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I am curious as to what type of people the reservation holders are. Let's share some personal information while we wait for our babies to come.
I am a 48 year old internist. I have been in practice in Gurnee Il for 20 years. Married, 2 teen boys. My hobby is building wooden ship models. I drive a Chevy Volt. Now you know!

Peak oil-what is a Peak oil/eco activist?

From Quebec PQ, Canada, 38 YO, 2 boys 8 and 10 YO, General manager in a Telecom company. Drives a Subara Tribeca and Mazda 3 (this is the one going when I get my TMS)

PS please keep this for yourself, my wife doesn't know I reserved one ;-) but my 10 YO finds his father pretty cool to shop for an all-electric blue Telsa Model S...


Our immediate family is identical, except we have only 4 grandchildren. I will retain my Chevy Classic, except I hope to use the Model S for trips to southern California, and maybe even to Missouri. That's because I wouldn't want to leave the Model S home alone for a month or more.

Welcome pk!

55 year old who expected to be driving an antigravity flying car by now! Instead, I drive a Prius. Bought it when I realized it was going to be a long wait for the model s.

My day job is VP of Post Production for a reality TV company. I'm sure all you doctors, engineers, and dreamers on this thread never watch reality TV, but hey, somebody has to distract the masses while
the economy tanks!

Married. One son. One dog.

pbrulott......What are you going to tell your wife when the model S is delivered?

LOL, you're right Mark, it's a dirty job, but someone has to provide the opiates for the masses. :)

@Andrew18, Peak-oil is the theory that soon oil production will peak and will begin the long, expensive downward slope to empty as the supplies dry up or are more difficult/expensive to extract/refine.

I don't want to go off topic, but chicken littles have been screaming peak-oil since the 70's. There's no doubt that we'll run out of easily refined oil soon, but I think solar technologies will advance in plenty of time to save us from doom.

Wife and I retired high school teachers. 66 YO. Two kids in Chicago subs one in AU. Replacing 2003 Passat AWD wagon. Really splurging on what could easily be last car. Only own one car and an ECO-speed electric BikeE. Taught lots of kids, built lots of different things, wrenched a F5000 racer in 72. Bike lots, still give tough game of table tennis.

I am a 73 year old retired physics prof. Currently drive a Pleasure Way RV on a Ford E-350 chassis.

Dave70: Were you are EWU?

43 yo psychiatrist, replacing 06 slk (still a great car only 75k miles, therefore ok to wait some on model s), partner's car is 09 g37 infinity, 33' sailboat and 28' formula sun sport w twin 350 v8 inboard. reserved smart car for 100$ on a whim and ended up buying that which was fun, but sold over a year ago. The S will help me feel better about the gas wasted boating!


Yep. Have I met you at PNACP?

What school were you at?

If you're on Tesla Motors Club, PM me there. I'm dmckinstry there.

@ stephen.kamichi

planting seeds every day... I estimate I sill have 8 months before I get a call from Tesla and a year before delivery.

76 years old retired from telcom/computer industry after 35 years. Driving a 2005 Buick LeSabre which, curiously, seems to have the same external dimensions as the Model S. Split my time between midwest, the bay area and other points hither and yon.

39 CFO living in Chicago Suburb with wife, 2 sons (3 years old and 4 months) Grew up in Green Bay so living is Chicago is pretty easy, GO Pack!! Play between 40-50 rounds of golf per year as a single digit.

34 YO Mechanical Engineer working in the metrology instruments (science of measurement) industry, married 2 years, living in Rochester, NY.

Current car is a 2001 Audi TT that I bought off e-bay in '04 - still only has 80k miles due to my short commute. My wife told me my next car had to be practical (read 4 doors!) since I have to put my seats down in the TT to fit a set of golf clubs). Got sucked into buying my first new car (never thought I would do that) by early adopter syndrome. I am totally on board with Tesla's vision, and figured I should put my money where my heart is.

Sports include curling in the long winter months, and golf (definitely not in the single digits!) in the short but beautiful summer months.

Other hobbies include architecture, gaming, and technology - and this year tracking Tesla progress.

Andrew18 - peak oil/eco activist indicates i rarely accompany my wife to cocktail parties, molotovs aside!
NRDC member, blogger

64 years old, enjoying retirement with my wife in beautiful sunny Sarasota, Florida. Formerly an engineer and manager at an electric utility in the nation's capital. Avid home theater enthusiast and and frequently an early adopter, for better or worse. ;-)

Drive a 2003 PT Cruiser. Never been a "car guy" until now. Attempting to organize a Tesla Motors Club for permanent and part-time residents of Florida. If interested, please contact me at


Which suburb you in? Im in Buffalo Grove.

30 y/o attorney with two kids. They're 4 and 2, both boys. My wife and I have been married for 6 years and live in Eugene Oregon. We currently have 3 cars: 2005 Audi TT Roadster, 2008 LandRover LR3 and a 2010 Suburban. The plan is to sell the Audi (even though I love it) to make room for the Model S. My wife loves the LR3 and will probably keep driving it until the Model X comes out. The Suburban is a necessary evil as we have an Airstream trailer and need to have something to pull it. I'm just looking forward to not having to drive it around town during the day getting 13mpg.

If this thread was 'reservation holder only', then I'd feel more comfortable sharing more details. I'll just say that I have a great job, and I drive a "normal" American sedan (albeit with all the bells and whistles). I have little interest in luxury brands (cars or otherwise) or showing status in general.

I am generally not an early adopter. I usually jump into new things second gen, but I'm pretty excited about the Model S.

While I am interested/concerned about the environment, I'm not out to make a statement (as environmentally speaking, that's all this is; this isn't forcing change), and I don't have that doom & gloom mentality. Change will come naturally IMO. And what's happening now in the automitive industry is the beginning of that I think.

The reason I'm so excited about the Tesla is because of the technology and the convenience. Yes, I actually think that owning an electric car, at least one that performs as Tesla has claimed, will be more convenient than an ICE car. I'm going to really enjoy not having to go to the gas station or consciouly worrying every second of driving about how I'm wasting gas/money depending on the type of driving or getting stuck in traffic etc.

However, most of all, I am simply excited by both the new drive technology, and how that has allowed them to incorporate technology everywhere such as with the gauges and dash, or mobile apps, etc.

54 yr old neuropsychologist. Single parent of a 16 year old daughter. I drive an HS250h that I converted to PHEV. I have solar panels on my roof that have met all my electric needs for the last 4 years. My reservation number is North of 4000. Looking forward to the day my Model S will arrive.

Kjreilly-can you tell us about the solar panels? How much did they cost and whats the sun like where you live?

@Andrew18 - I live in Michigan (hence the handle), and I just had my solar array installed today. Do you have any specific solar panel questions?

Andrew18, Wilmette

My sister in law lives in wilmette--not far!

sig 234 or p951 depending on prices and personal finances. No financing for this sort of luxury.

I am in South Bend IN. I am a 47 year old human plumber ( urologist ) and nearly life long electric/alternative fuel vehicle devotee. My father had two duel fuel propane/gasoline cars in the 1970s. He actually started before the 1973 oil embargo. I currently have a Prius, hybrid Highlander, and Chevy Malibu. Two daughters and wife.

My world goal has been freedom from OPEC since 1973.

60-year-old native New Yorker. I've written three books (fiction and essays), run an art gallery, and managed a small foundation that funds environmental causes. Hobbies are photography, travel, and talking about Tesla. Married 18 years, with two daughters and a son, who accompanied me on a test drive of the Roadster. At the time I signed up for the waiting list for the Model S (#129) my kids were small enough to fit in the folding rear seats, but no longer, alas, as we verified when the Beta S came to NYC last month. So I'll probably have to keep our 2011 Town & Country for long drives, at least until the kids grow up and get their own next-generation Teslas . . .

57 y. Helicopter Technitian. Married for 36 year. Norwegian who love travel in the States. Visited Tesla In Paulo Alto last Easter, but got only a peak in the window to see the Model S. I have a Audi A6 quatro 2001 which is fantastic in snow. I come from a small town in Norway, and we are four here that has ordered the Model S.

52 year-old co-owner of high-end real estate firm with wife of 27 years. Before that I was an independent software consultant in Silicon Valley. We have a 16 year-old son who was thrilled when Troy Jones invited him to join us on the factory tour. We live in the hills above the factory in Fremont, which is just 5 miles from our home.

Our "S" will be used to drive clients around, so as a TSLA investor I hope it leads to more viral sales! It will replace a 2011 MB E350 Bluetec diesel sedan which averages 27.0 mpg (freeway upto 37 mpg) whose lease expires 11/29/2012. It just got NHTSA safety recalled for a defective "diesel fuel filter" that "may develop leaks around the fuel heating component", and "diesel fuel might be deposited on the highway and create the potential for a crash". LMFAO!

Cautious wife sold on Tesla EV after test driving the roadster this summer. Drove from Santana Row and randomly happened to u-turn (to change drivers) in the Tesla parking lot in Palo Alto - not knowing beforehand where it was. I miss my 2007 MB CLK550 cabriolet's 0-60 time, so will be tempted by the "performance" option if it isn't too much extra. We also have a 2000 MB ML320 with 213,212 mi. Planning to give it to my son and replace it with an "X". Still own the first car I ever bought new, a classic 1983 380sl roadster with about 127,000 miles. It is fun to drive sometimes to appreciate the technology in modern vehicles. It's only digital display is a black LCD for the radio frequency! (I also kept my 28 lb (12.5 kg) 1983 Compaq "Portable" PC which still boots.)

P.S. My grandparents on my mom's side emigrated from Norway to New York City.

83 compaq! I remember that tiny amber screen. Does it have the 10 mb hard card?

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