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Nick's glitch/due bill thread (P2698)

Hi all. I ** love ** my Model S (so much that I wrote a book about it.

But as a new car from a new factory from a new company it isn't perfect. This is a thread for me to keep track of the various glitches, due items and idiosyncrasies of my Model S (P2698, VIN 02298). Please comment if you feel like it, but it's really a place for me to post things and make them visible to TM.

Pearl White Performance with dark wheels, CF trim, and tech package.

Delivered 1/3/13
Initial issues:

  • no parcel shelf delivered 3/20
  • no footwell cover installed 2/10/13
  • rear offside tire wall damaged (looks like the tire was either run when flat, or damaged during install on the rim) replaced 1/25/13
  • passenger side rear seat belt drags part replaced 3/4/13
  • wrong wheel color on car display fixed 1/7/13
  • charge port cover intermittently won't open using touch screen and/or UMC button. Port clicks but does not spring open. fixed 2/10/13
  • was filthy when delivered, including wax pencil marks on windows detailed on 1/10/13
  • delivered with 4.0 software

01/07/13: The wheel color was fixed on a visit to service. Charge port problem could not be recreated during service visit, but subsequently reappeared.
01/10/13: Car was detailed on TM's nickel

Service Manager says they'll replace the tire next time I can go by the service center.

01/13/13: Today while driving the cruise control suddenly stopped working.

Stopped the car, powered it off and back on again and it started working again.

01/24/13: Had SunTek PPFC applied to full front (including lights), hood, front fenders, mirrors, all doors, rear impact areas in front of and behind rear wheels, and a strip below the rear lift gate.
01/25/13: Tesla Dania replaced the damaged tire, and tried to adjust the charge port. They made it worse. Now I can't get it to open except by forcing it.
01/26/13: Car forgot that the Energy widget was supposed to be in the left dash area, and when nav was canceled it showed blank instead.
01/26/13: doing a full range charge for the first time to see what range it shows. May be taking it on a long run in a couple of weeks.
01/29/13: upgraded to 1.19.42 and now have #VINISEMPTY instead of VIN on about screen.
01/30/13: a reboot fixed the VIN empty problem
02/03/13: washed car today and drivers door popped open of its own accord. Emailed Ownership. Charge port still intermittent, but improving.
02/10/13: got my dash cam installed today see this thread. Also had charge port door lubed again - seems OK, finally. Was going to get the rear seatbelt fixed but they hadn't ordered the part. Picked up the footwell cover.
03/04/13: cruise control failed for second time. Sent email to ownership.
03/20/13: parcel shelf delivered
04/03/13: updated to 1.25.40 (4.3)
04/06/13: P85 badge installed at Dania
07/17/13: visit to Dania to fix passenger door handles (reset controller), compressor noise (working as designed) and poor radio signal (could not reproduce); also tire rotation (not necessary)
07/19/13: Spectra Photosync film applied to windows. 75 on front; 35 elsewhere.
07/19/13: 'Car needs service' error. Called TM and they saw errors in the logs - low voltage
07/20/13: 12V battery replaced; DC-DC KET HVIL connectors replaced. Unrelated: rear axle nut and washers replaced.
07/22/13: noticed orange residue below both light clusters.
09/22/13: recurrence of orange staining below light cluster.
11/08/13: Into Dania to install rear cup holders. 5.6 installed (1.45.45). Replaced bolt on front crash structure. Rotated tires and aligned wheels. Received new trunk load floor.
[sometime in December] 5.8 (1.49.24) installed.
12/18/13: 5.8 (1.49.30) installed
12/19/13: Noticed delamination on rear view mirror.
02/11/14: 5.8.7 installed
02/13/14: Noticed a clicking from steering on full lock.
02/14/14: Tesla must be reading these forums. Got a note from Dania service saying there's a know issue and a fix for the clicking.
02/15/14: Steering fixed and mirror replaced at Dania. Both under warranty.
03/12/14: 5.8.8 installed
03/20/14: Front windshield cracked at driver's A-pillar. Insurance claim for replacement; Tesla didn't want to do it under warranty.
03/21/14: New front windshield installed.
04/13/14: Upgraded my dashcam to a BlackVue 550 2 channel (front and rear)
04/21/14: Underbody protection installed. Front rotors replaced (no more squeaking brakes!). 5.9 installed.
06/18/14: Button broke on Key Fob. Got replacement fob/reprogrammed at Dania.
10/16/14: Blew out sidewall on right rear tire; replaced both rears (13,500, 6/32). Center louvre replaced; vanity mirror cover replaced. 1.67.43 installed
11/03/14: New mats and A/C compressor acoustic blanket fitted; 1.67.80 installed.

Thanks @Electron. Sadly my city won't have a service center for a couple more months, so I might have to wait unless there is a do it yourself solution. It's not a big deal, just a minor nuisance that will ultimately be resolved. Do you know if there is a cost for having a ranger do warranty work in a location without a service center?

@darmok, Tesla Service Plans says it's $100
per visit. Assuming you bought the normal service plan, which isn't available for purchase ;)

@darmk: If you have the Ranger out, there is a $100 fee. Depending on the service plan you end up purchasing, it may potentially be applied to that future payment upon purchase (per the rumor mill). You should call service and see what your options are. I wouldn't want to have a non-functioning door for 2 months!

Thanks. Yeah, I know about the $100, but was hopeful that if it's a warranty item perhaps TM waived the charge. I was going to buy the plan with ranger service, then TM's website showed a service center being put here, now there's this door handle issue, and as you say the plan isn't even available. It's like being in Limbo. Hopefully they'll have a fix I can implement on my own. The door isn't totally useless, as it opens from the inside. Hopefully it doesn't happen to the driver's door!

@darmok, they have to have a way to handle out-of-area services calls until plans
and centers are in place. Let us know what they say!

A way to handle the calls--I see what you did there! ;) I left a VM with service and will certainly let you know. Thanks for the help.

I have a slightly different seat belt issue. In order for the rear seat belts to latch, they need to be inserted very deeply into the receptacle, so deep that most of my passengers can't do it. Has anyone had this issue? I'm hoping there is a simple adjustment to fix this, or that it will get better with use.

Nick, did you ever get a retrofit for the lighted vanity mirrors that GeorgeB promised here ( I don't see it on your list of items.

I'd love for my service guy to be wrong, but he said that is not a due bill item and will not be retro-fitted as George B promised.

Wow, I hope your service guy is wrong as well since GeorgeB was pretty specific...

"You will not see the Lighted Vanity Visor back on the specs page for a little while longer because we are still working on getting the form factor and functionality exactly the way we want it. It will be lighted, it will have a mirror, and it can easily be retrofit into all cars. In fact, we will be encouraging everyone to get the retrofit.

So just to be clear, all cars that get delivered are set up to have reading lights in 2nd row seats and Lighted Vanity Visors. Those that don’t have the latest and greatest when they receive their car can have these items retrofit at no additional cost."

@DouglasR - one of my passengers had this issue today. They initially thought the belt fixture was broken, but it turns out it was just hard to latch because of the depth... very annoying.

@Longhorn92 - i'm not holding my breath. I'm trying not to duplicate too many thinks that are on the punch list. I'm actually happy with the current visors; that's why I didn't call it out.

@DouglasR - there is another thread on this over at TMC (maybe here too). Some folks have put short extenders into the seat belt clips. I'll try and find the link and add it to the delivery checklist

@nickjhowe - in my case, the leather around the passenger side rear latch doesn't want to stay on the outside edge. Instead it has started looping over the top because the front face is so close to flush with the seats. I'm hoping there's something service can do about this like adjusting the distance the latch protrudes from the seat.

@scriptacus - can you post a picture?

It's almost like the latch is bent out of place... no amount of repositioning will keep it in place. It always goes back to the state you see there.

Thanks. I'd definitely go in to see Service and get them to fix it.

@nickjhowe | MARCH 4, 2013: On the way home from the service center my cruise control failed for the second time.

I've had it fail similarly about 4-5 times so far. It seems to be when I've been driving a long time (about 2 hours) and then I come to a complete stop. It then fails when I try to resume later on.

Another weird one today - the camera view got locked into the lower half of the screen, and would overlay whatever was supposed to be there.

In the picture below, Nav is on top and Camera below. When I hit the 'swap' button, Nav dropped down under the camera view - you can see it peeking out behind.

A reboot fixed the problem.


Hey Nick,

Just got my car back from service where they worked on my seatbelts too. The invoice says they
replaced some internal mechanism or part (I'm guessing what your pics show), and put some clear
tape on the slots. They suck just as bad as before and one will barely retract without help.
How are yours now? My invoice says "working as designed". Hmph.

I think there's a design flaw. They work fine when pulled across the body, but if pulled towards the front of the car they still drag. Try pulling them parallel to th e back of the seat and see if they retract smoothly.

Parcel Shelf delivered 3/20
P85 badge put on at Dania Service Center 4/6

This thread says we are going to get rear mats. Am going to Dania tomorrow for the Florida East Coast meet up - will ask them about availability.

Had a weird issue today. Was at a light and tried to lower the A/C temperature. The display became non-responsive and the A/C started pulsing on and off. Carried on for several minutes before I rebooted the 17" display. Everything was OK after that.

Nick - what software version are you on? I've never had anything happen that required a reboot yet (over 3 months). I seem to get the updates a bit later than most and they seem to always have two or three minor versions for each release, so I may be getting the most stable releases. I currently have 4.3 (1.25.45).

Nick - Had a similar issue last Wednesday. The A/C pulsed on and off for a couple minutes, then screen went black for maybe 10 seconds (didn't seem like a complete reboot), then came back and everything was fine again, and hasn't happened again since. Running 4.3 (1.25.45). I think the issue was caused by the fact we had a friend in the car with us taking his first ride in a Model S, so naturally she decided to act up then.

Frank - 4.3, 1.25.45

@bobinfla - it was like a process got hung up and the CPU was at 100%. Sounds just like your problem. Didn't leave it long enough to reboot itself - I did the two finger salute.

A/C definitely seems a little flakey with 1.25.45

At the time I had the problem I had a low 3G signal, had just zoomed out the nav and the car was struggling to paint the screen. Wonder if the multi-tasking crapped out in some way.

In my experience the A/C pulsing has happened only when I am demonstrating the maps app and I am zooming in and out a lot. Anybody else?

@Davidinkl - we may be on to something....

Zoom causes boom? ;p

Another (minor) door problem today, again when I was washing it. The right rear passenger door handle presented, but wouldn't open the door. After the car locked and the handles re-presented it worked OK. Hopefully not a precursor to deeper problems.

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