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"P one"...enter and sign in please!

I've been watching these boards for years now, but don't recall ever seeing
posts from "P's" in the teens.

Now that all the Signatures are almost out the door, I'm anxiously awaiting that
milestone of "P" deliveries. Since I'm P 153, any news of a delivered "P" means
my car is soon to come.

So far... no news at all on "P's". Any low number "P's" received a delivery window yet?

Hoping for an end of the year surprise!


Got mixed up as to which thread I was on. Was thinking you hadn't yet gotten your "Time To Build" email!

In any case, the email Scorch posted looks pretty generic. I wouldn't sweat not getting it.


Not sweating, but it would be interesting if it turned out that, say, the Rs and first 500 Ps got that email, and later Ps did not. I have felt for some time that my car (P983) will come pretty close to Jan. 1, give or take.


Remind me - are the Rs part of the same reservation number pool as the Ps? Or are P100 and R100 two different res numbers?

This whole thing is becoming a joke! I'm P-83 and have heard absolutely nothing, outside of an 10/29 - 11/10 window, subsequently rescinded. I"m sorry but this is becoming very bush. It would take one $20K newbie to keep those of us informed who have made a commitment for coming up on four frigging years! Sorry, but I'm not at all happy.

Two different numbers in the reservation sequence; no distinction in the VIN.

Also, they say they will be producing the Canadian Sigs this year. So after all the U.S. Sigs are out, there will be some 600 cars built before they start with the Ps (less cancellations). That's around 1600 before they get to me, which is four weeks at full production. And don't forget, delivery takes another week or two.

So I'm hoping to get it before the end of the year, but I'm not counting on it.

Would they be making the 500 European Sig's before or after the American P's ?

steven.maes, yes that's what they say (due to the special Sig Red color).

So that must be the reason why the present P's are not yet been produced. They are finishing all sig's worldwide before they start with the domestic P's.

If true, there would be an interesting chain of dependencies:
domestic P production
<- international Sig production
<- international Sig finalization ("Time to Build")
<- international Options & Pricing (announced for "still this year")

That makes complete sense. They need to finish up all the Signature Red paint jobs so that they can switch that paint boot to one for the new Sunset Red color.

At the Oslo store yesterday,with a very nice,black model s on display,the Tesla rep said;
EU-pricing will be announced first week of Dec
EU Sig production will start late March 13
All colors, not just the US Sig ones, will be available to EU Sigs from start

Based on the above, a lot of US Ps will be produced prior to EU Sigs.

btw the fit and finish of this production model was miles ahead of previous beta versions.

Andvib, Thanks for that information. That means that the European P's can come directly after the Sig's. By that time, the Sig's will be ready in a couple of weeks.So the P's should be ready around end of April ?

That makes complete sense. They need to finish up all the Signature Red paint jobs so that they can switch that paint boot to one for the new Sunset Red color. (TeslaRumors)

Well, yes and no. They could very well start producing (domestic) P cars while still building (international) Sig cars -- just not the Sunset Red ones. All other colors could be produced no problem.

[...] a lot of US Ps will be produced prior to EU Sigs. (andvib)

Given the above, there's no contradiction.

All colors, not just the US Sig ones, will be available to EU Sigs from start (andvib)

...except for Sunset Red, presumably.

When they start producing 400 cars per week, will they have enough delivery specialists to do their job?

The US Rs and Ps will begin (have already begun being produced) long before the European Sigs. The only thing that is waiting for the European (and other locale's) Sigs is the Sunset Red paint, which will go on line after ALL of the Sigs are done.

@DouglasR I emailed Tesla asking for an update, that email did not come unsolicited.

P352, also waiting for comfirmation that Transport Canada has certified the sale of the Model S here. I hear certification is nearly at hand, though.

That said I don't think I will receive my car before March, 2013.


OK, in that case it was not much different from what I have been told, after inquiring: possibly before the end of the month, very likely before the end of the year, VIN and more info to come very shortly.

However, until we see a large batch of unsolicited notifications going out to the Rs and low Ps, I don't have a lot of confidence in these responses. Indeed, I will need to see a VIN and the delivery questionnaire before I start counting my chickens.

@Jewsh........Canada P157.....I am also hoping for Canadian certification soon. I am hoping to receive my model S in late Q1 or early Q2 of 2013. Two weeks ago GB emailed me that certification would be "soon".

I'm R120. 60kw, Air Suspension, Grey w/black leather. No communication (other than about supercharging) since I signed the paperwork on July 25th.

P413 - Was told last week when I called that delivery would "likely" be in December but there was still a chance of early January. I'm hoping that was an attempt at underpromising and overdelivering.

@AaronX - From what I understand, they are manufacturing 85kwh cars with Air Sunspension earlier, so your car may be manufactured later since yours has a 60kwh battery.

Max M.

Can P#5, waiting since 04/2009... and waiting for transport Canada to certify the car now.

Hope I'll not wait 4 years

Unless I missed something, William9's P83 is the lowest U.S. P. It's kind of interesting that we haven't seen anything lower. I wonder whether there might be large holes in the list?

I meant lowest U.S. P in this thread.

P-482 here. Finalized order in August and I am being told (via phone contact with my delivery specialist) January 2013. Reasons for January delivery: air suspension and 60kw battery

P-130 here. Haven't heard anything. It would be nice to hear 3-4 weeks in advance of delivery so that we can get financing and insurance set up. Time in this year is running short and even with a low P number I'm worried about getting my car this year.

R43 here - also have heard nothing concrete. MPVA stated Oct/Nov. Mid-Oct called and was told delivery likely by mid-Nov. Have been in waiting mode since.

Correction to the entry two above: standard suspension (not air suspension)


I'd call/email TM to get an update if I were you. Probably about time to get that financing in order right now.

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