did real street bike styling with the 2013 model year, so I bought one. I like it quite a bit--good handling and tons of power. And the nearly non-existent maintenance is going to be nice. Having it be fresh as a daisy after a month or two of sitting for the Winter is going to be nice.

I really like how they have set up the regenerative braking. The bike hooks up to a phone app with Bluetooth that gives you some customization controls over the ECO mode. You can adjust how much regen it does from letting off the throttle and then also how much it does when you pull the brake lever a little. It's pretty nice to have those two stages available for comfort, so it doesn't kick in too hard just from letting off the throttle.

@Haeze, manslaughterbike? Would take that over thisdoesn'tgoanywherebike.

Don't hate me but I like gas bike motors and their different sounds. It is part of the deal for me and most bikers aren't burning up much gas. Noisy bikes are indeed safer. I have heard bikes I did not see coming up fast and at unexpected times and I am good at checking mirrors and looking around. Many people are terrible at that.

One of the keys to safe bike riding is to always be overtaking and noise is your friend here.

So, give me an electric car or truck and a fearsome sounding bike.

I will eventually buy a Zero DS or SR, but it will be a little while! Which is fine, because they seem to improve their bikes every year.

Battery development probably shows in bikes even more than cars, because proportional weight of the batteries in them is much bigger than in cars.

Yeah, I've heard the "Loud pipes save lives." saying many times. I have had a bike that was really loud like that, and it was just so annoying that it got unpleasant to ride on for long. What I have noticed in the meantime from paying attention to that kind of thing from inside a car is that with windows up and some radio on, I can't hear about two thirds of the bikes on the road anyway, except for those really loud ones. So since most bikes aren't heard anyway, I could have hardly any noise or a medium amount of noise (neither of which gets heard) or a really loud amount of noise that is heard, but is really annoying to have in your ears all the time. I like the quiet and lack of vibration better. I know that riding a motorcycle itself is a big level of risk, which I'm OK with, and I don't think going from no sound to some sound changes that.

I don't subscribe to the school of thought that loud pipes save lives. But I don't knock anyone that does. I would never rely on sound making me more visible to drivers, they are far too distracted IMO. I just use the SMIDSY weave, stay out of blind spots, and do what I can to look out for danger and developing danger...

I'm going to wait until tesla makes an electric motorcycle until I get one I think.

@Rocky I've been riding for 15 years and had motorcycles with stock mufflers, LOUD mufflers and now I've gone to somewhere in the middle where I don't have a headache after a ride and cars can hear me in case I'm in traffic and have no escape route.


You might be waiting awhile then. Former Tesla employees are behind Mission Motorcycles. They are fast as al hell but expensive as well.

Have had a Honda CBR 600 F4i for many years, and rode it daily even in below freezing temperatures in CO. Haven't ridden it once since I got the Model S. I am sure I will get back to it at some point...

@Mike T, I just don't think Tesla will ever make a motorcycle. It seems like too far of a spread of vehicle types. I can't think of many companies that make both motorcycles and cars. Honda is about the only one I can think of. In the meantime, Zero and Brammo make electric motorcycles you can buy now, which are fairly affordable, and Mission is taking pre-orders for theirs.

@Rocky there is Suzuki and BMW that sells both kinds of vehicles.
I don't think I will be getting an electric bike for a while. From my experiences, I have definitely noticed that noise does make a difference in driver awareness. So I will play the waiting game until electric vehicles are totally mainstream and people know to look out for them.


Drivers don't care to look out for ICE bikes, so I wouldn't worry about riding an electric. You could always install a beefier horn! :)

Coming from a BMW motorcycle to a Zero, I haven't noticed any difference in the driving behavior of others around me. I never count on them being able to hear and see me any way. Been riding on the highway every day to work and back without much hassle.

Thinking about getting a Model X though as a better compliment to the bike than my 4-door sedan. From commuting, to hauling kids, transporting objects, and pure enjoyment, the electric SUV + bike combo seems to cover the most bases.

How do you like your Zero RICH N? Which one did you get? I really wanted the DS, but I wanted to pay cash for my bike, not a loan, so I went with a bike less than half the price...

The one I got is the 2013 S and I absolutely LOVE it! The price tag leaves a sour taste in everyone's mouth, but the comfort, ease-of-use, and enjoyment of an electric drive provides a sort of luxury that makes the purchase easily justifiable. The cost of operation is just an added perk.

guys..i have been reading the comments above..and was really looking forward to see Tesla Motor Bike...but..seems this is not on the schedule at the time being...
however for all of you Zero-Carbon emission bikers/motor cyclest like me ...
have you checked the Mission RS Mission R Bikes...they are zero carbon emmision super bikes ?
i am planning to save up for one..check out the web site...

I just don't see the advantage versus price for the bike from Mission. I have the same model as Rich N, the 2013 Zero S, and it already has performance that feels thrilling and borderline scary. It's about $16K, versus the Mission bike being about $30K. Since I don't do any track racing, I'm not sure I see why I would want to pay twice as much when I wouldn't feel safe even using its capabilities.

I think I would consider the Mission R the "Tesla" of motorcycles (the RS looks a different animal). It rivals the performance and price of a high-end bike such as the Ducati Panigale R, and has the range of a typical gas bike. From what I understand, they even share some of the same suspension and brakes of the Panigale R. Adding to what Rocky_H mentioned, it's a bit of an overkill for those looking to do everyday riding, but definitely what I would buy if I were cross shopping super bikes at that price range.


There's also Lightning Motorcycles which won the 2013 Pikes Peak two-wheeled hill climb. They're built to order from their website, but prices start at almost $40,000.

I think the Zero SR would already be incredibly awesome on the acceleration front and its about 13,000 less than the Mission. The Zero goes 0-60 in what, 3.3 seconds?

I think I watched a video where someone did a test ride on the Mission. It looks fricken awesome tho!

I still think Lit Motors C-1 would be a good fit for Tesla. It would enable selling to a much wider audience. It also addresses the fact that so many commuters are single occupant vehicles anyway.
It will be the safest motorcycle ever made and thus be in keeping with the safety profile of other Tesla vehicles.
All Telsa would have to do is make the body panels out of aluminum.
A lot folks would buy them who wouldn't otherwise buy a motorcycle because of saftey concerns. The C-1 erases those concerns.

Personally I find the joy of 2 wheels to be highest on the back roads and around town at speeds of 40 - 60mph. 80mph on an 8 lane freeway full of trucks and buses, not so much. So I ride a 250cc Honda scooter that is quiet and loads easily onto a trailer. I do look forward to using an MX as the tow vehicle 'tho.

An electric bike would be nice but it seems that right now they are very expensive and will have a dead battery after an hour of riding.

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