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Long Term Storage - How to?

I'm wondering how to store a model S for several months or a year. Public Storage Car units don't have a 110v outlet to keep the Batt topped up. Any suggestions? Anyone know where i can store my car for a while? Secure and powered up...

A dealership? Or Service Center?

Or rent it to a trusted friend.

Or maybe an RV storage facility?

My house?

Climate controlled storage. They have a ceiling bulb that can supply the 110V trickle current need to keep the MS batteries healthy. Without climate control, the storage units get too hot or too cold and that may damaged the battery. To protect the tires, you may need to put the car on blocks, because over time the tires will loose air pressure and get damaged.

For it use some bucket elevator.

My garage will do just fine. :) I'm sure there is no shortage of Tesla enthusiasts here who would be willing to take care of your MS for a year.

Good idea RE: climate controlled storage. :-)

Maybe you could lease it to somebody and make some money.

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