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Police Interceptor

I recently heard from a reliable source that a handful of police departments are talking to Telsa about a specially prepared Police Interceptor Model S.
Makes perfect sense for a handful of reasons:
- a lot of time spent sitting around but doesn't waste fuel
- moves like stink when you want it to
- 3G and other smart technology built in
- huge reduction in service costs

The question is... can Telsa make a version of the car at a cost that these departments can afford?

I'm not too sure about how I feel about this as a future owner (although many sports cars and otherwise luxury makes have been used by police in the past), but I do know that I will be investing in more Tesla stock. At this rate by the time I get delivery of the car I might be able to pay it off with my profits ;)

How would you feel about Model S as a police car or possible limo / taxi in the future?

I did a quick and dirty more traditional version in the thread linked above.

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