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Model S Android App

Just downloaded the Tesla mobile app for Android. All I need now is my S.

Who said it wasn't? There are no cars for it to app-ly to yet, though.

At what point does the car get added to the app? I have received my VIN but it still show that there's no car attached to my account.

Awesome. But we cant download it here in Europa (Norway) yet.
Hope they fix it, my Model S is coming in january:-)

I installed the app on my new android phone, but was unable to sign in. So I uninstalled it and installed it again. Now the website says I've installed it, but the icon doesn't appear anywhere on the phone. lame...

Pair from the touchscreen, not the phone.

How much longer until the Android app gets updated to match the latest Apple app???

I picked up my MOdel S yesterday and with the android app it has trouble connecting to the car in multiple locations. It is worst at home but I think that is due to the wifi signal in my carport is very weak and I likely just need to put an extender somewhere closer. I find I usually have to task kill and restart the app for it to find the car otherwise it just keeps trying to connect forever.

Any secret tips or ideas, it is pretty annoying.

Re-pair, starting from the touchscreen?

My Nexus 7 works with the Tesla app perfectly. No problems. I like the warm up feature and the location map is sweet. I would like a Chrome browser also as I use 2 level security.

I ran into an odd bug with the Android app. I had of course checked for the car before it was delivered but found out that Tesla does not enable it until after delivery. 2,3,4,5 days had gone by after delivery, and it still would show "no car associated with this account". What I found out was that it wasn't actually checking again. The app was holding onto the old data and just re-displaying it. I had to clear data from that app in the Android applications settings screen to actually force it to log in and check again, and then it worked fine.

Hey Rocky,

Thanks for a great tip. I picked up the car this morning and the app wasn't showing my car. Just cleared the data from the app and I'm in.

Occasionally when my iPhone is on a wifi network it won't contact the car, but I switch to 3/4G and it hooks right up.

Hey, WPB, glad I was able to help someone out with my experience on that. I went through a lot of frustration to figure that out, and with a brand new car, and with family in town visiting who I wanted to show the cool features to, that was driving me a little crazy that it wasn't working.

Installing advanced task killer and and setting tesla to auto kill every 30 minutes seems to help. It makes it load from the login every time and seems to connect very quickly.

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