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Prepaid battery replacement

Some one crunch the numbers! It throws the whole " you have to spend 40k on a new battery" argument out the window.

I agree with superliner. Why replace the battery in a car with an 8 year old computer controlling it. I spoke to the Tesla people and they hypothesized a trade in program. They could refurbish a 6 or 8 year old ms with new stuff and you could get a new car. For $$ of course. And it would undoubtedly be more than the future value of the battery plan.

On the formulas above, why do the math when Excel will do it for you. Just chose your favorite rate of return an plug it and 12k into the future value function.

there's a difference between a car and a phone. Moving mass is different from sharing words and pictures. Consider planes; there are 20-yr old planes in regular use, despite huge advances.

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