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Motor and specs

We are very interested in learning what size motor they are choosing for the Tesla S and specs.
Is this information available yet?

From what I read online, the motor will be slightly improved Roadster motor. They plan on liquid cooling it for Model S to avoid overheating in hot climates for extended time.

Thanks nlukin. Do you have the specs for the motor??

I'm pretty sure that even Tesla doesn't have those yet.

Did they ever say what motor was in the Roadster? I don't recall them doing so. To me, the motor is part of their propriatary PEM module, and not for public knowledge.

Tesla talks about the motor a little here

We have looked around and not been able to find the motor info. Possible not been published yet?? Not sure?? May just have to wait for that info.

The roadster motor is basically an ACP 150 with a few tweaks.

Tesla does not publish specs on their motors. They are very lightweight for the power they make, and are patented.

And ACP 150 motor is just generic three-phase engine with some tweaks. AC engines have been around now for around 100 years with at least last 50 without much change, so saying that some engine is some design and not some other is pretty much moot point, they are all basically same thing. All you can do is "tuning" it to some RPM/voltages/amps, different bearings, cooling systems etc.

^^^ I don't know of any 185kw motors that weigh 100lbs except for Tesla's. Care to enlighten me?

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