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I'm having Reus Audio in LA upgrade my sound

I've been unhappy with the quality of the premium sound in my Tesla S. I spoke with Rick Reus and feel comfortable they will satisfy my desires. He said they have upgraded about 20 S models so far and know the car well. They are putting a new design in my car. It will be a beta test for the original system the designed for the S. I'm antisipating sound quality equal to the rest of the car. There will be no visible changes so it will look normal and not aftermarket. For some the stock sound is fine and that's cool, I just want to hear a better quality.

What are they putting in and what is the estimated cost?

Hi Rodney,
Very glad to hear someone modifying S. I'm seriously thinking of purchasing one, but have two main issues, one - the test car I drove appeared to me to noisy over 60 mph compared to Lexus and Benz S cars I drove (complaint for which I was viciously attacked by some zealots) and the second one was sound system. I would appreciate if you can give me some details which amp or speakers you plan to use.
If I can resolve the noise issue, and find installer to change sound system, that would be a huge green light to happily own one.
Would appreciate your updates!

This is the amp I was considering to use in my next car:

Has anyone tried ButtKicker for your Model S?

It's designed for a couch at home to vibrate you up when it senses any low frequency from 5-200 Hz.

That way, you can feel the low bass and you don't have to compensate by cranking up the subwoofer volume.

It's used in theaters and theme parks and lasts for decades:

blubrd67 The Reus systems are designed and manufactured with their name. I'm sure they could be designed by a mainline manufacture to the Reus specs. The system is designed by Reus for the specific car model. As far as the noise problem you mentioned when driving over 60 MPH, I don't have that problem with my MS. I currently own a Mercedes and used to have a Lexus. Maybe the problem you had was specific to the car you were driving.

Tam: I'm familier with butt kickers but I was unhappy with the over-all sound of the system, not just the bottom. I want more clarity, crisp, higher db"s. I want to feel like I'm on the front row of the concert. I believe Reus will deliver this.

Hi Rodney,
After living with my standard sound system for awhile I was not satisfied so I too went to Reus. Rick is great to talk to and very passionate about quality. I have had their system for about 3 weeks now. The system they installed is fully integrated with all the MS functions, and from looking you cannot tell that there is anything but stock. However for me listening is a huge and noticeable improvement. Phenomenal bass response, crystal clear distinct sound stage, every note crisp and balanced. I listen to the music in the MS now and often get chills down my spine it is so good. I give friends/family rides and they spontaneously mention how fantastic the sound is. Driving the car has become truly a magic carpet experience.

The system is so good you will immediately notice when you input higher resolution music files. I use 96/24 FLAC(from HdTracks) or 44/16 FLAC (CD lossless rip), although Rick prefers WAV (also lossless but WAV does not include album art). Both FLAC and WAV play seamlessly in the MS. So I recommend, if you have not already done so, that you get a program like dBpoweramp or Exact Audio Copy and re-rip all of your CD's. Put the files on a USB stick in the MS and you will notice the difference. I have about 60 albums on a 64gb miniUSB stick and room for many more.

enjoy :)

I got in touch with la jolla audio in San Diego and they recommend an audison bitone and a jl 700 watt amp. they say I will immediately notice more clarity. This will run 3k. Changing rear door speakers to focal 6.5 inch will be 750 more.

Could someone list cost of the Reus upgrade and the time it took?

I will be driving through LA in the summer and could spend a day for an upgrade if it is as good as people say.

I am signed up to have the upgrade done by Reus this summer when they are in Ny for installs. Fantastic system and great folks.

I found a tube amp that could also double as the center screen, no XM support.

Notice the curb appeal.

Wow! Looks like it includes a stereo turntable, even. What will they think of next?

Wow, can it play 3D video?

Thanks Rodney! How long did you need to leave the car for sound system upgrade? Does Tesla play high resolution files natively, or they had to upgrade that too? And of course if you can comment on cost, that would be appreciated.

@blubrd67 - I'm not quite sure what you mean by high-resolution. Audio is encoded using a number of samples over time, and each sample has a number of bits, and lastly many formats discard both samples and bits to compress the sound and make the storage files smaller (i.e. MP3, ACC, etc.).

Tesla in the MS does support lossless WAV and FLAC formats from USB files. I've used FLAC encoded at 44.1 kbps, 16-bits per sample (same as CDs) and will deliver the best sound of the various formats supported. I wrote up this comparison which you may find helpful:

This only works if your original source is loss-less and/or a CD you rip. Converting a MP3 or other lossy formats to FLAC will not improve the sound.

FLAC can support higher bit-rates, but I don't know if the MS supports these - I suspect not. For very high-resolution, studio masters may record up to 196 Kbps at 24 bits per sample - of course this takes a huge amount of digital space. Even standard FLAC 44/16 are a bit large. A quick look shows some of my recordings songs taking around 20-40 MB per song.

Would one of yall please describe specifically what was replaced and done? Are there new drivers? Amps? Did they just use the digital feed from the Tesla with their own DACs? I have been very suspicious of the amps in the premium sound as the muddy painful effect is usually due to high amp distortion. I was considering replacing just the amp as from what I can see the drivers seem to be pretty good.

News flash: Google is going to offer music subscription to compete with iTunes, Spotify, etc.

$9.99/mo for full access. "PLAY" is the service name.

blubrd67; - I have played FLACs at both 96/24 and 192/24 in the MS. They both play OK but the 192/24 seemed to be a little thin which indicates to me that the algorithm in use in the MS may be downsampling in a way that loses some info, or somewhere in the translation process something is being lost. It may also be that the USB standard may not support 192/24 as many DACS I have looked at for my home computer limit the USB interface to 96/24 and want some type of higher bandwidth connection (firewire or optical output) to process 192/24. However the previous sentence is at (or slightly beyond) the limits of my technical knowledge, and I may have not done something with the system for the 192/24 that was needed to play it properly.

As a comparison I bought an HD 192/24 album from hdTracks and also ripped the same album from a CD at 44/16 and the 44/16 sounds much better in the MS (fuller more depth to the sound). I have a 96/24 album (Crosby, Stills, Nash) downloaded from hdTracks and it plays flawlessly and sounds great. I have also listened to both WAV and FLAC of the same albums ripped to the same bit-rate and I cannot tell the difference - but I am not a skilled audiophile - and I know there are passions on both sides of the WAV vs FLAC debate.

I have not tried either 176/24 or 88/24 (these rates are often seen on British titles such as the Rolling Stones HiDef).

So after that level of experimentation I use 44/16 FLAC ripped lossless from CD's as the standard in my MS USB drive and the music sounds superb. I currently have 68 albums ripped to 44/16 lossless FLAC taking up 23gb on a 64gb USB memory stick. So given that the MS has 2 USB inputs I could probably eventually put upwards of 700 albums just on memory sticks (2 - 128gb sticks).

six; - To my knowledge Reus is preparing a standardized "kit" type installation that they hope to be able to do in less than a day. My MS was the first MS they did without the factory Premium Sound package so they spent almost a week with the car as they measured, prodded, and tried various combinations to get a level of sound reproduction for a system they were happy with.

christurbeville; - I am not an audio or electronics guy, but my limited understanding is that there is some type of relatively standard interface in most cars between the receiver head end and the preamp/amp (initial digital feed??). Rues used this feed which means that all the automation works great and will continue to work seamlessly even with MS updates. They did put in their own amps and there is no distortion that I can hear at all. Everything is clear and balanced, even when the volume is turned up. I do not know about the DACS. I do not know what additional electronics were put in, but I believe that Reus does design some of their own electronics custom to each model of car. I can only suggest that you call Reus for more detailed info.

Here is my report
I wilI give the sustem Reus Systems installed a 5 Star rating. Upgraded the speakers, power and some more goodies. They made everything look totally stock. Now my car sounds HiFi. They clarity is at least twice as good. The top is much much more crisp. The bottom is shaking!. Clean, clean, clean... The additional sub with the power boost nob built in on the seat is the bomb! It is so clean and I'm able to be control the boost by reaching down next to the seat adjestment control with no effort.

I wil try upload sme pictures of the nob and sub that they installed in the bottom of the trunk. The sub took up about 30% of the lower trunk compartment. It is clean and I still have more storage in my MS then my Mercedes ML 350.

Can you do some power comparisons? I'm curious if the sound upgrades will have any noticeable effect on your range.

Vawlkus: I'm told there is no change in the power comsuption. They connected everything in the the same spots as the stock system with just much higher quality gear. The sound is comparable to watching standard-def tv and then gong to high-def

What was the bill?

If you have to ask ...


The reason I'm so curious what they do is I don't live in CA. Perhaps if this kit is produced it could be purchased and installed by local competent installers. But before I'd buy something like that I'd love a detailed description of what's involved.
I've seen some mention of a new sub in the foot well and this discussion of interface leads me to believe they take a digital output from the stock system and convert and amplify it. I suspect new cross-overs and some driver replacement from my judgment of the stock premium system's weaknesses. When I get closer to wanting to do this I'll contact Reus directly.

Why would they give you their trade secrets?

Not sure why Rodney won't reveal te cost....
Seems like a reasonable thing to ask


Maybe Rodney work for them? So what is the cost? Rodney the lead sales rep.

It may vary depending on how Full Monte you want to go.

@Brian H trade secrets would be the brands and models of the replacement bits. A basic description is what I'd think anyone would want before buying something. However the audiophile world never ceases to amaze me in the lengths it goes to mystify simple technology so yes perhaps I am asking them to reveal their magic.
Also what I wear or do not wear while driving is immaterial;)

"goes to to mystify" darnit

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