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If you could change one thing about the Model S...

OK, one thing only per post. Physical change, not 'make it cheaper'. Ok to explain, but don' say 'cup holders, and console, and rims, etc.' If enough people respond we'll cover all the bases. If I could change one thing about the Model S...I'd make it 6"-12" shorter. That would lose the rear facing seats, diminsh storage a bit, lighten the car by a couple hundred pounds, increase the range, increase acceleration. I'm confident the folks in design would make it beautiful still. Who's next?

I also would love to see inductive charging for also the potential of a highway strip that can possibly down the road charge the car while driving.

JBunn +1kw. Jason S - I was only asking for people to list the single thing they'd like to change the most, and my example was a laundry list. I do agree that the center console is physical, and understand that many people don't like the lack of it.


I am not one of those people. I LOVE the idea that this car is cleaner due to its power train and it will help wash me of junk that I throw into the nooks and crannies of my BMW 5 (a car I like quite a bit, and got 40 mpg driving San Antonio to Houston last week on I-10!!!)

I like that Tesla will clean my carbon footprint AND my crappola footprint. Can't wait!

More than one thing per post but:

Retracting roof rack rails.
Second charging port option in frunk, not only back, I'm thinking a folding solar array sliding out of the frunk while parked. Extra range battery.
Cyclist/Ped image recognition and warning, "EV car approaching". EVs are sneaky. Or USB port up there so I can DIY.
Just put a center track down the middle for mounting and sliding around whatever console you want. Think MINIs design.
Wizbang solar panel retractable spoiler.
17" screen and dash centered and symmetrical and put it on a 3 position pivot. Permanently pivoted towards pilot is a bit wonky to me.

Programmable marquee in rear window for any of the following boasts:
Look ma no exhaust!
Electricity is not worth more than blood.
Yes, this is a permasmile.
306 lbs of torque at stop. Yes you'd lose.
Say hello to my 1st mate, Chewy.
It can do the Kassel run in 12 parcets.

A few more choices in exterior color palette. Spoiled a bit coming from a MINI. Surprised no Red, wouldn't be my choice but surprised. I'm #3562, 160 so mine could very well be a 2013.

+1 on power fold mirrors
+1 on size but no biggy (no pun intended). I have to reverse the door going into my house to fit it in my garage.

If my previous post about reworking the entire center armrest/cup holder/rear vent module is considered more than one thing to change, then I wish to amend it to say the one thing I would change would be to add storage under the armrests.

A modest amount of storage under the armrests yields tremendous bang for the buck. This one small standard-feature change would mitigate the concealed storage concerns for a significant number of buyers.

All crash test results would remain the same. The footprint and exterior shape of the center module would remain the same. The design studio pictures would remain the same. And this change does not preclude optional console inserts for those desiring even more concealed storage, additional cup holders, etc.

[...] the one thing I would change would be to add storage under the armrests. (ddruz)

It's only a rumor so far, but reportedly they are doing exactly that. We'll probably only know for sure when the first Sigs are delivered.

I would get rid of the solid black "nose cone" and have a big mesh grille instead. Especially on the sport version. Like the Caddy CTS-V.

cruise control
with radar and crash protection

+1 on the center console.

+1 on the power folding mirrors

+1 on the blind spot monitoring

+1 on the nose cone
+1 on covered center storage

-1 nose cone. I don't want to drive a Jag. That mesh grille design is en vogue today which means it is out of style tomorrow. In other words, the current design is just fine for me.

Power folding mirrors: I was offered a 10 pound sterling bet by a Tesla rep that at least the European version of the Model S will have this feature. I'm convinced the rep did not exactly know for a fact, but had strong assumptions about the company he works for.

I've read all the suggestions and all I can say is: Yawn.

There is only one thing I would change: The delivery date!

LOL@Ad van der Meer, here here to that!

I would also love to have my Model S now to enjoy it during the summer months when I enjoy driving the most. Alas, winter driving it will be for my first go at it but at least I don't have to wait for it to warm up in the morning!!

I would like to change the interior trim(s).

At the Newport Beach Event I spent time looking at the Banana Leaf, Lacewood, and Piano Black trim. The Banana looks like a plastic formica, the Lacewood is very dark and has a distressed –beaten finish (not elegant), and the Piano black is looking better (it is what it is). I am not getting a Performance “S” so CF is not a choice.

To me, wood trim should show a nice grain and a rich finish. It should highlight and enrich the interior. Like a beautiful strand of pearls – understated and elegant.

One thing? Make the tech package standard. For the price of the car, some of features listed there should definitely be standard. It's a a little challenging not to feel that Tesla is really taking first adopters to the cleaners.

Other than that I would make twin chargers standard on all cars. And open them all up to the supercharger network. Why limit the network with so few cars on the market? The supercharger network is the best tool that Teslas has to combat range anxiety.

Make it possible to buy a Model S without a battery.

Make points available where you can change your battery within 2 minutes (like Tesla said in the beginning) Charge the battery's with Solar Panels, I know Elon can find a supplier for that!

I don't mind changing battery's if there not mine.

+1 center console accessory available when the first sig is delivered for those of us who want it
+1 power folding mirrors
+1 blind spot detection

No side mirrors, cameras instead! Adjustable headrests all around. Redesign 17" touchscreen mounting to make it "look" smaller, maybe more round-ness in the corners?

BYT | May 8, 2012 new

LOL@Ad van der Meer, here here to that!

There, there; it's "Hear! Hear!" Brit Parliamentary call of support = Hear the man, hear the man!

One thing? Make the tech package standard. For the price of the car, some of features listed there should definitely be standard. It's a a little challenging not to feel that Tesla is really taking first adopters to the cleaners. (keithz)

My take on the price of the Tech Package: That's the margin by which they missed their initial price goal (and it's surprisingly small).

Tesla announced the base price for the Model S on March 26, 2009. A while ago, I compiled a list of news articles and comments from that day, you can find it on this page:

We all know how everything becomes more expensive in 3 years time, and how development of ambitious engineering projects rarely stays within budget. I presume Tesla pressed hard to deliver on their original promise of a $50k electric premium sedan, and in the end they had to find $4k somewhere. Thus they made good on their initially announced price with the Model S still being economically viable for them, by making the Tech Package optional.

That *is* nickel-and-diming at it's finest. In this instance, however, I find it acceptable (Tesla fanboy syndrome). Assuming that the alternative would have been missing their announced price, making the Tech Package optional has much smaller repercussions in the media (and among the reservation holder crowd). Now, if you cannot affort those additional $3.750, then you can forgo the Tech Package and still afford a Model S at $50k after US tax rebates. If you don't blink at the Model S' price range, then $3.750 doesn't make a huge difference for you, but it does make a difference in Tesla's spread sheet. And for the Signature model, the Tech Package comes standard anyway.

(The other $250 missing to the $4k I mentioned? It's the parcel shelf option! ;-)

@Volker.Berlin: We all know how everything becomes more expensive in 3 years time

Except 17 inch monitors and flash memory?

EdG, precisely. The 17 inch touch screen in the Model S serves two major purposes IMO: It sets the Model S apart from the crowd, and it saves a ton of money. Heeding the signs of time can sometimes be rewarding in multiple ways.

On the other hand, it's a shame how Tesla skimps on internal memory for the stereo. That's so un-Tesla IMO. I still hope they are going to fix it. A car is not a handset after all, and even there I never understood why manufacturers wouldn't simply equip their products with "enough" memory. (Well, I think I understand: Not having enough memory in your phone or PMP is an important driver to upgrade/replace your device. It's still a shame.)

I would like supercharging on the 40kwh battery. 20 grand is way too much to pay for the extended range.

Supercharging will be available 60 kwh battery, according to rep. in Laval, Quebec, Canada.

correction...available on the 60 kwh

Move the charger to the middle, front or back
Ability to get non-leather seating option with color of beige/tan and black

The 40kwh is almost too small to bother with supercharging. It wouldn't help for a long time with road trips, as it would mean positioning the chargers within about 30kwh drive of each other. For other driving, twin chargers will do.

What I meant above "for a long time" is that it will be a "long time" before superchargers could be deployed that closely anywhere useful.

The 40kwh is a commuter car.

I was told by TM rep. that 40 kwh battery pack cannot take the supercharger charge. Also, frequent supercharging will shorten the life of even the 85 kwh battery pack.

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