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Nick's glitch/due bill thread (P2698)

Hi all. I ** love ** my Model S (so much that I wrote a book about it.

But as a new car from a new factory from a new company it isn't perfect. This is a thread for me to keep track of the various glitches, due items and idiosyncrasies of my Model S (P2698, VIN 02298). Please comment if you feel like it, but it's really a place for me to post things and make them visible to TM.

Pearl White Performance with dark wheels, CF trim, and tech package.

Delivered 1/3/13
Initial issues:

  • no parcel shelf delivered 3/20
  • no footwell cover installed 2/10/13
  • rear offside tire wall damaged (looks like the tire was either run when flat, or damaged during install on the rim) replaced 1/25/13
  • passenger side rear seat belt drags part replaced 3/4/13
  • wrong wheel color on car display fixed 1/7/13
  • charge port cover intermittently won't open using touch screen and/or UMC button. Port clicks but does not spring open. fixed 2/10/13
  • was filthy when delivered, including wax pencil marks on windows detailed on 1/10/13
  • delivered with 4.0 software

01/07/13: The wheel color was fixed on a visit to service. Charge port problem could not be recreated during service visit, but subsequently reappeared.
01/10/13: Car was detailed on TM's nickel

Service Manager says they'll replace the tire next time I can go by the service center.

01/13/13: Today while driving the cruise control suddenly stopped working.

Stopped the car, powered it off and back on again and it started working again.

01/24/13: Had SunTek PPFC applied to full front (including lights), hood, front fenders, mirrors, all doors, rear impact areas in front of and behind rear wheels, and a strip below the rear lift gate.
01/25/13: Tesla Dania replaced the damaged tire, and tried to adjust the charge port. They made it worse. Now I can't get it to open except by forcing it.
01/26/13: Car forgot that the Energy widget was supposed to be in the left dash area, and when nav was canceled it showed blank instead.
01/26/13: doing a full range charge for the first time to see what range it shows. May be taking it on a long run in a couple of weeks.
01/29/13: upgraded to 1.19.42 and now have #VINISEMPTY instead of VIN on about screen.
01/30/13: a reboot fixed the VIN empty problem
02/03/13: washed car today and drivers door popped open of its own accord. Emailed Ownership. Charge port still intermittent, but improving.
02/10/13: got my dash cam installed today see this thread. Also had charge port door lubed again - seems OK, finally. Was going to get the rear seatbelt fixed but they hadn't ordered the part. Picked up the footwell cover.
03/04/13: cruise control failed for second time. Sent email to ownership.
03/20/13: parcel shelf delivered
04/03/13: updated to 1.25.40 (4.3)
04/06/13: P85 badge installed at Dania
07/17/13: visit to Dania to fix passenger door handles (reset controller), compressor noise (working as designed) and poor radio signal (could not reproduce); also tire rotation (not necessary)
07/19/13: Spectra Photosync film applied to windows. 75 on front; 35 elsewhere.
07/19/13: 'Car needs service' error. Called TM and they saw errors in the logs - low voltage
07/20/13: 12V battery replaced; DC-DC KET HVIL connectors replaced. Unrelated: rear axle nut and washers replaced.
07/22/13: noticed orange residue below both light clusters.
09/22/13: recurrence of orange staining below light cluster.
11/08/13: Into Dania to install rear cup holders. 5.6 installed (1.45.45). Replaced bolt on front crash structure. Rotated tires and aligned wheels. Received new trunk load floor.
[sometime in December] 5.8 (1.49.24) installed.
12/18/13: 5.8 (1.49.30) installed
12/19/13: Noticed delamination on rear view mirror.
02/11/14: 5.8.7 installed
02/13/14: Noticed a clicking from steering on full lock.
02/14/14: Tesla must be reading these forums. Got a note from Dania service saying there's a know issue and a fix for the clicking.
02/15/14: Steering fixed and mirror replaced at Dania. Both under warranty.
03/12/14: 5.8.8 installed
03/20/14: Front windshield cracked at driver's A-pillar. Insurance claim for replacement; Tesla didn't want to do it under warranty.
03/21/14: New front windshield installed.
04/13/14: Upgraded my dashcam to a BlackVue 550 2 channel (front and rear)
04/21/14: Underbody protection installed. Front rotors replaced (no more squeaking brakes!). 5.9 installed.
06/18/14: Button broke on Key Fob. Got replacement fob/reprogrammed at Dania.


I don't think legitimate problems should only be posted in a private thread. It is better to have everything out in the open. We owe it to other owners/potential owners. For many of us, buying a Model S was a huge risk. Even though I believe the gamble has paid off very well for most of us, Tesla still needs to take care of the problems. Posting them keeps them in focus.
When debating whether to buy or not, I was mostly worried about the big problems, i.e. the battery or unrealistic claims of performance and range. I found very few, if any, reports of those types of problems. That put my mind at ease. If there were numerous postings about sunroof windnoise, a creaking pano, alignment problems, etc. but nothing about the battery, then they must have gotten the important stuff right.

I did a lot of research before purchasing and I was aware of many problems previous purchasers were having. I was then able to see that the company was very eager to help resolve most of the issues for most of the owners. The reports of great customer service went a long way towards getting me to click "purchase". It is great that you update the post when each issue is resolved.

After purchase, seeing other owners that had the same problems that I had also made me comfortable that the problems would be addressed properly.

If everything was private, I still would have known many owners must have had issues, but I would have assumed the problems were more significant than they are.

The only legitimate reason to post privately is to prove that you are an owner/reservation holder. This stems from the fear by some that trolls or TSLA shorts will create fake postings about problems to hurt the company or its image. Those posts are usually obvious fakes with unrealistic complaints. If your posts are factual, objective, accurate, non-inflammatory and not whining, then it is not necessary, in my opinion. Nick, your posts meet these criteria.

Lastly, Volkerize can't search private threads!

Jeez, thought he'd picked up on an NNT post which vanished before I saw it! Nickj is a top poster and contributor.

This thread is one of his most important. The solutions are the thing ...

Hm. What happened to my reply? Ugh.

Ah, I found my reply. It was stuck in an error :-)
Here it is:

I don't believe in security by obscurity, so making a thread private only makes sense to me if you specifically want to prevent feedback from people who're not (future) owners.
But it's your call. I don't mind either way, since I can see private threads :)

It was never my intention to make this private as I agree with pbendo. New owners are entitled to know the bad as well as the good. The only downside is (as has been discussed elsewhere) the problem of availability bias. The nature of the forums is that we only get a small subset of owners and very distorted views of what is going on (extreme highs and extreme lows). It is never clear whether these views are statistically significant, or are edge cases.

If one approaches the forum with that point of view and applies critical thinking to the information presented here then everything is OK. Unfortunately many people don't even know about availability bias and may jump to the wrong conclusions.

Regardless, I believe in 'working out loud', so better to share as much as possible and let people make of it what they will.

Hi Nick! On your original list, it has "delivered with 4.0 software". Should this be removed or crossed out? It's not like any specific version was promised on delivery, and I assume you're well past version 4.0 by now. It makes it look like a open issue to be solved.

I'm also happy leaving this public, especially when it's as well described as this thread. Thanks for keeping up updated!

"... keeping us updated!"


nick: I've mentioned it a couple times, but I was extremely wary of buying a Tesla at first because of the extremely zealous "Hide all the issues!" behavior on this board. It's hard to trust what you read here as a prospective buyer when every even slightly negative thread or problem had multiple posts to the effect of "This should be private!"

IMO, that secrecy scares buyers off. I want to look at the car, flaws and all, and come to my own reasoned conclusion.

Owner problems and how the company handles them factors heavily into my buying decisions. I was eventually able to do the research I wanted by spending a lot of time over at TMC. I just wasn't confident I was getting the whole picture here. Turns out there wasn't much evil hiding in the private forum sections, but there was no way for me to know that.

My opinion: do not make problem threads private. Tesla generally does a great job of handling issues, and you're robbing potential buyers from discovering that on their own.

Took it into Dania on Friday. They:
Installed rear cup holders
Installed 5.6 (1.45.45).
Replaced carrier bolt on front crash structure (hopefully will stop orange residue).
Rotated tires and aligned wheels.
Installed new uprated trunk load floor.
Fixed creak on rear C pillar brightwork (which I didn't even know I had!)

Everything done for free!

Am liking 5.6 v much. New nav is super responsive.

Frank - I struck out the 4.0 in the original thread.

One thing I forgot to mention - I'm not too impressed with the cup holder installation. It doesn't seem flush with the bulkhead. I need to look at it a bit more closely and see what is going on.


Saturday I was in the area so I stopped by Dania to deliver some cookies for the employees. While there, several potential customers were looking around the one Models S on display. I offered to answer any questions. About 30 minutes and 3 customers later, one asked me if it was OK if he sat in the car. Apparently, I was promoting the car so well they assumed I was a salesperson.
I told him it was fine.

I think I sold 3 cars that afternoon. Two more and I think I get a hat.

Why am I telling you this? Because I was once one of those potential but wary customers and hearing from an enthusiastic but objective owner is what made me comfortable buying the car.

Paying it forward.


Though I would prefer for this thread to be public (as noted above), perhaps you should make it private before it disappears. Private threads can only be flagged by owners/reservations holders so that offers some protection.

'Lax. It's been up since January.

Yes, but I have seen more deleted threads in the last few days than in the previous few months. I specifically thought of this thread and the prioritized software enhancement list as 2 threads that we can't risk losing. The PSEL is private so that helps.

Note: Got 1.49.30 (5.8) pushed to me yesterday. Was on 1.49.24 before.

Have noticed some delamination in the rear view mirror - I remember at least one other owner reporting that. I need to put the car in for its first year service in January, so I'll get them to look at it.

Also - unfortunately - I noticed they did a crappy job reinstalling the front bodywork when they fixed the rusty bolt on the front bumper and the bodywork is loose on the driver's side - fortunately not bad enough that it can't wait until after Christmas.

Got 5.8.7 (1.49.84) pushed a couple of days ago.

Unrelated, am hearing a clicking from the steering as I approach full lock in either direction. Clicks when I turn to lock, and again returning from lock. Happens before I get to full lock.

I forget the details, but that's a known and quick mechanical fix.

Wow - the "due bill" thread! Haven't looked at this one in a long time.

Nick - There is a fix for the steering click - placement of shims at a linkage point. Ranger did it in my driveway last summer and hasn't been an issue since.

So the day after I posted the 'steering clicking' note, I got a call from my local service manager telling me about the fix. Ownership had read the note and emailed him. I took the car in, 20 min later it was fixed.

V. impressed.

@Brian/@hfc - thanks for the notes.

BTW - car is now 13 months old and still fantastic. No sign of losing the Tesla Grin yet.

Pity I just curbed one of my 21s. It isn't that bad but if it was, rather than shell out $1500 for a new one, Service say they will replace a curbed wheel with a refurbed one for $200. FYI

Just came across this thread (extract below). I have the same squeaking issue with my 21s, so at sometime in the future I guess I need to ask Tesla to do this to mine. I assumed it wasn't fixable - nice work Tesla:

Concern: Customer states: brake noise when coming to a complete stop

Cause: Inspected the braking system and found the old style front brake rotors.

Correction: Replace LF and RF Brake Rotors
Installed the updated brake rotor per SB 13-33-001. Test drove to seat the pads to the new rotors.

Part Qty
FR BRAKE ROTOR (6006420-00-A) 2.00
OUTER HAT (1025099-00-A)

On the plus side - got 5.8.8 last week

On the negative side - I finally got bit by the 'cracked windshield' problem - 14 months in my front windshield broke for no reason. It was parked at the airport and when I returned to it the windshield was cracked starting part way up the A-pillar - the classic fracture problem for early VIN cars.

Taking it into Dania tomorrow for a new one.

Got the new Windshield installed on March 21 (Dania pushed back on the warranty so I just did a zero deductible insurance claim), and had it redone with Photosync film on 27th.

Today (Apr 13) I upgraded my Blackvue DR400 dash cam to a DR550 twin channel model. Now have front and rear full HD 30 fps dash cams. It was very easy to route the cable through the headliner from the front to the rear. I put all the spare cable behind the C-pillar trim. Still running them off the switched accessory outlet, but will probably convert to the non-switched supply behind the grill above the mirror.

Booked in on April 18 to get the new titanium shield and new rotors to stop the squealing brakes. Also thinking about getting a refurbed wheel as I curbed one of my 21's pretty badly.

@nickjhowe I'm surprised about the windshield situation. I thought replacement was automatic for a range of VINs.

Yeah. Should be. I didn't push it.

You are a kind and mellow soul, my friend.

Went to Dania today and they installed the new underbody shield and swapped out my rotors.

Also got 5.9


I don't know how you have stuck with your car and not called the lemon guy. Any person reading this thread would think three times before buying one.

I have made it to mile 700 with my new P85 and not one problem, but I am expecting the car to begin to fall apart soon. They should have never delivered a car in the state that you posted that your car was delivered in.

Many of these issues could be classified as recalls. I thank all of you early adapters for putting up with theses issues.

Heres is hoping that my upgrade to 5.9 doesn't bring on the clowns.

Titanium shield was installed in 45 min with no problems. Back in April.

Latest (small) problem - as others have, I lost the cover on one of the buttons on the fob:
key button problem

Dania Service gave me a shiny new key to replace it. Looks like the key surface has been redesigned to be continuous rather than have the inserts.

Now awaiting the 3rd generation mats to become available in July so I can get them.

Thanks again to Dania for great service!!

18 months in; 12,000 miles. Still loving it.


I'm following up on your April post, which was in response to the OP's thread started 15 months prior. You stated:

"I have made it to mile 700 with my new P85 and not one problem, but I am expecting the car to begin to fall apart soon."

Can you please update us? Has your car started falling apart?

@Amped Perhaps NO2PTRL is using the Tesla definition of soon.

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