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Limited Tesla Stores

There are a lot of Tesla stores but not enough to get people to look at it or learn about. Don't get me wrong Roadster, Model S, and Model X has excellent quality, but there's not a whole lot of Tesla stores to go check out the cars. (For example (a real story with me) we live in Reading, PA, and there's dangerously no Tesla stores anywhere at an easy place. The closest Tesla store is Tesla New York, about 130 miles away. We thought the Model S was not there so we went to Tesla Westchester to look at Model S. It was 162 miles away from home with a proximate time of 3 hours and 10 minutes on July 17Th, left at (estimated times) 9:20 AM and ended up there at (estimated) 12:30 PM).
And why am I complaining, it's because how distant I am from Tesla Stores. With the luxury of a Honda dealership 4 miles away from my house compared to 130/160 (depends on which store) miles, hopefully you can see why I am complaining. I'm probably not the only one too
All in all, Tesla dealerships are an excellent idea, but there just needs to be more of them.
Thanks for reading Tesla Fanatics or Tesla Manager (or possibly) Elon Musk :).

+1 for a sorely needed store in the Philadelphia area!

I'm sorry that I may be jaded. I live 5 hours away from Chicago (the closest location to me) and here is someone complaining about two stores in a closer area than that. I am also a realist in that I don't expect a brand new company to be placing hundreds of stores without enough sales to justify their existence. I would rather Tesla be in business several years from now and have to drive a few more miles to get service than to have a car with no service available because Tesla over extended their growth before they could support it.

I understand your point of view but at a minimum Tesla should have stores in the largest metropolitan areas and Philadelphia is the 6th largest metropolitan area in the US.

@Theresa Tesla is not brand new, it had cars since 2008 and here is 2012 so Tesla is not new

In Canada we have NO stores and ONE service area.

WOW! 130 miles away that is so close! On the bright side you will be able to get your car serviced even with a 65kw battery.

I live in St. Louis. I have to drive to Chicago, over 300 miles away. The Model S with a 85kw battery won't even make that for a service check up so I am really hoping they concentrating on getting something a little closer to the people that need it.

@Sudre 130 miles is more than 2 hr drive

@m67tesla a lot closer than 300 miles which is more than a 5 hour drive and more than the Model S can even drive. Do you plan on making daily trips to Tesla? I am not saying they don't need a store closer to you. I was just pointing out it would be nice if they could first get something close to the people that can't even get their cars serviced without paying $1000 for a Ranger to stop by.

I live in Atlanta and flew to south Florida for my test drive. Here's hoping for a service center closer than 650 miles away before my first service is due.

There is going to be a service center based in King of Prussia. (Tesla had a job posting for a service manager for KOP)



Where's this? How certain are you of this? I've tried contacting Tesla customer inquiries but they haven't given me any specifics regarding any type of Atlanta location be it store or service shop. I remember that job posting for ATL and it has since been removed. Not sure if it was filled or scratched.

I looked at the About Tesla tab and Careers, still showing a store going to ATL also.

First let me say that I am very sympathetic to the plight of folks that think that stores are too far away. However, Tesla is a startup company whose success is not assured. They simply do not have the financial resources to place stores in every major population center from Day One.

As Elon frequently states, Tesla currently is production constrained, not demand constrained. It does Tesla no good to strain resources establishing stores and building reservation backlogs when it does not have production rates capable of satisfying the current demand.

I fully expect that as production rates increase, progress is made whittling down the backlog, and they come out of the red, that Tesla will accelerate the expansion of its stores. To do anything else is to gamble with the viability of the company.


Agreed, we need a Philly store!

Wouldn't they just have authorised service centers that have gone through some training or certification? Or are they all going to be tesla owned and operated? It seems that with 20 000 cars a year they will be too thinly spread to justify a dense network of dealerships and service centers. They are going to have to charge quite a lot for every service or repair to make up the cost if they work only with tesla models. And the cars are expected to need less maintenance than the roadster i think.

- Wouldn't they just have authorised service centers that have gone through some training or certification

Let's hope not. That's the dealer model which adds 30% to the cost of the car and service. Also the way the dealerships and automobile manufacturers work "certified" is that they put one mechanic or two through certification school to get the certified certificate. Once they have the certificate, the trained person leaves but the dealership is still certified. It's a horrible system that should be done away with.

Well said, Larry!

Truthfully for just starting out as a company, 130 miles is the ideal range to a store and their choice of locations near you is likely perfect to cover the most people. With that range you can get a 160 range car there without sweating it and easily get the 300 range car. With either situation, you can charge at the store and return home. Perhaps, Tesla could have a deal with a rental car company to have or eventually loaners available at their service centers/stores. My two closest stores are 250/280 miles away. I plan on a half point charge lunch when I go the 280 because the traffic or some other factor might get me. A store will likely someday come there but mine will always be 250/280. Be thankful for your 130/160 Philly. You are in the ideal range in my opinion.

Solution: wait till enough cars have been sold in a comfortable service radius around existing stores/centers to keep them busy, then expand to the nearest population center, repeat. For customers, wait till such stores/centers open in their radius before buying/taking delivery. That way everything stays nice and neat!

Unfortunately, many are so impatient and arrogant that they go ahead and buy cars before TM has a chance to build up resources to service them quickly and conveniently! And then demand Satisfaction!

But that's the (messy) way the world works: first the inconvenience, then the fix.

+1 add another for the Philadelphia area

Tesla doesn't have a service center yet in Atlanta, but we do have a local Service Manager. Getting a store will be hard since Georgia is one of those States that require dealers and thus Tesla can not sell the cars themselves here.


I figured that would be an issue in GA. I think Tesla could skirt it by opening a store/service shop but redirecting potential buyers to their website to place orders? Isn't Tesla doing this in some other state with this law?

Philadelphia seems like a good spot for a store. Tesla (cherry) picked their locations for stores by the areas roadster sales and mod S reservations were already strong. Strictly bang/buck calculations. Nothing against the city of brotherly love, but apparently too many other places beat it in GeorgeBnomics. Your turn will surely come.

@ m67tesla, I have heard from several Tesla employees (my owner advocate, the manager of the NYC store, and even the co-pilot of my test drive when the get Amped tour stopped in Northern
New Jersey)... they all said that the plan is for a Tesla store/service center in King of Prussia, PA. This fits well into their strategy for locating stores in large malls and crowded promenades. The King of Prussia Mall complex is the second largest in the US behind Mall of America in Minneapolis. Tesla has been hiring employees for months for the KOP store. This location is about 45 minutes from the center of Reading.

looks like another center in Boston :)

Isn't Tesla doing this in some other state with this law?

I thought that was their only model, no sales in ANY of the stores, just order on internet, from the store or your home, and then they can deliver your car at the store or your house. No money exchange in the "stores", only showing the cars, interiors, options, and asking questions.

Vall +1, that's my understanding as well.

In particular: No commissions, facilitating a more open conversation between prospects and staff.

Why not just move closer to a Tesla store?

The 'apple' concept in my eyes is a problem and at least for service they should consider to certify local garages to service their vehicles. Driving 130 miles or more for a service isn't userfriendly.

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