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If you haven't thought of it already... Ideas for Tesla

I don't know if someone has already created a Thread like this but I would like to start a Ideas-Discussion about Tesla and its Products.

So for example:

Charging a Tesla Vehicle through Inductive Charging
- right now you have to charge it through the plug/port on the side of the car
- it works and its simple enough, requires to deal with a cable

Why not charge your Tesla using a inductive charging station?
Check out here what Inductive Charging means:

So the most convenient way to charge your Tesla is to put the Primary Coil (in the charging plate) on the floor of your Garage and have the Secondary coil under/or in the front bottom of the Tesla Vehicle. Once you drive over it and park your car in your Garage it will charge the Tesla, no need to plug anything in.

They have this for phones already, but you have to buy some special case for it, which makes the phone bulky. I can envision this for a Tesla Vehicle in my own Garage (if I ever have the chance to buy one :D)

So let's see if anyone has similar or new ideas, and if this community is willing to discuss ideas on here.
Have a wonderful day!

Thinking about a Model S variant - Police Interceptor. Maybe in a year or so after most of the reservation holders get there Model S's. Model S has a 5 star crash rating, is as roomy as a Crown Vic or Caprice and great acceleration... good starts for a police car. Sure more expensive but will likely save law enforcement agencies a lot of money in operating costs... Add bulletproof windows and additional EM shielding. The variant would be great for FBI, VIP protection, high end taxis or even Limos for government and corporate officials that want to make a green statement and cut costs.

Fleet sales add economy of scale that helps Telsa's bottom line and all Tesla customers - more Model S on the road means more availability of parts down the road and of course less pollution of course...

Good thinking. For taxis, just imagine the production line filled up for a few weeks with Yellow Cabs! Heh.

what if instead of a supercharging station, you had 60 miles of interstate with some type coil embedded and charged by huge solar panels and your Tesla was recharged for an hour or so as you drove over the charging coil. These are placed strategically across the country so you arrive with a charged vehicle running off battery for local transport.
might as well dream big...

For cop car heavy weight is also beneficial: Pit maneuver "Don't force it, get a bigger hammer"

A Tesla cop car would be great for stealth operations too...can sneak up for a bust, nice and quiet.

But going back to the solar panels on the car. Might be a good option for those who travel a lot.
we all know you don't want to let the batteries run down to nothing or you might "brick" the car. The solar panels could keep your state of charge fairly constant so the likelihood of "bricking" would be quite low (so long as your keep your car outside).
Not bricking your $35,000 battery might be worth the $1500 solar panel option in that respect.

I'd like to be able to order a customized seat. It's been a while since I sat in an S, but would like something more along the lines of what comes in high end Avalon- allows seat cushion to extend out. Recaro seats offer some of these bells and whistles for 2-3K .

The minute charge from car-roof solar would be inadequate for that. It doesn't begin to cover the 'Vampire' draws.

In any case, you can only brick the battery if you try really hard or are really stupid, or both.

@Brian H The minute charge from car-roof solar would be inadequate for that. It doesn't begin to cover the 'Vampire' draws.

I don't think so. Unless the 'vampire draws' are really huge, you can keep the battery state from reaching 0 with quite small solar panel. From Roadster owners manual after 50% charge has been reached it will lose only about 5% / week. Assuming same applies to Model S, 5% out of 85kWh is only 4.25kWh divided by 7 for / day draw = 607Wh. To negate that required panel is small, less than square meter.

As option it could be useful if you live somewhere where Sun is shining more or less regularly. Not for you canucks or us Finns, but for someone living in Florida or Las Vegas with sunny parking lot probably.

I think MS owners had found far larger draws originally: "To summarize, oweners are reporting a significant drop in indicated range when the car has not been used for some time. It appears to be in the range of at least 8% per day. Calculated power use of the model S is about 120W when not in use." The 4.0 seems to have dropped this considerably, though.

I would buy the optional solar panel, I live in Florida and am always parked in sunny parking lots...

@Brian H, that's with full battery. It says the same in Roadster manual. That loss slows down when batteries get closer to empty.

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