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Interior design for the Model S

I would love to tray tables like the Jaguar XJL in the model S and even some arm rests in the back seats. Oh one more the maybe some video monitors for the kids, for the long drives.

Model S owner in December


I can't imagine... It sounds like sacrilege to me. The lines of the car interior are gorgeous.

To each their own though. ;-)


No design can satisfy everyone but many people are happy with the MS minimalist interior design.

... and a built-in fridge to keep the Grey Poupon fresh.

No food in the car, please.

The driver is prone to spontaneous acceleration just for the sake of feeling the G's. (Grins, G-force, Giggles...)

When ever I get into another luxury car like a Beamer or a jag, it feels cluttered and dated. Like an old submarine control board.

I would like to grill some burgers in the back seat on the battery. I have the pano roof for ventilation. I hope they are monitoring these forums. :-)

People love that the MS is completely different from every other car they owned right up until the time they realize that it's completely different from every other car they owned.

+1 @jtodtman
In my case more than some.

I did hear from around the forums that Tesla is designing a 4 seat executive seating configuration. I'm not sure if this has been verified though

For the Chinese mucky-mucks who are used to being chauffeured, unlike the sovereign People whose Power they have appropriated.

You have to admit the back seats are just not good enough : poor headrests, not center arm rest. Without asking for exec seating configuration, an upgrade is expected to qualify for "luxury sedan".

Posted this, but was in other thread, might be helpful...

Best thing to do is make suggestions to:

They field and rank recommendations for like this for owners. Great site.

In the aftermarket space, some of these might possibly be coming:

But, it always helps to recommend ideas directly so we can get them sooner:

Also, you can check if there are more generic third-party solutions that might work here:


Be prepared to post that twice a day for years. Just about as often as Brian H has posted instructions for posting pictures.

"The car owner never sits in the back seat." That's what a car salesman snickered at me decades ago when I complained about lousy back seat features at a showroom.

jtod - indeed, even more apropos here - as I actually learned from Brian H how to post pix! :)

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