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My new Tesla has worked PERFECTLY every single day!

Since forums of this nature tend to attract more problem reports than praise, I decided that I should post my experience.
My P85 Model S has been perfect in every way every day! I have owned dozens of cars in my lifetime. This car puts Lexus, Mercedes, BMW and Audi to shame.
Hats off to Tesla, the new benchmark of perfection in luxury sports sedans.



Day 8

Agree. The S is awesome and similarly have no complaints.

I have had one minor issue that was quickly fixed, but otherwise 3600 problem-free miles in 3 months.

2100 miles
Delivered January 6th, 2013

1000 miles today. Flawless.

+3K since Feb 6th. Perfect.

4000+ giddy miles.

3500+ miles / Just put on the performance wheels today

1500 miles since March 16. Perfect.

1 week - early I know, but totally awesome so far!

15,500. Not a type O

It never gets old :-)

just 600 miles in a good week. Everything peachy and then some :-)

jan 3 . no real problems. gonna download 4.3 tonight so we will see if I say the same tomorrow

Mine hasn't worked perfectly, and the Fremont center had to keep it in the shop for four days and figure out what was wrong - and wound up replacing the entire screen and related system.

But they were nice, I talked directly to the service manager, they got my an Enterprise rental at their expense, fixed the problem stayed late on a Friday night to let me pick it up, and it's worked since.

And EVERYTHING else about this car I love. I don't have the parcel shelf, haven't even heard about the pano roof cover, can't fit a spare tire in the front trunk, have inconveniently-placed cupholders and none in back, and IT DOESN'T MATTER.

Because this is the best and greatest car I've ever owned. Sig 85 VIN # 378.


Same here -- one month and 1,500 miles on the odometer and zero problems.

Picked up my car at the factory on Friday and drove to LA and back over the weekend. The factory tour (with 2000 employees and 100 robots and gleaming cars rolling off the line) makes you realize first hand what a remarkable feat Tesla has achieved. What an impressive group of people who have succeeded in applying the latest technology to produce a unique and addictive driving experience.

After only 4 days and 1000 miles, I cannot imagine driving any other car. I am happy to be an early adopter in this venture and put up with the inevitable glitches that can occur with any new technology.

Bravo Tesla!

+1, for 6 weeks...well, one minor software glitch, but no biggie.

2 months, 2,000 trouble free (s)miles. No problems, no complaints. I couldn't be happier.

17,000 GAS FREEEE Trouble Free ( Knock On Wood ) miles since Nov 5

+1, 4500 wonderful, gas free miles here!

1200 perfect miles, but ---I can't shake this stupid grin off my face. Charging 1 time per week - thinking I don't need the HPWC. Averaging about 320 wH/mile and this includes some heavy footing on the P85 accelerator. What an amazing car.

3 months, 1500 miles and not a single problem. My S is currently at 4.3 the .40 level with no issues.


Have you had your first 12,500 mile service yet? What was it like?

Passed 4,500 miles last week, and the only real problem I've had with it was when I lost one of the keys in the frunk for 6 weeks before finding it. During that time the handles behaved very strangely (go figure!) ;-).

5000 plus miles and absolutely perfect!! If I could pick any car in the world to drive daily, my model s signature would be it!!!!!!!

4 Months
4500 Miles

+1, 1200mi, 1mo, basically perfect.

+1 perfect and fun for the first 2,500 miles over the last two months.

2,500 miles , 4 months not even a minor glitch!

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