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If you could change one thing about the Model S...

OK, one thing only per post. Physical change, not 'make it cheaper'. Ok to explain, but don' say 'cup holders, and console, and rims, etc.' If enough people respond we'll cover all the bases. If I could change one thing about the Model S...I'd make it 6"-12" shorter. That would lose the rear facing seats, diminsh storage a bit, lighten the car by a couple hundred pounds, increase the range, increase acceleration. I'm confident the folks in design would make it beautiful still. Who's next?

It should fly.

Elon's working on that }B)

Tesla could paint the 'nose cone' the same color as the body, causing it to be less 'grill-like'.


Delivery Process.

A red nose?

Superchargers closer to, or in, major metropolitan areas would be great, in order to facilitate overnight trips. Also, I would prefer if Tesla moves to an open architecture platform for chargers, so that every gas station or McDonalds could install a charging outlet (even on a fee-for-use basis). The major barrier to owning a Model S is not range anxiety but convenience. Until 240v outlets become as common as 110v outlets, it's going to remain a problem. I don't think TSLA is going to survive if they have to self-finance the build-out of a nation-wide supercharging network (albeit a super-cool, solar-powered and free network). In the meantime, I'm willing to pay a few bucks to charge up a the local strip mall when I'm spending a week in Cape Cod, because the alternative is leaving the Model S at home and renting a gas guzzler.

As far as design of the car itself, I love the exterior styling and wouldn't change a thing, except for two features. First, the door handles need to pop out when you approach the car, or the door should open when you touch it. Second, we need electronically retractable side view mirrors.

Design wise, the interior needs to be juiced up. It's very nice but also very 1st generation. It's not designed to be an every-day driver or family car. We need a place to put sunglasses, pens, gum and the other detritus of every day life. Better arm rests, gazillion-way adjustable seats, back seat heat warmers and adaptive cruise control should be in the plans. Maybe better leather or some other accents. For example, some simple piping doesn't seem like such a luxury that it should only be available on the $100K performance model. I agree that if they made the interior like the beta it would be killer.

Finally, I'd say the internal electronics could use some fun stuff, like customizable skins, options to rearrange elements, gif-type emblems. You know, totally unnecessary stuff that makes it fun to personalize a computer. The other car companies would be falling all overthemselves to try to keep up.

Re charging, you're mixing all sorts of things up. TM has no hand in 240V outlets, and they are overnight options anyway for most people. The Supercharger stations and units cost TM peanuts, especially in view of the marketing benefits. SolarCity installs and operates the solar supply and manages all the $$ flows for power bought and sold. TM's bottleneck is approved sites. They have hardware and crews sitting around waiting.

Tesla Model S Luxury Sports Sedan

Pano roof: Sun shades.
Frunk: self closing latch, cargo net should be standard equipment, foul weather mat.
Interior: plush it out, foul weather mats all around-cargo area-well. Sun shades. Multiple sun visors with linear travel capability. LED selectable color for mood lighting/entrance etc. ACooling seats. Noise canceling settings.
Rear seating: Center pull down arm rest. Adjustable recline.
Rear window: Full down.
Door handles: Presentation of drivers side only on walk up/door ajars - FOB 2clicks both-3LR- 4th click on fob-all. Auto close doors (like the trunk)
FOB: 1 or 2... holder specific fob's... car preps seating for entrance, steering wheel positioning, mirrors lighting, etc.
Parking: Distance senors. tighter turning radius.
17": one button turns it into our phone.. full interface. Lat-long, Altimeter for current lat-long. Outside air temp. World clocks. Valet mode.
Rear camera: lines.
Mirrors: auto retract selectable.
Phone app: long over due!

Swipe-controlled electronic visors built into the windshield. ;)

+100kWh battery

One thing I would change:

Part 1:
Those little bumps of the interior that protrude into the door openings (Little in the front Big in the rear door openings); find a way to engineer them away. In virtually every store/showroom Model S I've seen, they are all worn down. I understand that a zillion people get in and out of those cars, yet if the bumps were not there in the first place, there would be nothing to wear out.

Make the rear seats easier to get in and out of. Open the door wider, fix the aforementioned bump, simply design the rear doors a bit bigger/longer on the lower dimensions.

I know these are major body design changes, but scratch your heads a bit and maybe in the 2015 Model S you'll have them fixed up nicely.

Power open and close on the Frunk!

@ daddyfitit

Hear Hear on both parts!

@ daddyfixit

Sorry about the mistype of your name.

No worries about my name. Needless to say, I fix things. .. And those bumps NEED to be fixed.

What are your thoughts on the interior?

Definitely the front grille/nose cone. Looks like a temporary dummy...

Heated steering wheel, adaptive cruise control and front HD camera for parking assistance. Steal some BMW features

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